Earthing Material Products

Galvanized Earthing Material Products

Today’s technology has given birth to a lot of significant innovations which now seem to be so difficult to live without. There are innumerable introductions that we may not know their importance but still, plays a very important part in some or the other things. Equipments have become a part and parcel of everyone’s lives. For the ones who are involved in construction or engineering business, they have more inclination towards the availability of upgraded equipments that can aid them with better outcome and results.

Electricity – one of the greatest innovations has given utmost comfort to each and every human on this planet. One cannot imagine his life without electricity. But for this, there are thousands of big and small requirements that need to be met and one such requirement is earthing. The core reason of earthing in electrical networks is ensuring safety. If the metallic parts in all electrical equipments are grounded properly then in case of failure of insulation inside these equipments, the danger of voltage level getting high is nullified. Hence, by earthing, an alternative path is created for the fault current to flow in order to avoid any danger of equipments being damaged.

Hence, with this safety motive, Tanya galvanizers provide several earthing material products that can bring ease to people by avoiding fatal accidents.  Such high quality earthing products provided by Tanya galvanizers are:

  • Earthing Pipes

Widely used in power transmission applications, the earthing pipes are robust in construction, very easy to install and is known to provide good earthing with great durability in performance. Using premium quality raw material, the earthing pipes are accurate in dimension, high in tensile strength and are corrosion resistant.

Made from good quality GI, copper or aluminum, these earthing strips are known to possess good thermal and electrical conductivity. Qualities like dimensionally accurate, robust in construction, durability in performance and corrosion free nature has made it quite popular. Moreover, it is available in various sizes and specifications depending upon the diverse requirements of the clients.

  • Earthing Wire

Extensively used in various electrical, automobile and electronic equipments, these earthing wires are made from GI or copper and are available in various sizes. Using the premium grade galvanized metal; the earthing wires have exquisite quality of high durability and excellent shock resistance.

  • Earthing Plates

The dynamic features like corrosion resistance, shock resistance and high durability have made an extensive use of the earthing plates in the present times. Earthing plates are made of GI, CI or copper depending upon the client’s requirement.  Earthing plates are extensively used for industrial purpose.

  • Lightning Arresters

Electrically connected to the ground terminal through a wire, these lightning arresters protect the building in the event of lightening. Like for an instance, if lightning strikes the building then it will strike the lightening rod and will be conducted harmlessly to the ground through wire, avoiding fire or any sort of electrocution. The lightning arresters provide great protection and insurance against the damage of electrical devices or even the buildings.

Thus, catering to the individual demands of all the clients, Tanya Galvanizers ensure to render them with all the required earthing material products by taking minutest care of their requirements.

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