Types of Crash Barrier – Tanya Galvanizers

Galvanized Crash Barrier Types - Tanya Galvanizers

Technology is the prime reason for the mind boggling innovations that has led the world with high level safety and comfort. With the high tech machinery coming into existence, it has become easy for the professionals of various segments to provide an enhanced facility to the people worldwide.

With commutation being a daily affair, every country strives hard to provide a smooth channel of roadways with every possible facility that can aid the commuters with a safe and quick driving. With the emerging products to keep the commuters in the safety zone, crash barrier is one such product that goes a step ahead in providing a secured and safe transport.

The basic purpose of the galvanized crash barriers is keeping the vehicles within the roadway and preventing them from dangerous accidents like collision with big obstacles like walls or large storm drains, boulders or buildings. Moreover, installing these crash barriers at the roadside prevents errant vehicles from entering deep waters or traversing steep slopes.  There are many dealers who are into crash barrier manufacturing in India but out of them, Tanya Galvanizers has made a name in it as a premium supplier. Providing various types of galvanizing materials, Tanya Galvanizers assures its clientele with the best quality galvanized products.

Tanya galvanizer is known to provide various types of crash barriers:

  • Roadside barriers: These barriers are known to protect the commuters from roadside obstacles or hazards like water bodies, steep slopes that can cause crashes or fixed objects like bridges.  It can even be along with median for preventing the vehicles to collide with hazards.
  • Median barriers: Precisely designed to strike from either side, these median barriers prevent vehicles from crossing over a median and striking on the oncoming vehicle.
  • Bridge barrier: Being usually higher than the roadside barrier, these bridge barriers are used to prevent pedestrians, trucks, buses, cyclists from rolling over the barrier and falling over the other side – be it roadway, river or a railroad below.
  • Work zone barriers: The work zone barriers that are of two types: temporary concrete barrier and water-filled barrier safeguard the traffic in work zones can be relocated as and when conditions change in roadways.
  • Flexible barriers: The reason for these barriers known as flexible barrier is because they deflect 1.6 to 2.6 m when they get struck by a light truck or a passenger car. The flexible barriers have an impact of energy which is dissipated through tension in rail elements, posts, soil and vehicle body work, deformation of rail elements and friction between rail and vehicle.
  • Semi-rigid barriers: Including heavy post blocked out corrugated guide rail, box beam guide rail and thrie-beam guide rail, these barriers deflect 3 to 6 feet and impact energy is dissipated through deformation of posts, soil and vehicle bodywork, rail elements and friction between rail and vehicle.
  • Rigid barriers: Constructed of reinforced concrete, these barriers require very little maintenance and are used to protect traffic from hazards very close behind the barrier. Impact energy dissipated through deformation and redirection of the vehicle itself.

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Galvanized Safety Earthing Products by Tanya Galvanizers

Galvanized - Earthing Strps & Plates

Unlike before, the current world is highly dependent on technology for hundreds of big and small tasks. Earlier people used to have all the man made options available but today, doing the same efforts will just be considered a dream. With so many hi-tech facilities available around us, we tend to demand just more and more of such comfort that can make our lives better and more comfortable. There are so many equipments created by masterminds to help and assist people for their various jobs. Some are well-known and common for all, where as some are restricted to particular segment of people. Like for instance, if we talk about electricity, going in deep lets us know the small and big requirements that needs to be fulfilled in order to provide safe electricity to the people worldwide. These minute things are never given a thought on by majority, but yes, the tech savvy people have definitely made the roads smoother for the people who work with the electrical segment.

Earlier, as the safety measures taken were almost nil, people had to face electrical shocks and other such accidents very often. Taking this thing into consideration, technologists developed certain products that can bring ease as well as full stop to the fatal accidents. Out of many, one such manufacturer that is known to provide such safety earthing products is none other Tanya Galvanizers! Yes, Tanya Galvanizers manufactures such high quality safety products and strives to provide an ultimate safety solution to the people.

Focusing on the various high quality safety earthing products, Tanya Galvanizers is known to provide with the following:

  • Earthing Plates

Made from GI, CI or copper, the earthing plates are known to have dynamic features like corrosion resistance, shock resistance and high durability. These earthing plates are widely used for industrial purpose.

Available in various size and specifications, the earthing strips are known to possess good thermal and electrical conductivity. Being dimensionally accurate, durable, corrosion free and robust in construction, the earthing strips made from GI, copper or aluminum are in much demand today.

Presence of these highly useful earthing products, Tanya Galvanizers have moved a step ahead in maintaining quality and rendering safety to the people in every way.

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Earthing Material Products

Galvanized Earthing Material Products

Today’s technology has given birth to a lot of significant innovations which now seem to be so difficult to live without. There are innumerable introductions that we may not know their importance but still, plays a very important part in some or the other things. Equipments have become a part and parcel of everyone’s lives. For the ones who are involved in construction or engineering business, they have more inclination towards the availability of upgraded equipments that can aid them with better outcome and results.

Electricity – one of the greatest innovations has given utmost comfort to each and every human on this planet. One cannot imagine his life without electricity. But for this, there are thousands of big and small requirements that need to be met and one such requirement is earthing. The core reason of earthing in electrical networks is ensuring safety. If the metallic parts in all electrical equipments are grounded properly then in case of failure of insulation inside these equipments, the danger of voltage level getting high is nullified. Hence, by earthing, an alternative path is created for the fault current to flow in order to avoid any danger of equipments being damaged.

Hence, with this safety motive, Tanya galvanizers provide several earthing material products that can bring ease to people by avoiding fatal accidents.  Such high quality earthing products provided by Tanya galvanizers are:

  • Earthing Pipes

Widely used in power transmission applications, the earthing pipes are robust in construction, very easy to install and is known to provide good earthing with great durability in performance. Using premium quality raw material, the earthing pipes are accurate in dimension, high in tensile strength and are corrosion resistant.

Made from good quality GI, copper or aluminum, these earthing strips are known to possess good thermal and electrical conductivity. Qualities like dimensionally accurate, robust in construction, durability in performance and corrosion free nature has made it quite popular. Moreover, it is available in various sizes and specifications depending upon the diverse requirements of the clients.

  • Earthing Wire

Extensively used in various electrical, automobile and electronic equipments, these earthing wires are made from GI or copper and are available in various sizes. Using the premium grade galvanized metal; the earthing wires have exquisite quality of high durability and excellent shock resistance.

  • Earthing Plates

The dynamic features like corrosion resistance, shock resistance and high durability have made an extensive use of the earthing plates in the present times. Earthing plates are made of GI, CI or copper depending upon the client’s requirement.  Earthing plates are extensively used for industrial purpose.

  • Lightning Arresters

Electrically connected to the ground terminal through a wire, these lightning arresters protect the building in the event of lightening. Like for an instance, if lightning strikes the building then it will strike the lightening rod and will be conducted harmlessly to the ground through wire, avoiding fire or any sort of electrocution. The lightning arresters provide great protection and insurance against the damage of electrical devices or even the buildings.

Thus, catering to the individual demands of all the clients, Tanya Galvanizers ensure to render them with all the required earthing material products by taking minutest care of their requirements.

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Perforated Cable Tray

Galvanized cable tray

There has been no looking back for the world, tasting the fruits of technology which was beyond a man’s imagination. With such significant inventions, the modern day life has changed for good. People are able to extend as well as receive comforts from various ends enhancing their capabilities as well as productivity in their respective areas.

There are many hidden requirements that accompany the major product or service. Like for an instance, talking about the main term ‘electricity’, it consists of many big and small aspects that need to be met mandatorily. Here comes the role of innovative techniques and introductions that has made the lives of people easier by getting the basic need of electricity easily. But, how does the entire process work? Or how does the entire electricity system gets channelized by meeting all the requirements? Let us know about one of the important ingredients that play a vital role in this advanced system of today– the cable tray!

What is a cable tray? It is basically used in electrical wiring that supports insulated electric cables which are used for power distribution and communication in the buildings. More used for commercial and industrial construction, these cable trays are actually the alternatives to electrical conduit systems or say ‘open wiring’ in a layman term! Thus, considering it to be a safe and secured, the cable trays have been in demand and have become one of the mandatory requirements when it comes to electrical components.

Amongst the many manufacturers existing in Vadodara, the one that stands out different is Tanya Galvanizers. The reason behind being it a premium manufacturer is its detailing, commitment as well as the quality delivered.  A plus point to it is the experience that they have attained over the years in manufacturing these products – providing an ultimate quality and satisfactory services to all its valued clientele.

It is known to supply cable trays with a standard length of 2500mm. Though, it makes sure about individual requirements and work accordingly. The product range at Tanya Galvanizers include three types of cable trays –

  • Perforated Cable Trays
  • Ladder Cable Trays
  • Sheet Thickness

The perforated cable trays are fabricated with quality raw materials like GI aluminum. Available in different types, these perforated cable trays are usually fabricated in mild steel which can further modified as per client’s requirements of either having it in grey color enamel paint or powder coat and fabrication in pre-galvanized steel or hot dip galvanized.

Features of Perforated Cable Tray:

  • Not at all complex! Easy to use
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • It lasts longer – durable in nature

These features increase the demand of perforated cable. Moreover, Tanya Galvanizers also tend to provide various accessories like clamps, connecting pieces and slotted angles that can be an aid in support and installation of cables over these perforated cable trays.

By conducting a procedural inspection through physical and laboratory tests, it makes sure that the product delivered is up to the standards and has no flaws of any kind. This strongly makes Tanya Galvanizers – the best dealer of cable trays and other related galvanized products in Vadodara and the whole of India.

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Choosing the Right Earthing Strips

Choosing the Right Earthing Strips

Earthing is done to connect the non-current carrying parts of the electrical apparatus to the general mass of earth in such a manner that all times an immediate discharge of electrical energy takes place without danger. A good earthing system would ensure the following:

  • Protect users from danger of electrical shock by blowing a fuse
  • Ensure that the conductive parts of an electrical equipment does not reach dangerous potential
  • Provides a safe conducting path that successfully dissipates short circuit currents
  • Preserves the voltage at any part of an electrical system at a known value to avoid passing of excessive current or voltage on the appliances or equipment

Earthing provides protection against static electricity from friction

Earthing is paramount in saving lives of people and mitigating vulnerabilities to sensitive electrical equipment. Earthing strips are employed to divert the fault current through an alternative route to the ground so as to safeguard the equipment.

What to look for in a good earthing strip?

The earthing strip should exhibit low resistance to electrical current, should be able to withstand the impact of corrosion inducing agents and must be capable of dissipating abnormal fault current regularly.

The strips should be constructed out of superior quality copper, aluminium or Galvanized Iron (GI). Flexibility in thickness and width should be present. A normal earthing strip may have its thickness anywhere between 3 to 6 mm whereas the width may vary from 15 -100 mm. This flexibility ensures that the strip can prove useful in varied applications. The thermal and electrical conductivity of the earthing strip should be good. Galvanized strips come loaded with all the qualities that you may seek in a perfect earthing strip. Disregard of safety matters and use of faulty electrical equipment have claimed many lives. Hence the earthing strip you choose for your application should have accurate dimension, robust build and corrosion resistance.

Galvanized earthing strips are manufactured using premium quality iron or steel. The strips are subject to galvanization in accordance with the ISI specifications. Earthing strips are most preferred in areas where the soil conditions are rocky.  The coating of zinc on the galvanized strips is recommended to be a minimum of 80 microns. The hot dipped galvanized iron strips have a width in the range of 25-75 mm and thickness of 3-12 mm. The strips have protracted life and require very little maintenance during their lifetime.

Sourcing earthing equipment

Based out of Vadodara, Gujarat, Tanya Galvanizer offers all types of earthing equipment. The Company is reputed for providing innovative and high-quality earthing equipment that are extremely durable and safe to use.

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Prashant / Tanya Galvanizers – Cable Tray Supplies In India

Types of Cable Trays- Galvanizers

Just like a road bridge routes the traffic from one point to another, in the same way a cable tray system is a structure that routes electric cables. A cable tray system may either be a standalone unit or an assemblage of units working in synergy to lend support to cables in a rigid manner. Through the raceway, the cable tray underlies the wire layout across exposed spans in the electrical system. Depending upon the application and type of structure of the Cable Tray system, there are various types of cable tray systems available.

Types of Cable Tray

Ladder Cable Tray as the name suggests resembles a ladder. It has two longitudinal members which are connected by multiple transverse members at regular intervals. Ladder cable tray is preferred when the support span is intermediate to long. The tray comes in a range of widths, depths, lengths and run spacing with the spectrum extending up to 36 ,6,24,18 inches respectively. 

Solid Bottom Cable Tray is preferred in applications where the operating voltages are relatively lower and hence there is minimal ventilation requirement to dissipate the heat. These are primarily used where support spans are short to intermediate. Smaller instrumentation, telephone, computer, telecom and fiber optic cable can be routed from one location to another using a solid bottom cable tray. Protective layering made with metal, fiber glass and other materials are used for non-ventilated support.

Trough Cable Tray, either metallic or non-metallic, is preferred for cables that have moderate heat dissipation and hence need lesser ventilation than ladder cable. Cable support is provided at every 4 inch using transverse or radial members. The support span extends from 5-12 feet and maximum width, depth, length and fixed rung spacing are 36,6,24 feet and 4 inches respectively.

Channel Cable Trays are employed in areas where conduits are not used and minimal tray cables are required. Such tray is used for support span ranging from 5-10 feet. The standard width and length extends to a maximum of 8 inches and 24 feet respectively.

Wire Mesh Cable Tray can be customized to suit site requirements for telecom and fiber optic cables at low voltage. The tray is zinc plated with wire mesh configuration. The standard width, depth and length spans to a maximum of 24 in, 4 in, and 10 feet respectively.

Single rail cable tray can be installed relatively faster compared to other trays. Cable can be laid with ease for convenient entry and exit. The tray is useful for power cable applications where low voltage is involved. The tray can be mounted on walls in single or multitier manner. The standard width, depth and length spans to a maximum of 24 in, 6 in, and 12 feet respectively.

Safety and precautions

A cable tray is vulnerable to fires if it comes equipped with combustible cable jackets. If the fire spreads within the installation, it can result in a major catastrophe. This situation can be averted by using fire resistant cable jackets and also by applying a coat of fireproof material on installed cables. However, there is a caveat. Heavy coats of fire retardant material can severely compromise the heat dissipation capability of cables and as such proper cable ratings need to be picked up. Further, plastic cable trays with fiber-glass reinforcement can catch fire and as such proper fire-resistive arrangement is required.

Cable trays are installed in areas which can be reached with difficulty. Crammed spaces and irregular upkeep can lead to deposition of combustible dust.

Metallic cable trays or cable insulated with silicone foam seals exhibit expansion upon being heated. This susceptibility can be mitigated by using fire-stop mortars with recommended compressive strength and thickness.

How to source the Cable Tray

With its headquarters in Vadodara, Gujarat, Tanya Galvanizers is one of the leading engineering companies which tests and supplies superlative cable trays that would come good for all your cabling purposes.

Fortified Crash Barriers

Every Highway, Express way and all safe roads should have Crash Barriers. The best way to make our roads sturdy and durable is to have galvanized the Barriers. At the very outset at the planning of highways, private roads and for that matter any road or pathway constructions should make this safety featured as a top priority. These are specifically constructed to prevent any accidents from happening on the roads. When integrated in the initial stages of planning, will enable to bring costs down quite drastically and in the long run with such solid constructions the maintenance of such roads is very low when compared to the expenses that are incurred at the present time, with this easy to implement and an important safety measure which is the need of the country at this time when many people having at least 2 vehicles per house hold.

Highway Crash Barriers

Safe Application, Affordable and Cost Effective Solution

The cost implications are reduced for all the sectors, due to the durability of the roads, low cost of maintaining with fewer resources required carrying out checks and due to the toughness of the galvanised barriers the public will get a good cost effective service, in the unfortunate situation of accidents which do happen due to various reasons. With the roads being used by more vehicles than ever before a robust safety system needs to be implemented. With the increase of traffic on all roads a continuous enduring system of road safety measure needs to be the norm as part of building a better infrastructure. Also Airports, racing track, mines, chemical plants, railway crossings, and around water bodies are some of the places where this material can be used effectively. A onetime strengthen road reinforcement with zinc/iron which forms with the underlying steel, will give sublime smashed range impenetrability due to its thick significant layer. They serve as barriers for protection on all roads especially in mountainous roads since it prevents the vehicles from falling off high cliffs and on sharp turns on a semi-circular route.

There are different kinds of Crash Barriers and a recent example is of a metal crash beam barrier which is available in the form of railings, so that you can implement it as rail guards for security purposes. Crash barriers are excellent and a worthwhile investment in the building of good durable protective and also as a defence mechanisms on roads. These prevention methods utilized, have significantly helped reduce the incidence of accidents happening in the country since its introduction in the market.

Tanya Galvanizers are in the fore front for manufacturing a wide range of Crash Barriers, with the latest methodology of Galvanizing materials that will revolution the way we make long lasting and safe roads and using material that meet the requirements of the high standards of today’s progressive and flourishing India.

Different Uses of Crash Barriers- Tanya Galvanizers in Gujarat

Different Uses of Crash Barriers


Applications of Crash Barriers

One of the common sights by the side of the road is the crash barriers. They are specifically constructed to prevent any accidents from happen on the road. They are more often seen on highways and expressways. It might not be an object to think upon unless one faces the trauma of an accident in his or her life. They serve as barriers for protection especially in mountain roads since it prevents the vehicles from falling from the cliff. Car racing tracks, airports, mines, chemical plants, around water bodies are some of the places where crash barriers are used for similar purpose.

Crash Barrier Manufacturing Units

There are several Crash Barrier Manufacturer and Supplier In India. N.S. Rolling Steel Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneers in this field. They have recently come up with metal crash beam barriers that can even be used in the form of guard rails. These crash barriers have helped to reduce the incidence of accidents in the country since its introduction in the market.


Crash barriers are very essential for road safety and they need to be galvanized so that they can remain rust free. Our galvanization process for crash barriers is extremely affordable and it will enable top notch zinc coating all over it. By this process it will remain rust free and will look like brand new for an elongated time period. We meet all the deadlines on time for crash barriers galvanization.

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Different types of crash barriers that can be used as per the requirement are:

  • Roadside barriers
  • Median barriers
  • Bridge barriers
  • Work zone barriers

Read more from our blog: Types of Crash Barrier – Tanya Galvanizers


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Attributes of Cable Tray Manufacturing Units

Attributes of Cable Tray Manufacturing Units

Whenever an individual starts to lay down the architecture of the workplace, he has to keep something in the mind regarding the electricity lines that are required for the proper working of all the instruments in his place. The planner also has to consider the safety issues while installing the electrical lines in his plant. One of the most convenient options to get these issues addressed is to go for cable trays. These electrical appliances provide an attractive option to lay down the electrical lines as well as the instrument power cables in the various stages of the plants. There are several advantages associated with cable trays. Some of them include:

Advantages of using Cable Trays:

  • First of all, cable trays provide an excellent alternative to support steel works at a nominal cost. One of the reasons behind the low cost of installing such electrical appliance is that the labor cost to install it is low. The parts of it are easy to assemble and it does not require any amount of re-drilling or cropping to suit it to serve for the specific purpose for which it has been chosen.
  • If there is any fault in the cable system, then it is easier to trace it in case of cable trays. These cable trays provide greater strength in comparison to normal wires trays.
  • The cable trays provide some additional benefits that are associated with it. These cable trays come with slots for extra cable carriers to be fit in. Also, it has ventilation system that provides more space to give vent to air. This prevents the machine from getting heated up.

There are two types of cable trays that are manufactured in general. These include the ladder type cable tray system and the perforated cable tray system. These cable trays are specifically designed to meet the indoor purposes. However, several companies have come up with the provision of galvanizing it so that it can be suited to be used outside.

Tanya Galvanizer has been one of the pioneers in the field of cable tray manufacture. This company promises to include the finest quality of raw material like aluminum sheets to produce the finished products in variable sizes. The company also provides additional features like the finished product is hot enamel coated, hot dip galvanized, epoxy painted coated or primer coated. The cable trays are normally 2500mm in length. However, the company promises to render to its customers its products in sizes that are most convenient to them. The client can also provide a drawing of its design to the company. The company will provide the cable trays in the form that has been specified by the client.

Tanya galvanizer also does in-depth inspection of their products before releasing them into the market. Some of the tests that the product needs to pass include:

Inspection tests for Cable Trays:

  • Adhesion test as per the regulations of IS-2629
  • Thickness of zinc coating test as per the regulations of IS-6745/IS-4759/IS-3203
  • Visual check test
  • Uniformity of zinc coating test as per the regulations of IS-2633

All the products need to pass these tests in order to be released in the market. The products that are made by Tanya Galvanizer has found its usage in the cooling tower manufacturers, power plants, refinery projects, railways, cement factories, petrochemical projects to name a few. All the aforesaid attributes of cable trays makes them an obvious buy for those clients who requires them while setting up the electrical lines in the building.

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What Are The Benefits That Can Be Availed By Using Earthing Strip?

Earthing Strip Cable

Electrical system essentially is an important portion which is seen to be forgotten, till the last, especially when planning is being made for adding installations in a construction or industrial plant. As they are left out during planning stage and considered only during the final session, parts which are utilized to create lines undoubtedly are very costly, than what it originally is. However, by having the stage being planned and set appropriately, there is a huge possibility to save a good amount of money on the expenses. At the same time, things also can get much smoother, being organized in a better manner. Using Earthing Strip Cable can help the organization to achieve its objective in a cost effective manner, instead of the expensive wires to have the wiring protected.

Affordable and cost effective solution

Using cable trays do come with other benefits. Whatever procedures are present for having the existing wire cables to be protected, using the cable trays can really help to save money. There are few production machines, which run in various corrosive chemicals types or even caustic as a byproduct. If it leaks across the cable while carrying out operation, then they would require immediate replacement, which in turn is likely to increase the production expenditure. Tray systems are manufactured and supplied by several organizations to solve this long standing issue and it is done by having them shielded fully or by sweeping of its path.

Understanding its reliability

Wire tray systems can be depicted as something that is completely safe, reliable, durable and efficiently designed, when compared with PVC/galvanized conduit piping. The conduits seem to be very much vulnerable to being damage while operating the machine. The designing of the tray systems are such that it is flexible and can be installed anywhere effortlessly adjacent to the machines.

Wonderful adaptability

Installation kits and the trays are designed to make the cable storage system to be opened. It is also adaptable and can fit in easily into an industrial or electronic mechanical design. They are quite adaptable and on expanding the prevailing system can be termed to be a cakewalk. It becomes possible to organize each wiring bundle appropriately. Operation can be completed within hours, which includes the earthing strip and the machinery involved.


It is a fact that tray system present is somewhat vulnerable and becomes channel byproduct that is hazardous. PVC conduits over time can create moisture and channelize them through the earthing strip towards the production line connection. Then, the conduit pipes begin to channelize heat from the outer fire in the cable insulation. Cable in yards, when compared can get damaged completely within closed pipes when considering several feet which leads into accessible tray.

Carrying out maintenance

Trays concerned are quite efficient, while being easy in using. Therefore, it needs bare maintenance and is also termed to be trouble free. Nowadays, these can be seen to be utilized in greater volumes all over the world. The reason for its increasing popularity is that it is visible from the outside and maintenance checks can be carried out without much trouble.

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