Galvanized Earthing Strips

Galvanized Earthing Strips: The Ultimate Grounding Solution

Galvanization is the process that aids in increasing the longevity of the earthing strips and helps them catch the rust. It is the work considered for the highest level of electrical safety with the proper understanding of grounding importance. Today’s blog will share the guide, the ultimate solution for Galvanized Earthing Strips.


Understanding the Importance of Proper Grounding in Electrical Systems

The critical aspect of electrical safety is “electrical grounding”. It is essential in protecting electrical equipment and individuals from electrical hazards. Before we proceed further, let us understand what electrical grounding is precisely.


Electrical grounding is the process that connects all types of electrical systems to the earth and helps create a perfect, safe environment and pathway when it comes to passing electrical current. The team cannot avoid the core requirement regarding safety purposes and preventing electrical shocks. Also, the grounding system helps reduce the risk of fire and damage due to sensitive electrical equipment.


Electrical safety is essential, along with adequately installing grounding systems, as it creates a safer and more reliable environment for yourself and others.


What are Galvanized Earthing Strips and How Do They Work?

Galvanized Earthing Strips are crucial in completing the installation and ongoing work. The earthing method is directly associated with the work that sends the charge directly to the ground with low resistance wire, causing immediate release of the electrical energy. These wires are known to have low-resistance earthing cables, which have the least resistance. It is all because these wires have leakage in the current selected.


Moreover, a dedicated route or space is defined to ensure the proper installation of earth strips. Preparing these earthing strips is possible only with the help of the proper hot dip galvanization process with accurate alignment.


With the proper installation of galvanized earthing strips, a significant portion of its safety is considered, with appropriate updates on the importance of grounding. Going further, a galvanized earthing strip is essential and is one of the long-lasting investments for better sustainability.


The Benefits of Using Galvanized Earthing Strips in Electrical Installations

There are multiple benefits of using galvanized earthing strips, and their core advantages are listed below.

– Increased Durability.

– High Adaptability

– Reliable Outcome.

– Easy Maintainance.

– Increased Safety.


Conclusion: Upgrade Your Electrical System with Galvanized Earthing Strips

Tanya Galvanizers is your trusted and recommended name to help you get the perfect electrical system done with a hot-dip galvanization process, which has a high level of accuracy and strong determination. To know about the complete process, feel free to contact us today!


Tips to Note While Earthing of Cable Tray

Cable tray is basically a system which is used for the purpose of supporting the insulated electrical cables that are used for the distribution of power, control as well as communication. The cable tray may also be used as the Equipment Grounding Conductor or EGC and being highly versatile in nature, there is simply no restriction about where the cable tray can be installed. This is exactly the reason as to why these cable trays are so much preferred. The most important thing to keep in mind at the time of time of installation is the cable tray earthing. Now, at this point of time, here are a few tips to note at the time of earthing a cable tray which are as listed below.

Correct Bonding

At the time of earthing of cable trays, it is to be made sure that the bonding practices so followed should be proper. If an EGC cable is installed on or in a cable tray, then it should be necessarily bonded to each or alternate cable trays with the help of grounding clamps. Apart from providing an electrical connection between the sections of the cable tray and the EGC, the grounding clamp plays a vital role in mechanically anchoring the EGC to the cable tray. This is to make sure that at the time of faulty current conditions, the magnetic forces are not able throw the EGC out of the cable tray.

Avoid Grounding in Bare Condition

It is to be always kept in mind that a bare copper EGC or equipment grounding conductor should never be placed in an aluminium tray. This is because of the chance of electrolytic corrosion of the aluminium tray in case the environment is moist.

Using Insulated Conductors

It would be a very good idea to make use of an insulated conductor for the effective prevention of any kinds of corrosion. The insulation can be removed at the point where the bonding connections are made to the cable tray, equipment enclosures or raceways etc. with galvanized or tin connectors. In an addition to this, galvanized cable trays can be used for an overall effectivity as well as safety.

Why Tanya Galvanizers?

So, at any point of time, you are in need of galvanizing services, no other option would be as good as Tanya Galvanizers. With several years of experience in this field, Tanya Galvanizers would undoubtedly offer you with the best of galvanization services so as to make sure that the purpose is served at its best without giving anyone even a single scope of complaining. 

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Benefits Of Hot Dipped Galvanized Earthing Strips-Tanya Galvanizers

Benefits Of Hot Dipped Galvanized Earthing Strips

The electrical system forms an essential part at the time for planning for adding installations in any of the constructions or any industrial plant. But many times, it is left out during the planning stage and are considered at the time of the final session. This involves a lot of cost and everything becomes very difficult and the smoothness in the overall process is disrupted. This is exactly where the hot dip galvanized earthing strips comes to the rescue. This can necessarily help in the achievement of the objectives in not only a cost effective manner but also help in the smoothening of the overall process. In an addition to this, there are a number of benefits of using these galvanized strips which are as enumerated below.

Durability is Significantly Increased

When the earthing strips are hot dip galvanized, the durability of the earthing strips are increased to a great extent which in turn makes the use of these strips even more functional in nature. Galvanization imparts a longer life to the earthing strips which makes sure that the strips need not be changed at regular intervals.

Great Adaptability

The adaptability of the galvanized strips is just too good and can necessarily fit into any electronic, mechanical as well as industrial design. Most importantly, if there is a plan of expansion on the system that is prevailing, these galvanized strips wold make everything as easy as anything.

Great Reliability

At the time when the earthing strips are hot dip galvanized, it offers great reliability to the users. These are quite efficiently designed and they are not at all vulnerable to damage. Moreover, their flexible design can be installed at any point of requirements without much effort or time.

Enhanced Safety

When an earthing strip is hot dip galvanized, the safety is enhanced to a significant extent. When the earthing strips are galvanized, they become electrical wiring safe and hence plays a vital role in avoiding any kinds of mishap or other damages. These galvanized strips make sure that no moisture is created and channelized through the strip towards the connection of production line.

Maintenance is Easy

The galvanized strips are quite efficient in nature and very easy to use as well. Most importantly, these earthing strips need bare maintenance and is also popularly refereed to as the most trouble free options available. Since they are visible from outside the maintenance checks to be carried out becomes extremely convenient and easy at the same time.

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Why Tanya Galvanizers?

Tanya Galvanizers is one of the most trusted and reputed hot dip galvanizing service providers. They have been operating for a number of years as of now and with their experience as well as expertise, Tanya Galvanizers would undoubtedly be the best choice when there is a requirement of hot dip galvanizing services. Moreover, it is quite clear now as to how beneficial it is to use the hot dip galvanized earthing strips and Tanya Galvanizers provides you with the best.

Tanya Galvanizers: Best Galvanized Earthing Strip Manufacturer

Tanya Galvanizer-Best Galvanized Earthing strip Manufacturer

To take protective measures in any big or small thing is a smart decision by humans and for this, they work at their best to deliver best safety measures. One such much required innovation by the masterminds is galvanization. Galvanization is a process where in protective zinc coating is applied to either steel or iron so that it protects it from rust. As we all know, iron and steel are used widely is big machineries that are made to work in various industries.  Hence, it is very important to make them rust free so that they are able to provide maximum output with no restricted production.

For galvanization, there are other inter linked processes that are carried out for safety purpose out of which one is earthing. Earthing is a procedure that is done to connect the metallic parts of electric machinery and devices to the earth plate or earth electrode through a thick conductive wire for safety purpose. In short to avoid danger during discharge of electrical energy, earthing process is carried out. Hence, combining both, galvanized and earthing – a systematic procedure is done through galvanized earthing strips to ensure a proper effective efficient and safe working of the machineries in the industries.

One can find various earthing strip manufacturers in India but out of all, a popular one that provides high quality galvanizing earthing products is Tanya Galvanizers. With various earthing materials, Tanya Galvanizers ensures the industries for smooth working of the machineries.

Tanya Galvanizers are known to have an expert facility for manufacturing a highly functional range of the galvanized earthing strip. And it ensures that it walks hand in hand with the latest developments and use those advanced procedures for galvanizing. The galvanizing earthing products made by Tanya Galvanizers are used in various applications in different sectors of engineering, automobile, electrical as well as other industries. These earthing strips are known to have dimensional accuracy and hence possess outstanding electrical and thermal conductivity. This is the very reason for the high demand of this galvanized earthing strip in the global market.

If you are in search of an earthing strip manufacturer, make sure to resort to one and only Tanya Galvanizers for this as it ensures you with the supreme quality product of all time. It looks forward to provide you products as per your need and demands. So without any doubt, contact Tanya Galvanizers – one of the premium earthing strip manufacturers of India and safeguard your machineries, place and yourself with the required safety and security measures. For more information visit:

Tanya Galvanizers: Premium Galvanize Earthing Materials Manufacturer!

Tanya Galvanizers Premium galvanize earthing materials manufacturer

Ancient time vis-à-vis modern times have shown a drastic change in every aspect of life. It is definitely true that humans have evolved for good and have been successful in bringing out useful innovations that has been proved as a boon for entire human race. The biggest gift as we all know is none other than technology that has bestowed the humans with innumerable comforts by making their life easier.

One such innovation was electricity which gave light to the world. But, another factor attached with it was the danger zone that came along with it! As electricity generates current which can even be a life taker, there arose another demand and need of safety and security of humans. The masterminds later came up with a concrete solution to it and there came the concept of galvanizing earthing products that provided a safety layer to the wires and stripes that avoided electrical accidents.

Knowing more about these galvanized earthing products, one can avail the respective material as per his requirement and usage. Below mentioned are products provided by earthing material manufacturers:

  • Galvanized/Copper and Aluminum Earth Strips/Bars
  • Galvanized/Copper/Aluminum Earth Bus Bars
  • Earth Electrodes
  • Solid Copper Lattice Mat
  • Flexible Copper Braid Bonds
  • Galvanized/Copper and Aluminum Solid Earth Plate
  • Light Duty/Heavy Duty Cast Iron Inspection Housing

To know more about these materials, basically they are used for lightening protection and earthing. Hence, it becomes mandatory for the manufacturer to be keen in making it, ensuring protection of personnel and equipment from danger related to fault current.

Points that needs to be considered while making these products in order to achieve an efficient earthing system:

  • To achieve low resistance to earth using good quality conductor to carry out expect current flow
  • The conductors should have high corrosion resistance
  • Earth resistance should be regularly checked as corrosion and fault current can cause high resistance joints that may lead to overheating
  • The earthing system can last for many years if it is correctly installed and maintained well

Hence, there are many such points that need to be considered if you are thinking to step into these processes. It is necessary to opt for an earthing material manufacturer that guarantees such safety and secured materials. And out of all, a premium manufacturer who is known to provide best and secured solutions is Tanya Galvanizers.  Also being an earthing strip manufacturer, it provides guaranteed safety products like galvanized earthing strip and much more. So if you are in search for an earthing plates manufacturer or any kind of earthing products, resort to Tanya Galvanizers and get the best quality earthing products to avail high end protection and security from current and other related dangers! For more information visit:

Galvanized Safety Earthing Products by Tanya Galvanizers

Galvanized - Earthing Strps & Plates

Unlike before, the current world is highly dependent on technology for hundreds of big and small tasks. Earlier people used to have all the man made options available but today, doing the same efforts will just be considered a dream. With so many hi-tech facilities available around us, we tend to demand just more and more of such comfort that can make our lives better and more comfortable. There are so many equipments created by masterminds to help and assist people for their various jobs. Some are well-known and common for all, where as some are restricted to particular segment of people. Like for instance, if we talk about electricity, going in deep lets us know the small and big requirements that needs to be fulfilled in order to provide safe electricity to the people worldwide. These minute things are never given a thought on by majority, but yes, the tech savvy people have definitely made the roads smoother for the people who work with the electrical segment.

Earlier, as the safety measures taken were almost nil, people had to face electrical shocks and other such accidents very often. Taking this thing into consideration, technologists developed certain products that can bring ease as well as full stop to the fatal accidents. Out of many, one such manufacturer that is known to provide such safety earthing products is none other Tanya Galvanizers! Yes, Tanya Galvanizers manufactures such high quality safety products and strives to provide an ultimate safety solution to the people.

Focusing on the various high quality safety earthing products, Tanya Galvanizers is known to provide with the following:

  • Earthing Plates

Made from GI, CI or copper, the earthing plates are known to have dynamic features like corrosion resistance, shock resistance and high durability. These earthing plates are widely used for industrial purpose.

Available in various size and specifications, the earthing strips are known to possess good thermal and electrical conductivity. Being dimensionally accurate, durable, corrosion free and robust in construction, the earthing strips made from GI, copper or aluminum are in much demand today.

Presence of these highly useful earthing products, Tanya Galvanizers have moved a step ahead in maintaining quality and rendering safety to the people in every way.

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Earthing Material Products

Galvanized Earthing Material Products

Today’s technology has given birth to a lot of significant innovations which now seem to be so difficult to live without. There are innumerable introductions that we may not know their importance but still, plays a very important part in some or the other things. Equipments have become a part and parcel of everyone’s lives. For the ones who are involved in construction or engineering business, they have more inclination towards the availability of upgraded equipments that can aid them with better outcome and results.

Electricity – one of the greatest innovations has given utmost comfort to each and every human on this planet. One cannot imagine his life without electricity. But for this, there are thousands of big and small requirements that need to be met and one such requirement is earthing. The core reason of earthing in electrical networks is ensuring safety. If the metallic parts in all electrical equipments are grounded properly then in case of failure of insulation inside these equipments, the danger of voltage level getting high is nullified. Hence, by earthing, an alternative path is created for the fault current to flow in order to avoid any danger of equipments being damaged.

Hence, with this safety motive, Tanya galvanizers provide several earthing material products that can bring ease to people by avoiding fatal accidents.  Such high quality earthing products provided by Tanya galvanizers are:

  • Earthing Pipes

Widely used in power transmission applications, the earthing pipes are robust in construction, very easy to install and is known to provide good earthing with great durability in performance. Using premium quality raw material, the earthing pipes are accurate in dimension, high in tensile strength and are corrosion resistant.

Made from good quality GI, copper or aluminum, these earthing strips are known to possess good thermal and electrical conductivity. Qualities like dimensionally accurate, robust in construction, durability in performance and corrosion free nature has made it quite popular. Moreover, it is available in various sizes and specifications depending upon the diverse requirements of the clients.

  • Earthing Wire

Extensively used in various electrical, automobile and electronic equipments, these earthing wires are made from GI or copper and are available in various sizes. Using the premium grade galvanized metal; the earthing wires have exquisite quality of high durability and excellent shock resistance.

  • Earthing Plates

The dynamic features like corrosion resistance, shock resistance and high durability have made an extensive use of the earthing plates in the present times. Earthing plates are made of GI, CI or copper depending upon the client’s requirement.  Earthing plates are extensively used for industrial purpose.

  • Lightning Arresters

Electrically connected to the ground terminal through a wire, these lightning arresters protect the building in the event of lightening. Like for an instance, if lightning strikes the building then it will strike the lightening rod and will be conducted harmlessly to the ground through wire, avoiding fire or any sort of electrocution. The lightning arresters provide great protection and insurance against the damage of electrical devices or even the buildings.

Thus, catering to the individual demands of all the clients, Tanya Galvanizers ensure to render them with all the required earthing material products by taking minutest care of their requirements.

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Choosing the Right Earthing Strips

Choosing the Right Earthing Strips

Earthing is done to connect the non-current carrying parts of the electrical apparatus to the general mass of earth in such a manner that all times an immediate discharge of electrical energy takes place without danger. A good earthing system would ensure the following:

  • Protect users from danger of electrical shock by blowing a fuse
  • Ensure that the conductive parts of an electrical equipment does not reach dangerous potential
  • Provides a safe conducting path that successfully dissipates short circuit currents
  • Preserves the voltage at any part of an electrical system at a known value to avoid passing of excessive current or voltage on the appliances or equipment

Earthing provides protection against static electricity from friction

Earthing is paramount in saving lives of people and mitigating vulnerabilities to sensitive electrical equipment. Earthing strips are employed to divert the fault current through an alternative route to the ground so as to safeguard the equipment.

What to look for in a good earthing strip?

The earthing strip should exhibit low resistance to electrical current, should be able to withstand the impact of corrosion inducing agents and must be capable of dissipating abnormal fault current regularly.

The strips should be constructed out of superior quality copper, aluminium or Galvanized Iron (GI). Flexibility in thickness and width should be present. A normal earthing strip may have its thickness anywhere between 3 to 6 mm whereas the width may vary from 15 -100 mm. This flexibility ensures that the strip can prove useful in varied applications. The thermal and electrical conductivity of the earthing strip should be good. Galvanized strips come loaded with all the qualities that you may seek in a perfect earthing strip. Disregard of safety matters and use of faulty electrical equipment have claimed many lives. Hence the earthing strip you choose for your application should have accurate dimension, robust build and corrosion resistance.

Galvanized earthing strips are manufactured using premium quality iron or steel. The strips are subject to galvanization in accordance with the ISI specifications. Earthing strips are most preferred in areas where the soil conditions are rocky.  The coating of zinc on the galvanized strips is recommended to be a minimum of 80 microns. The hot dipped galvanized iron strips have a width in the range of 25-75 mm and thickness of 3-12 mm. The strips have protracted life and require very little maintenance during their lifetime.

Sourcing earthing equipment

Based out of Vadodara, Gujarat, Tanya Galvanizer offers all types of earthing equipment. The Company is reputed for providing innovative and high-quality earthing equipment that are extremely durable and safe to use.

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What Are The Benefits That Can Be Availed By Using Earthing Strip?

Earthing Strip Cable

Electrical system essentially is an important portion which is seen to be forgotten, till the last, especially when planning is being made for adding installations in a construction or industrial plant. As they are left out during planning stage and considered only during the final session, parts which are utilized to create lines undoubtedly are very costly, than what it originally is. However, by having the stage being planned and set appropriately, there is a huge possibility to save a good amount of money on the expenses. At the same time, things also can get much smoother, being organized in a better manner. Using Earthing Strip Cable can help the organization to achieve its objective in a cost effective manner, instead of the expensive wires to have the wiring protected.

Affordable and cost effective solution

Using cable trays do come with other benefits. Whatever procedures are present for having the existing wire cables to be protected, using the cable trays can really help to save money. There are few production machines, which run in various corrosive chemicals types or even caustic as a byproduct. If it leaks across the cable while carrying out operation, then they would require immediate replacement, which in turn is likely to increase the production expenditure. Tray systems are manufactured and supplied by several organizations to solve this long standing issue and it is done by having them shielded fully or by sweeping of its path.

Understanding its reliability

Wire tray systems can be depicted as something that is completely safe, reliable, durable and efficiently designed, when compared with PVC/galvanized conduit piping. The conduits seem to be very much vulnerable to being damage while operating the machine. The designing of the tray systems are such that it is flexible and can be installed anywhere effortlessly adjacent to the machines.

Wonderful adaptability

Installation kits and the trays are designed to make the cable storage system to be opened. It is also adaptable and can fit in easily into an industrial or electronic mechanical design. They are quite adaptable and on expanding the prevailing system can be termed to be a cakewalk. It becomes possible to organize each wiring bundle appropriately. Operation can be completed within hours, which includes the earthing strip and the machinery involved.


It is a fact that tray system present is somewhat vulnerable and becomes channel byproduct that is hazardous. PVC conduits over time can create moisture and channelize them through the earthing strip towards the production line connection. Then, the conduit pipes begin to channelize heat from the outer fire in the cable insulation. Cable in yards, when compared can get damaged completely within closed pipes when considering several feet which leads into accessible tray.

Carrying out maintenance

Trays concerned are quite efficient, while being easy in using. Therefore, it needs bare maintenance and is also termed to be trouble free. Nowadays, these can be seen to be utilized in greater volumes all over the world. The reason for its increasing popularity is that it is visible from the outside and maintenance checks can be carried out without much trouble.

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Benefits Derived from Using Earthing Strip & Cable Trays

The electrical system is considered to be essential part that is often noticed to be left out until the last minute, when there is a planning to add installations within an industrial plant or its construction. Since these are left out at the planning stage and only taken into account the last minute, the parts that are utilized for creating the lines are said to be much more expensive than it needs to be. But if the stage is properly set and planned, it would definitely cost the organization much less and also help it be going smoother and also better organized. This can be achieved with the use of earthing strip & cable trays, rather than the expensive pipes for protecting the wiring.

Cost effective

A major advantage derived by using the cable tray, is that it tends to cost much lesser than that of other procedures that are present to protect the wire cables present at the production floor. Several production machines also are run with different types of corrosive chemicals or caustic as a byproduct. In case, they were permitted to leak across the cables at the time of operation, then very soon they would have to be replaced, therefore, increasing the production expenditure. There are numerous companies that do provide tray systems that can solve this issue, either by shielding them completely or to sweep them out of the path.

Greater reliability

Due to their efficient design and durability, the wire tray systems simply are quite reliable than that of PVC or galvanized conduit piping. However, the conduits are vulnerable and could be easily damaged during operation of the machines, similar to the wiring bundles that they are meant for protecting. The tray systems have been designed for being flexible in installation, to be placed anywhere next to the machines, which they serve, hence, being safe.

Better adaptability

The trays along with the installation kits have been designed essentially for creating an open cable storage system. Also, it is an adaptable system, which could be fit into an electronic, mechanical or industrial design. They are so much adaptable that expanding the current system becomes a cakewalk and every wiring bundle can be organized properly and also accessible. Within hours, it becomes possible for the person to move a complete operation or add to it, right from machinery to earthing strip.


Moreover, the tray system is less vulnerable to becoming a hazardous channel of byproducts. The PVC conduits could over a period of time, build up moisture, channelizing it via earthing strip to production line connection. The conduit pipes channel heat from external fire right into the cable insulation that it protects. Yards of cable, in comparison get destroyed within the closed pipes against several feet that lead into an accessible tray.


The trays are undoubtedly very efficient and also easy easier to use. Hence, it requires very less maintenance and is trouble free. These are being used in greater volumes these days, across the globe due the fact that they are visible for any kind of maintenance checks, therefore making searching for issues, picking up and replacing an easy task.

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