Galvanized Crash Barriers

Ensuring Road Safety with Galvanized Crash Barriers!

As individuals, we need to ensure that road safety measures are taken with high priority so that there is no loss to the lives of any people. One of the initiatives considered for road safety is having galvanized crash barriers that remain rust-free. The most common crash barriers on busy roads are metal beam crash barriers or guardrails. The design of these barriers is in such a form that provides accurate protection to vehicle occupants during traffic accidents. However, these metal beams undergo a proper galvanisation process before getting installed at the site. It is extremely affordable and comes with a top-notch hot-dip zinc coating.

Using the proper approach of galvanization, the barriers will remain rust-free, l will have considerably long durability, and it will look like a brand new deployment for an extended period. Since these crash barriers are integral to road safety measures, we adhere to the following standards and guidelines when processing work for the road crash barrier galvanization.

It is always noticed that roadside accidents occur only when there is ignorance and a casual approach while driving vehicles. The moment leads to life-threatening events, and people may face the consequences. Thus, sign boards must be installed on the roadsides to avoid such events and be more careful. With a need for crash barriers, another thing that is taken into consideration is proper calculations that determine the appropriate requirements, such as the size, length, speed, and volume of the traffic. The perfect place for installing barriers is at bridge ends, crossroads, deep slopes, poles, or areas that may pose a danger.

Different Types of Crash Barriers

There are multiple types of crash barriers which are used. The demand for galvanized barriers depends on the core requirements. Once we know which kind of crash barrier is required, we proceed with galvanization work by providing galvanized steels. The list of the kinds of barriers are listed below,

– Road Signage and Markings

– Synergy with Road Lighting

– Traffic Calming Measures

– Emergency and Breakdown Lanes

Are you Looking for Reliable Galvanization Service Providers for Crash Barriers?

We are the leading and renowned name in the industry, providing all significant galvanisation types of work. When it comes to road safety measures, proper galvanization is required. Hence, you can contact us, and we assure you that with correct adherence to the standards and process, we will provide accurate Galvanization services.

Advantages of hot-dip galvanized crash barriers-Tanya Galvanizers

Advantages of Hot-dip Galvanized Crash Barriers

There are various types of hot-dip galvanized crash barriers available in the market by various manufacturers. They are majorly used on the side of roads or highways so that there are fewer chances of accidents. There are various advantages of hot-dip galvanized crash barriers and some of them are being elaborated below.

A galvanized crash barrier is much more durable than any other form of painting done on them. This is due to uniform protection, complete coverage and abrasion resistance. The intermetallic layers formed on galvanized steel are bonded metallurgically and are harder than base steel. The top layer of pure zinc can absorb impact and is very ductile. All these zinc layers are abrasion resistant.

The zinc coating grows parallel on the steel which is the reason why both edges and corners have the same thickness as that of flat surfaces. The total immersion process furthermore makes sure that the tubular and hollow structures are protected both outside and inside. The uniform coverage ideally means that the corrosion cannot happen easily on the surface.

Corrosion Free
A crash barrier which is galvanized is corrosion resistant. It does not get rusted easily due to weather or any other external environmental factors which makes it look new and shiny every time. Hot-dip galvanization provides three levels of corrosion resistance to steel which are cathodic protection, barrier protection and zinc patina.

The steel is first isolated from the environment by providing basic barrier protection. The layers of zinc are tightly bonded on the steel base which makes the damage difficult. Cathodic protection means that even if the coating gets destroyed the surrounding zinc will still protect the steel from corrosion.

Zinc patina is a layer formed by zinc when it is exposed to the environment so that the corrosion rate is narrowed down and an additional environmental barrier is formed. When this layer gets fully developed the corrosion of the steel reduces to a greater degree.

Availability and Versatility
Hot-dip galvanization is available in almost all parts of the world and it can be stored easily for a long time before making crash barriers. The elements used in hot-dip galvanization are readily available due to which it is preferred over other forms of painting.

Hot-dip galvanized steel is made from the harshest materials available in the environment due to which it lasts longer. The corrosion of the steel takes place at a slower rate as compared to other forms of steel paintings.

Environmental Advantages
Zinc is available in abundance in water, air, earth and soil. It is essential to all the living beings and both steel and zinc are fully recyclable without losing their properties which makes galvanized steel a renewable material. The steel has no harmful impact on the environment when compared to other forms of painting.

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Thus, we see that hot-dip galvanized crash barriers have many benefits. If you are confused about whether to go for hot-dip galvanization or painting always choose hot-dip galvanization. At Tanya Galvanziers, we make sure that you get quality galvanized barriers which are pocket friendly and last long.

Protect Crash Barriers from Corrosion-Tanya Galvanizers

Protect Crash Barriers from Corrosion

Zinc is exploited globally for its uses and for its unique properties. Its predominant usage (50% to 60%) is for corrosion protection, mainly galvanizing. This means having steel coated using metallic zinc. This is to protect the metal from corrosion. It is regarded to be a highly reactive metal and still can support safeguarding steel from corrosion, when this metal in itself is regarded to be vulnerable and requires adequate protection. But with oxygen present in air reacting with zinc surface, creates impermeable and dense zinc oxide coating. Zinc surface is protected from future attack from this physical crash barriers.

Offering maximum protection

An item that is coated in zinc, like the motorway crash barrier, galvanized dustbin or the roadside lighting standard tends to lose quickly its silver shiny appearance to become dull grey, due to zinc oxide coating formation that is regarded to be natural ageing process. Zinc coating’s physical barrier as well as its surface oxide is what said to protect the steel. Interface present between steel and zinc is actually not a single metal directly one upon the other. A reaction is created by the galvanizing process among steel and zinc, where there is form an intermediate iron-zinc compound, which further offers corrosion barrier including an unbreakable bond among steel and zinc. From steel, zinc is said not to peel away, unlike that of paint.

Providing in numerous benefits

If galvanized steel surface gets broken or scratched, then the exposed steel region is sure to corrode, since the physical protective barrier has been lost. But with zinc being more reactive when compared to iron offers further defence, since iron and zinc forms electrolytic cell similar to that of the battery, where iron’s natural reactivity combined with its desire to get converted into rust is covered to favor the reactive zinc material. Hence, zinc is expected to oxidize a bit and the scratch present in zinc coating will be healed by zinc oxide product. Since the zinc coating area is big, when compared to the coating’s break area, zinc actual loss amount to protect the steel is quite small. Therefore, zinc can be termed to be the perfect protector.

To safeguard steel car bodies, zinc coating provides twelve years of assurance against corrosion, which in itself tends to speak in volumes. The point it, irrespective of the type of painting steel has been provided with, it is simply no match for zinc, when protection is concerned. The reason is because paint offers just the physical barrier, but not the much needed secondary defense, if coating gets broken. As a result, once paint surface gets broken, corrosion tends to advance rapidly within the paint left.

Uses of Crash Barries

Two major galvanizing classifications are present, namely, continuous galvanizing and general galvanizing. Zinc could be applied by electrolysis in continuous galvanizing process. But this process is known to be less used for providing protection. Moreover, the method is used for safeguarding bigger structures like bridges. However, the protection offered is considered to be not that good like the individual component galvanized during primary manufacture. This is because, the application and preparation is not well controlled at the construction site.

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Crash Barrier galvanizing services are offered by the leading providers like Galvanizers to their clients at reasonable rates. Choosing them over their competitors is likely to benefit the business.

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Quality Galvanizing services for crash barriers

Quality Galvanizing Services for Crash Barriers | Tanya Galvanizers

With time, modern roads are being developed and people are purchasing cars as well as other vehicles for increasing their convenience and comfort when travelling from one place to the other. However, one major issue which is faced by almost everyone these days across the globe is road safety. It is considered to be of prime importance, since accidents have been taking place every now and then and they are getting all the more dangerous and fatal. Governments the world over have been trying to promote safe driving. Different stringent measures are being taken by the governments for reducing accidents, helping people to avoid the unfortunate incidents that take place on road. Galvanized crash barriers is specified as a crucial aspect and indispensable part of road safety.

About crash barrier

They are also called traffic barriers, which have proved time and again to save precious lives during accidents. The following are the use of this material:

  1. Such barriers are designed to stop fatal collision of those speeding cars with walls, boulders, building as well as other hazardous things that are found besides the road.
  2. The strategic placing of galvanized crash barrier is to curb the vehicle’s speed and to make it fall just close to the road.
  3. The significance of road crash barriers is well understood and hence, can be noticed commonly on the major roads and more specially on the highways, where vehicles are noticed to be speeding all the day.
  4. Such barriers prove to be effective to stop fatal accidents.
  5. They also assist to create traffic lanes to ensure that vehicles are able to move smoothly.

Why choose galvanized?

The truth is that galvanizing crash barriers do make them quite durable and strong for creating crash barriers galvanizing steel are used and installed on the highways. High durable and quality metal crash barriers can be found at sharp turns and on highways, where there are witnessed accidents commonly. To make such barriers durable even after facing fatal accidents, hot dip galvanizing procedure is utilized.
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Where to find crash barriers of high quality?

It is a common perception that crash barriers find use only on highways and roads for avoiding that fatal fall offs and accidents. The fact is that the life savers do have other uses also. They can be used as desired. Such barriers are desired by the road contractors for marking their work zone area on the roads. Hence, those who are into structural engineering or road contracting should always search for a good and reputed company that offers the best crash barrier galvanizing services.

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A company that has been in the domain for quite a long time will be able to provide its customers with top quality materials. They should boast of supplying services and products to wide range of clients in the region. They need to produce consistently the galvanized crash barriers to be used in various places. Also, they need to customize products to ensure customer convenience and satisfaction.

Contacting a company that has technical expertise and good amount of experience in the field of hot dip galvanizing is likely to ensure sure success.

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Why Are Galvanized Crash Barriers Advisable?

With the development of modern roads and people buying cars and other vehicles for the convenience of their life one of the major issues that they face nowadays is road safety. Yes, road safety is of prime importance these days as accidents are getting fatal. Safe driving is being promoted everywhere in the world and the governments around the world are taking various measures to minimise accidents and help people to survive the fatality of the accidents. One of the most common yet very important road safety measures that have become an indispensible part is the galvanized crash barrier.

About crash barrier

Also know as traffic barriers these crash barriers can actually save lives if an accident happens. These barriers have been designed to restrict fatal collision of speeding cars with boulders, walls, building and any other hazardous thing beside the road. The galvanized crash barriers are placed on the roads strategically in order to curb the speed of a vehicle and make it fall beside the road. Understanding its importance on the roads crash barriers are installed on all major roads especially on highways where people at times speed up their vehicles. These barriers not only stop fatal accidents but also help in creating traffic lanes for the vehicles to move in order.

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Why galvanized?

This is an important question that may come across your mind. Well as we all know galvanizing crash barriers will only make them strong and durable. Galvanized steel is used for making crash barriers especially those which are installed on highways. High quality and high durable metal crash barriers are quite commonly seen on the highways and in sharp turn where there are chances of accidents. Hot Dip galvanizing process is used for these barriers to make them durable and last long even after resisting fatal accidents.

Where can you get the best crash barriers?

You might wonder that crash barriers are only used on roads and highways to avoid accidents and fall off. But these life savers have other uses too and you can use them at your own convenience. Road contractors especially need these barriers to mark the area of their work zones on the roads. So if you are a road contractor or into structural engineering and looking for the best galvanized crash barriers then you should contact Tanya Galvanizers who offers the best quality products in the market. Located in India this company offers their products and services to a wide range of clientele all over India. The company consistently produces galvanized crash barriers that are used in different places. They can also customize products for your convenience.

With years of experience and technical expertise in Hot Dip Galvanizing, Tanya Galvanizers have paved their way to success by satisfying a wide range of clientele from different types of industries. Their good reputation and the top class products make it easier for the prospective buyers to have the trust to get the best service. So when you are in need of galvanizing crash barriers you know where to go.

Tanya Galvanizers: Best Galvanized Crash Barriers Suppliers – read more

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Tanya Galvanizers: Best Galvanized Crash Barriers Suppliers

Tanya Galvanizers: Best Galvanized Crash Barriers Suppliers

Galvanization is considered to be a significant process which involves the process of applying a layer of zinc i.e. zinc coat over steel or iron in order to prevent them from rusting and extending their life for long.  To undergo this process, one can find several companies offering the service but out of all, the best and well-known company that you can resort to is Tanya Galvanizers. It is known to serve its clientele with a detailed process followed with rendering a perfect service – a solution for long!

For these processes, there are crash barriers supplied by Tanya Galvanizers – one of the premium crash barrier manufacturers! Now what is a crash barrier? Crash barriers are traffic barriers also know as Armco barriers that are basically designed to protect the vehicles from colliding with dangerous barriers like boulders, walls, large storm drains or buildings. These crash barriers can also be placed at the roadside to avoid errant vehicles going through steep slopes or also from entering deep waters.

The aim of supplying these galvanized crash barriers is to reduce the collision and this is the reason why they are mostly placed within medians of divided highways as a large number of accidents occurs here. With these crash barriers, it becomes possible to prevent the unorganized or wayward vehicles from entering through the wrong side. There are certain places that should always be shielded with these crash barriers for assuring safety of the people. To name a few places, vulnerable areas like school yards, pedestrian zones and fuel tanks must be guarded with these crash barriers.

Tanya Galvanizers understand the significance of the crash barriers and make sure to provide the best one that can enable a full proof secured solution in case of emergencies. With continued service to many clients, it has attained a title of one of the best galvanized crash barriers suppliers across the India. These crash barriers by Tanya Galvanizers are normally placed at drainage crossings, near large signs or illumination poles, near steep slopes and even at the bridge ends – the places that may pose a danger and unforeseen accidents.

Tanya Galvanizers provide four types of crash barriers that can be used as per the respective requirements of the clients:

  • Roadside barriers
  • Median barriers
  • Bridge barriers
  • Work zone barriers

Having the characteristics of being flexible, semi-rigid or rigid, Tanya Galvanizers provides the same depending on the requirement and where it needs to be installed. It is advisable to consider the place of installation before deciding its type so that it can act and justify as the best safeguarding material for all the travelling motorists.

So if you are in search of one such company who provides end-to-end secured solution, resort to the best of all – Tanya Galvanizers and safeguard the respective places with required safety measures. For more information visit:

Types of Crash Barrier – Tanya Galvanizers

Galvanized Crash Barrier Types - Tanya Galvanizers

Technology is the prime reason for the mind boggling innovations that has led the world with high level safety and comfort. With the high tech machinery coming into existence, it has become easy for the professionals of various segments to provide an enhanced facility to the people worldwide.

With commutation being a daily affair, every country strives hard to provide a smooth channel of roadways with every possible facility that can aid the commuters with a safe and quick driving. With the emerging products to keep the commuters in the safety zone, crash barrier is one such product that goes a step ahead in providing a secured and safe transport.

The basic purpose of the galvanized crash barriers is keeping the vehicles within the roadway and preventing them from dangerous accidents like collision with big obstacles like walls or large storm drains, boulders or buildings. Moreover, installing these crash barriers at the roadside prevents errant vehicles from entering deep waters or traversing steep slopes.  There are many dealers who are into crash barrier manufacturing in India but out of them, Tanya Galvanizers has made a name in it as a premium supplier. Providing various types of galvanizing materials, Tanya Galvanizers assures its clientele with the best quality galvanized products.

Tanya galvanizer is known to provide various types of crash barriers:

  • Roadside barriers: These barriers are known to protect the commuters from roadside obstacles or hazards like water bodies, steep slopes that can cause crashes or fixed objects like bridges.  It can even be along with median for preventing the vehicles to collide with hazards.
  • Median barriers: Precisely designed to strike from either side, these median barriers prevent vehicles from crossing over a median and striking on the oncoming vehicle.
  • Bridge barrier: Being usually higher than the roadside barrier, these bridge barriers are used to prevent pedestrians, trucks, buses, cyclists from rolling over the barrier and falling over the other side – be it roadway, river or a railroad below.
  • Work zone barriers: The work zone barriers that are of two types: temporary concrete barrier and water-filled barrier safeguard the traffic in work zones can be relocated as and when conditions change in roadways.
  • Flexible barriers: The reason for these barriers known as flexible barrier is because they deflect 1.6 to 2.6 m when they get struck by a light truck or a passenger car. The flexible barriers have an impact of energy which is dissipated through tension in rail elements, posts, soil and vehicle body work, deformation of rail elements and friction between rail and vehicle.
  • Semi-rigid barriers: Including heavy post blocked out corrugated guide rail, box beam guide rail and thrie-beam guide rail, these barriers deflect 3 to 6 feet and impact energy is dissipated through deformation of posts, soil and vehicle bodywork, rail elements and friction between rail and vehicle.
  • Rigid barriers: Constructed of reinforced concrete, these barriers require very little maintenance and are used to protect traffic from hazards very close behind the barrier. Impact energy dissipated through deformation and redirection of the vehicle itself.

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Fortified Crash Barriers

Every Highway, Express way and all safe roads should have Crash Barriers. The best way to make our roads sturdy and durable is to have galvanized the Barriers. At the very outset at the planning of highways, private roads and for that matter any road or pathway constructions should make this safety featured as a top priority. These are specifically constructed to prevent any accidents from happening on the roads. When integrated in the initial stages of planning, will enable to bring costs down quite drastically and in the long run with such solid constructions the maintenance of such roads is very low when compared to the expenses that are incurred at the present time, with this easy to implement and an important safety measure which is the need of the country at this time when many people having at least 2 vehicles per house hold.

Highway Crash Barriers

Safe Application, Affordable and Cost Effective Solution

The cost implications are reduced for all the sectors, due to the durability of the roads, low cost of maintaining with fewer resources required carrying out checks and due to the toughness of the galvanised barriers the public will get a good cost effective service, in the unfortunate situation of accidents which do happen due to various reasons. With the roads being used by more vehicles than ever before a robust safety system needs to be implemented. With the increase of traffic on all roads a continuous enduring system of road safety measure needs to be the norm as part of building a better infrastructure. Also Airports, racing track, mines, chemical plants, railway crossings, and around water bodies are some of the places where this material can be used effectively. A onetime strengthen road reinforcement with zinc/iron which forms with the underlying steel, will give sublime smashed range impenetrability due to its thick significant layer. They serve as barriers for protection on all roads especially in mountainous roads since it prevents the vehicles from falling off high cliffs and on sharp turns on a semi-circular route.

There are different kinds of Crash Barriers and a recent example is of a metal crash beam barrier which is available in the form of railings, so that you can implement it as rail guards for security purposes. Crash barriers are excellent and a worthwhile investment in the building of good durable protective and also as a defence mechanisms on roads. These prevention methods utilized, have significantly helped reduce the incidence of accidents happening in the country since its introduction in the market.

Tanya Galvanizers are in the fore front for manufacturing a wide range of Crash Barriers, with the latest methodology of Galvanizing materials that will revolution the way we make long lasting and safe roads and using material that meet the requirements of the high standards of today’s progressive and flourishing India.

Different Uses of Crash Barriers- Tanya Galvanizers in Gujarat

Different Uses of Crash Barriers


Applications of Crash Barriers

One of the common sights by the side of the road is the crash barriers. They are specifically constructed to prevent any accidents from happen on the road. They are more often seen on highways and expressways. It might not be an object to think upon unless one faces the trauma of an accident in his or her life. They serve as barriers for protection especially in mountain roads since it prevents the vehicles from falling from the cliff. Car racing tracks, airports, mines, chemical plants, around water bodies are some of the places where crash barriers are used for similar purpose.

Crash Barrier Manufacturing Units

There are several Crash Barrier Manufacturer and Supplier In India. N.S. Rolling Steel Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneers in this field. They have recently come up with metal crash beam barriers that can even be used in the form of guard rails. These crash barriers have helped to reduce the incidence of accidents in the country since its introduction in the market.


Crash barriers are very essential for road safety and they need to be galvanized so that they can remain rust free. Our galvanization process for crash barriers is extremely affordable and it will enable top notch zinc coating all over it. By this process it will remain rust free and will look like brand new for an elongated time period. We meet all the deadlines on time for crash barriers galvanization.

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Different types of crash barriers that can be used as per the requirement are:

  • Roadside barriers
  • Median barriers
  • Bridge barriers
  • Work zone barriers

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