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Different Uses of Crash Barriers


Applications of Crash Barriers

One of the common sights by the side of the road is the crash barriers. They are specifically constructed to prevent any accidents from happen on the road. They are more often seen on highways and expressways. It might not be an object to think upon unless one faces the trauma of an accident in his or her life. They serve as barriers for protection especially in mountain roads since it prevents the vehicles from falling from the cliff. Car racing tracks, airports, mines, chemical plants, around water bodies are some of the places where crash barriers are used for similar purpose.

Crash Barrier Manufacturing Units

There are several Crash Barrier Manufacturer and Supplier In India. N.S. Rolling Steel Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneers in this field. They have recently come up with metal crash beam barriers that can even be used in the form of guard rails. These crash barriers have helped to reduce the incidence of accidents in the country since its introduction in the market.


Crash barriers are very essential for road safety and they need to be galvanized so that they can remain rust free. Our galvanization process for crash barriers is extremely affordable and it will enable top notch zinc coating all over it. By this process it will remain rust free and will look like brand new for an elongated time period. We meet all the deadlines on time for crash barriers galvanization.

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Different types of crash barriers that can be used as per the requirement are:

  • Roadside barriers
  • Median barriers
  • Bridge barriers
  • Work zone barriers

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Attributes of Cable Tray Manufacturing Units

Attributes of Cable Tray Manufacturing Units

Whenever an individual starts to lay down the architecture of the workplace, he has to keep something in the mind regarding the electricity lines that are required for the proper working of all the instruments in his place. The planner also has to consider the safety issues while installing the electrical lines in his plant. One of the most convenient options to get these issues addressed is to go for cable trays. These electrical appliances provide an attractive option to lay down the electrical lines as well as the instrument power cables in the various stages of the plants. There are several advantages associated with cable trays. Some of them include:

Advantages of using Cable Trays:

  • First of all, cable trays provide an excellent alternative to support steel works at a nominal cost. One of the reasons behind the low cost of installing such electrical appliance is that the labor cost to install it is low. The parts of it are easy to assemble and it does not require any amount of re-drilling or cropping to suit it to serve for the specific purpose for which it has been chosen.
  • If there is any fault in the cable system, then it is easier to trace it in case of cable trays. These cable trays provide greater strength in comparison to normal wires trays.
  • The cable trays provide some additional benefits that are associated with it. These cable trays come with slots for extra cable carriers to be fit in. Also, it has ventilation system that provides more space to give vent to air. This prevents the machine from getting heated up.

There are two types of cable trays that are manufactured in general. These include the ladder type cable tray system and the perforated cable tray system. These cable trays are specifically designed to meet the indoor purposes. However, several companies have come up with the provision of galvanizing it so that it can be suited to be used outside.

Tanya Galvanizer has been one of the pioneers in the field of cable tray manufacture. This company promises to include the finest quality of raw material like aluminum sheets to produce the finished products in variable sizes. The company also provides additional features like the finished product is hot enamel coated, hot dip galvanized, epoxy painted coated or primer coated. The cable trays are normally 2500mm in length. However, the company promises to render to its customers its products in sizes that are most convenient to them. The client can also provide a drawing of its design to the company. The company will provide the cable trays in the form that has been specified by the client.

Tanya galvanizer also does in-depth inspection of their products before releasing them into the market. Some of the tests that the product needs to pass include:

Inspection tests for Cable Trays:

  • Adhesion test as per the regulations of IS-2629
  • Thickness of zinc coating test as per the regulations of IS-6745/IS-4759/IS-3203
  • Visual check test
  • Uniformity of zinc coating test as per the regulations of IS-2633

All the products need to pass these tests in order to be released in the market. The products that are made by Tanya Galvanizer has found its usage in the cooling tower manufacturers, power plants, refinery projects, railways, cement factories, petrochemical projects to name a few. All the aforesaid attributes of cable trays makes them an obvious buy for those clients who requires them while setting up the electrical lines in the building.

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