A Step-by-Step Guide to What Is Hot-Dip Galvanizing And Its Process.

What is Hot -Dip Galvanizing and It's Process.

Hot dip galvanizing involves coating iron, steel, and ferrous materials with a layer of zinc. The level of achieving good hot dip galvanizing undergoes multiple stages. The material is melt through zinc coating at over 400 degrees Celsius temperature to get accuracy.

The final process that causes the metal to react with carbon dioxide to form zinc carbonate. It is an incredible art with solid material that help to prevent corrosion by protecting the steel from the elements.

Galvanized steel is extensively use as an application with rust resistance, which is critical. The team uses galvanized steel to prepare robust and corrosion-free building materials. So, It is an essential element for small and large building projects.

Let us discuss the process of Hot Dip Galvanizing in detail. 

Process of Hot Dip Galvanizing

Step 1 – Degreasing : It is the first stage, where there is a need to separate the grease and oil. It is done with the help of a hot alkaline cleaning solution.

Step 2 – Rinsing :  The second stage of  hot dip galvanizing process is rinsing. It is essential as it helps remove any alkaline present on the metal or steel surface. Also, to avoid any delay or contact alkaline with a pickling solution, there is a need to properly rinsing to it.

Step 3 – Scale Removal or Pickling : The third stage of hot dip galvanizing helps remove all the dust, surface rust, and mill scale from the metal. The cleaning process is done by putting the steel material in an acid bath.

Step 4 – Rising After Pickling : Once the pickling process is completed, there is a need to get steel appropriately rinsed. It is the stage that help to  remove residual acid or iron salt in the metal. Once the rinsing process is complete, the steel is ready for further processing.

Step 5 – Pre-Fluxing : Before the steel is dip in molten zinc, there is a need to get the surface clean from the material. This steel is clean with the help of dipping the metal into a hot flux solution. It contains zinc ammonium chloride.

Step 6 – Zinc Bath : The metal must undergo a zinc bath to form a protective layer with the steel and It is an important stage of the hot dip galvanizing process.

Step 7 – Finishing : The final process where there is a need to have a finish product delivered to the team. Hence, following this stage will help complete the work effectively and conveniently in galvanizing work.


Galvanizing is a crucial and critical step for the fabrication of steel products. After understanding the complete concept and steps involve in the hot dip galvanizing process, the materials are protected accurately against corrosion and rust. So , Galvanizer is the industry’s leading and trusted name for galvanizing services. To outsource your work or to get the services done, get in touch with us today.