Difference Between Electro Galvanized Vs. Hot Dip Galvanization Steel

The process of galvanization is extremely crucial when it comes to businesses related metal industry. The main reason being galvanization protects the metal from all natural elements increasing the longevity of the metal. There are usually two types of galvanization that are done to metal they are Electro Galvanization and Hot Dip Galvanization.

In order to understand which galvanization is better for your business, let’s take a look at how each process of galvanization works and what are differences between them!

What is Hot Dip Galvanization?

Hot-dip galvanizing process is one of the most used application of galvanizing process. This process highlights coating a steel or iron object by submerging it into a bath of molten zinc. The bath of molten zinc showcases temperatures around 840°F (449°C). Once removed from the bath, the zinc coating on the iron or steel’s exterior reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere to form (ZnO) Zinc oxide. This Zinc oxide further reacts with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to form a more compact protective layer known as (ZnCO3) Zinc carbonate. This Zinc carbonate reflects a dull grayish film, which is relatively stable and adheres tightly to the surface of the steel or iron. This results in the hot-dip galvanizing process to create a chemical balance, which ensures that the zinc is chemically bonded to the underlying metal and becomes part of the steel or metal that is being protected through the hot dip galvanizing process.

What is Electro Galvanization?

Electro galvanizing is an electroplating technique used to place a layer of zinc metal on top of a steel surface. It involves immersing a steel component into a solution containing zinc salts followed by the application of electricity to induce an electrochemical reaction on top of the steel. The cold dip approach in comparison to hot dip galvanization process, the electro galvanizing approach provides a thinner coating and more aesthetic appearances method as well. The zinc-rich paints used in cold galvanizing are different from conventional coatings due to the presence of a binding compound. These binders allow the zinc to mechanically bond to the steel to offer an effective level of protection.

Let’s take a look at how each of the process is different from each other.

Comparison Chart between Hot Dip Galvanization and Electro Galvanization

Comparison Chart between Hot Dip Galvanization and Electro Galvanization-Tanya Galvanizers India

In the lights of the differences it is clearly evident how hot dip galvanization is different from electro galvanization process. It is completely based on your organizational requirement you should select your ideal choice of galvanization for your business. To know more about galvanization or for expert advices please get in touch with us.

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