Hot Dip Galvanizing Process followed at Tanya Galvanizers Vadodara

Hot Dip Galvanizing Process followed at Tanya Galvanizers Vadodara

Tanya Galvanizers is one of the most trusted, reputed and reliable hot dip galvanizing service providers. The popularity and fame of Tanya Galvanizers can be very well understood since Tanya Galvanizers are the most sought after service provider at the time when it comes to hot dip galvanizing services. But still there are a number of people who are not sure about the exact hot dip galvanizing process followed at Tanya Galvanizers. For them here we have stated the process in details so that all the users are totally clear about the process so followed at the time of hot dip galvanizing by Tanya Galvanizers.

The Process of Hot Dip Galvanizing – Tanya Galvanizers

We all know that hot dip galvanizing is a process of applying a coating of metal on the base material so as to increase the durability, functionality and corrosion resistive power of the base material. In the process of hot dip galvanization, Tanya Galvanizers makes use of a proprietary formulation of the molten metals which necessarily produces the most consistent coating thickness on the base material thereby creating an even as well as enduring finish. So, let us learn about the complete process of hot dip galvanizing at Tanya Galvanizers.

It all Starts with Preparation

The base material so arriving at Tanya Galvanizers which is usually steel first goes through a process of thorough inspection. This is to make sure that the drainage as well as the venting requirements are effectively met. Once the steel is in the staging area, it is handled with extreme care so that the transportation is done quite effectively through the initial process of cleaning. This concludes the process of preparation of steel for galvanizing.

Cleaning the Base Material

The next step cleaning which is one of the most vital part of the overall process of hot dip galvanization. This cleaning process begins with the complete dipping of the base material that is steel in a hot alkali solution for the removal of all organic compounds and dirt. The next step is the acid pickling process that helps in the removal of scale or rust. The ultimate step involved in the process of cleaning is fluxing which helps in the elimination of the surface oxides for the effective promotion of intermetallic development.

Hot Dip Galvanizing

As can be understood from the name, in this step the base material steel is submerged in a bath of molten zinc until the temperature reached is 840 degrees Fahrenheit. At this point of time, zinc reacts with the base material steel for the formation of zinc and iron intermetallic layers on all the surfaces completely leaving not even a minute part. Then it is taken out and cooled which concludes the process of hot dip galvanization.

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Quality Inspection After Dip

This is final step for concluding the overall process of hot dip galvanization. In this step, the galvanized steel is properly cleaned after cooling, then weighed and properly inspected. The use of calibrated instrumentation in this regard makes sure that the quality standards are effectively met along with the thickness of coating, appearance as well as compliance with all of the specifications. All of these are carefully reviewed prior to the final approval of the galvanized steel being ready to be shipped. Now, you have a clear and complete understanding of the hot dip galvanizing process so followed at Tanya Galvanizers. So, for all your hot dip galvanizing needs, do not hesitate to contact Tanya Galvanizers for the best of the services.

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