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Materials Suitable for Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hot dip galvanizing process refers to the process of coating the base metal with zinc by dipping the base metal into a bath of molten zinc so as to enhance the durability of the base metal and at the same time prevent it from corrosion. Now, at the time when the decision for galvanizing is finally made, it is to be made sure that the base metal should be appropriately fabricated for high quality galvanizing. There are a number of rules that are required to be followed for perfectly designing the base metal for galvanizing. These rules when applied provides the intended results and ensures maximum protection from corrosion. In an addition to this, following the rules properly also makes sure that the galvanizing personnel is safe, cost of coating is lowered and certainly produces the best quality galvanizing.

At the time of hot dip galvanizing, it is to be made a point that the designer, fabricator as well as the galvanizer should necessarily work together. The proper communication between these three ensures that a wide range of problems during the entire process getting eliminated. Here is a list of the few major steps to be taken in this regard.

  • Removal of soil and grease from the base metal
  • Pickling of the base metal to remove the rust from its surface
  • Fluxing of the base metal for the removal of oxides for the prevention of oxidation prior to dipping into molten zinc
  • Now, galvanizing is done where the base metal is dipped into a bath of molten zinc to form the coating of zinc
  • Then comes the finishing step where the base metal is withdrawn from the bath and the excess zinc is removed by draining by vibrating and for the smaller pieces by centrifuging.
  • Finally, inspection is done to check for any imperfections

Materials Suitable

Almost all of the ferrous materials are suitable for the purpose of hot dip galvanizing. The structural steel metals including the high strength low allow materials are hot dip galvanized after fabrication for obtaining the long lasting protection by the zinc coating.

Here is a list of materials that are suitable for hot dip galvanizing.

  • Cast iron
  • Cast steels
  • Malleable iron
  • Hot and cold rolled steels

Though most of the ferrous materials are suitable for being hot dip galvanized, the characteristics of the galvanized coating so formed is a function of the chemical composition of the material. A reaction between the steel and the molten zinc is the basis of hot dip galvanization which results in the formation of layers of alloy of zinc and iron.

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