Galvanization in Cable Tray Manufacturing and Installation

How To Ensure Proper Galvanization In Cable Tray Manufacturing and Installation

A cable tray is a material used as the bridge, which helps carries electrical and data cables throughout the project. It is available in multiple varieties with a wide range that allows meeting the design requirements to match the location, the load, and the aesthetic needs. With the process of using a cable tray, the wiring work becomes very easy and fast. Everything is contained in an efficient, manageable, cost-effective, and attractive manner, from managing the manufacturing to its installation.

Multiple cable trays are available, and based on the requirements, the installation is done at the project site. Cable trays or bridges are widely used in construction projects, which help manage the electrical wire and accurately set the cable. For multiple types of engineering design, cable bridge has opened a great way in terms of installation work and production automation.

Types of Cable Trays

There are in total six types of cable trays that is used for the projects that are in progress. With this said, here is the list of the trays that will share a glimpse of them.

  • Six types according to different structure:
    • The great span type, ladder type, tray type, trough type, combined type and layout slot.
  • Three types according to different material:
    • The steel type, aluminium alloy type and glass fiber reinforced plastic type.
  • Three types according to different usage:
    • The ordinary, anti corrosion, and anti- burning type.
  • Three types according to the load: 
    • The light, heavy and aggravating type.

Proper Galvanization of Cable Tray

A cable tray manufacturer will undertake the method of galvanizing the cable tray, and the core reason for it is having a high durability of the product. At Tanya Galvanizers, we help the manufacturers to undergo a proper galvanization that is the initial stage of the work. From understanding the type of cable tray they are installing to ensuring proper galvanization done to it, our team of workers are available. 

The Galvanization of Cable Tray has to undergo a thorough process, which includes a proper treatment of cable trays. These treating therapy includes multiple benefits and those are,

  • It does not require cutting and bending.
  • It does not have grounding splices.
  • Easy to adapt complex architectural designs.
  • Accepts the changes best with the elevation of cable runs.
  • Diminishes the installation time.
  • Provides strength with rigidness.
  • No additional hardware is required.
  • Has a smooth edge so that there is no damage to the wire and installing tray.
  • Corrosion is reduced because of galvanization process with the help of powder coating and hot dip galvanization.
  • Supporting all types of hardware available.
  • Custom size and material available.

The coating of the cable tray is treated with spray, a zinc-coating, plating of zinc, and spray and zinc-plating, cold zinc dipping, hot galvanizing, nickel zinc-plating and alloy etc.

Common Issues That Can Arise When Galvanizing Cable Trays

Let us now continue further and understand the common issues that arise when the process of galvanization is undertaken on cable trays. The issues are,

  • The length of the cable is short-circuited and therefore it can relate to the errors in distributing the power.
  • Cable tray formation can be damaged due to the current relay operation.
  • As the cables are internally connected to it, the chances it has is that it has the presence of a short-circuit.
  • There is a possibility that the cable gets damaged because of any electrical fault. It will have the reason either completely blown or partially blown.
  • If the quality of the cable is bad, it can also be the root cause for the damage.


Tanya Galvanizers, is the leading name in the market when there is a need for accurate and reliable galvanization of cable tray. Our unit have full-fledged machinery and tools that help make the entire galvanization work done with complete safety. For the manufacturing units, we are the only name that provides 100% reliable and effective services. To know more about the work, you can send us your inquiry and our team will assist you.