Importance of Galvanizing of Earthing Strips

Safety from electric short circuit or electric pulse from natural calamity like thunderstorm is one of the most basic requirements that every household and businesses across the world tend to lookout for. In order to create this safety usage and application of earthing strips is the most common approach that is seen across all household, business place and industries. This not only creates a safe environment for human beings from electricity in all these places, but also ensures thorough protection for all types of electric gadgets and instruments installed in these places. It is because of this reason taking care of earthing strips is of immense importance to maintain safe environment across all places where electricity requirement is concern.

To ensure creation of a safe electricity hazard free environment and protect the earthing strips we at Galvanizers bring you Galvanizing for earthing strip. Let’s walk you through what is galvanizing and how it is performed on earthing strip and how the same protects the earthing strips.

What is Galvanizing Process?

Galvanizing process refers to an approach that highlights application of zinc coating to the surface of a metal. The usual metal taken into consideration for the process of galvanization are Iron (Fe) and Zinc (Zn). The process of galvanization is principally utilized as a defensive mechanism to prevent corrosion and, likewise, increment the workable existence of the secured metal segment. When appropriately applied to a steel surface, zinc coatings offer two main types of protection: galvanic protection and barrier protection, which in turn increases the longevity of the metal by protecting it against possible corrosion.   

How Galvanization of Earthing Strips Performed?

There are two different approaches that are used to galvanize earthing strips they are hot dip galvanizing and cold galvanization.

The hot dip galvanization reflects submerging the earthing strips into a bath of molten zinc. The bath of molten zinc showcases temperatures around 840°F (449°C). Once removed from the bath, the zinc coating on the earthing strips exterior reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere to form (ZnO) Zinc oxide. This Zinc oxide further reacts with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to form a more compact protective layer known as (ZnCO3) Zinc carbonate, which in turn prevents the earthing strips from corrosion.

On the other cold galvanization reflects application of a zinc-rich paint to the surface of the earthing strips to protect it from corrosion.

These approaches are usually used to galvanize earthing strips to prevent it from corrosion, depending on whether the earthing strips are installed or yet to be installed the specific approaches are used for galvanization for yet to be installed earthing strips hot dip galvanization process is used and for installed earthing strips cold galvanization process is usually applied unless the earthing strips are easily detachable from the jointed location.

Why Galvanization of Earthing Strips is Important?

Earthing strips are applied in open atmosphere to ensure that the process of earthing does not impacts the site for which they are installed. It is because of this reason earthing strips are exposed to extreme heat, and cold temperatures, dust and other natural calamities like rain fall and wind which over a period of time corrodes away the strips. This can result in catastrophic accident due to inability of the strips to provide proper earthing to the site from high voltage electric pulses. In order to avoid such accidents from happening and safe guard the site from high voltage electric pulses, galvanizing of earthing strips is of prime importance. It is because galvanization of earthing strips not only protects strips from getting corroded away by natural elements, but also prevents accidents that may happen because of the inability of earthing strips to provide earthing due to corrosion.

Advantages of Galvanizing Earthing Strips

There are many different advantages that galvanization earthing strips can provide, they are as follow:

  • Prevention of the earthing strips from corrosion through exposure to natural elements
  • Prevention of earthing strips from decay from exposure to high energy transmission
  • Safeguard against huge financial losses because of because accidents that may happen because of corroded earthing strips
  • Lower the annual maintenance cost of earthing strips to zero
  • Galvanization of earthing strip is a onetime investment that can create protection for decades

 These advantages clearly reflects how galvanization of earthing strips can not only prevent accidents but also protect the earthing strips from corrosion and stop recurring investment behind the strips.

So if you are an individual looking for galvanizing of your earthing strips at home, office or factory, you can get in touch with us. We would be happy to help you.

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Benefits Of Hot Dipped Galvanized Earthing Strips-Tanya Galvanizers

Benefits Of Hot Dipped Galvanized Earthing Strips

The electrical system forms an essential part at the time for planning for adding installations in any of the constructions or any industrial plant. But many times, it is left out during the planning stage and are considered at the time of the final session. This involves a lot of cost and everything becomes very difficult and the smoothness in the overall process is disrupted. This is exactly where the hot dip galvanized earthing strips comes to the rescue. This can necessarily help in the achievement of the objectives in not only a cost effective manner but also help in the smoothening of the overall process. In an addition to this, there are a number of benefits of using these galvanized strips which are as enumerated below.

Durability is Significantly Increased

When the earthing strips are hot dip galvanized, the durability of the earthing strips are increased to a great extent which in turn makes the use of these strips even more functional in nature. Galvanization imparts a longer life to the earthing strips which makes sure that the strips need not be changed at regular intervals.

Great Adaptability

The adaptability of the galvanized strips is just too good and can necessarily fit into any electronic, mechanical as well as industrial design. Most importantly, if there is a plan of expansion on the system that is prevailing, these galvanized strips wold make everything as easy as anything.

Great Reliability

At the time when the earthing strips are hot dip galvanized, it offers great reliability to the users. These are quite efficiently designed and they are not at all vulnerable to damage. Moreover, their flexible design can be installed at any point of requirements without much effort or time.

Enhanced Safety

When an earthing strip is hot dip galvanized, the safety is enhanced to a significant extent. When the earthing strips are galvanized, they become electrical wiring safe and hence plays a vital role in avoiding any kinds of mishap or other damages. These galvanized strips make sure that no moisture is created and channelized through the strip towards the connection of production line.

Maintenance is Easy

The galvanized strips are quite efficient in nature and very easy to use as well. Most importantly, these earthing strips need bare maintenance and is also popularly refereed to as the most trouble free options available. Since they are visible from outside the maintenance checks to be carried out becomes extremely convenient and easy at the same time.

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Tanya Galvanizers is one of the most trusted and reputed hot dip galvanizing service providers. They have been operating for a number of years as of now and with their experience as well as expertise, Tanya Galvanizers would undoubtedly be the best choice when there is a requirement of hot dip galvanizing services. Moreover, it is quite clear now as to how beneficial it is to use the hot dip galvanized earthing strips and Tanya Galvanizers provides you with the best.

Galvanizing of Earthing Strips are Vital - Tanya Galvanizers

Galvanizing of Earthing Strips are Vital

With technology reaching a zenith of success, people have been blessed with so many comforts through machineries and tech savvy products that now, the absence of any of them can make a large difference to them.  In case of the high end machineries, it is very important that it’s functioning takes place in a smooth way and this possible by taking minute care of every machinery, in a delicate manner.

Before we proceed for the Earthing material it is vital to know why do we need the Earthing strips.

Earthing or Grounding an object/tower means providing an electrical connection between that object/tower and mother earth. This electric connection is achieved by running an electrical wire/strip between the tower and an earth electrode. Earth electrode is a metal plate/pipe/sphere properly embedded at a depth in the earth.

Therefore the main objective of earthing is to provide an alternative path for the fault current to flow so that it does not endanger the user of damage the equipment.

A good earthing system should have the following features:

  • By blowing fuse it can protect the user from danger of electrical shock.
  • It should ensure that the conductive parts of the electrical appliances should not reach an alarming level of potential.
  • For successful dissipation of short circuit current it must provide a safe conducting path.
  • Preserves the voltage at any part of an electrical system at a known value to avoid passing of excessive current or voltage on the appliances or equipment.

And now it comes into the mind of everyone as to how efficiency as well as the durability of the electrical equipments can be increased by galvanization technique.

Galvanization is considered to be a coating process among zinc, steel and iron. It alloys with the base metal surface while having the metal immersed in the molten zinc bath. It is performed at temperature of about 840 degree Fahrenheit. Furthermore, galvanized steel is used widely in applications especially where there is required corrosion resistance without involving stainless steel cost. It is also considered superior with regards to life-cycle and cost. Crystallization patterning existing on the surface is what identifies it.

Therefore like most of the corrosion protection galvanizing of Earthing Strips tends to act as barrier between atmosphere and steel. Since steel is vulnerable to atmosphere, erosion takes place when exposed to air and water.

Here are few points of efficiency by galvanization:

  • Low cost and easily affordable: By zinc coating of the steel it becomes affordable to large scale business as well for household goods where the erosion is maintained and also protects the high end machinery within affordable budget to get damage.
  • Reliability: Galvanization helps the equipments to be more reliable, ductile and can withstand high voltage.
  • Adaptability: Galvanization provides an alternative path in the electrical system to minimize the dangerous effect in the electrical system which happens at the time of lighting and unintentional contact with high voltage lines.
  • Safety: Galvanized high end machinery has a high level of safety procedure saving human life from electrical shocks and even secure the high end machinery by providing a safe path of lighting and short circuit.

Earthing system can prevent the dangerous effects of electricity. And by using galvanized strips, the efficiency, durability and ductility of the electrical appliances could be maintained in a neat way.