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Earthing Materials

A List of Earthing Products :

  • Galvanized/Copper and Alluminium Earth Strips/Bars.
  • Galvanized/Copper and Alluminium Solid Earth Plate.
  • Solid Copper Lattice Mat.
  • Earth Electrodes.
  • Light Duty/Heavy Duty Cast Iron Inspection Housing.
  • Galvanized/Copper/Alluminium Earth Bus Bars.
  • Flexible Copper Braid Bonds.

Earthing Materials are to be used for earthing and lightening protection. A well designed earthing system is essential to ensure protection of personnel and equipment from danger associated with fault current. To achieve an efficient earthing system, it is essential that a low electrical resistance to earth is achieved using good quality conductor with sufficient cross sectional areas to carry the expected current flow. The conductors must also have a high corrosion resistance. Earth resistance should be regularly checked. Corrosion and fault current can cause high resistance joints leading to overheating. However if an earth system Is correctly installed and maintained well, it should last for many years.

Earthing Strip

We have an expert facility for manufacturing a highly functional range of earthing strip. Latest procedures for galvanizing are used for these earthing strips. They are used in various applications in automobile, engineering, electrical and other industries. Owing to dimensional accuracy, these strips possess outstanding electrical and thermal conductivity and are thus widely demanded in the global market.

Raw-materials of our products :

Generally we use M.S./Alluminium Sheets, Structural Forms viz. Angles, Channels, Beam, Plates, Flats, Rounds…etc. Zinc, Primers & Paints. All these we purchases from the reputed manufacturers/traders with required Test Certificates.


Generally we supply our products with the finish of Hot Dip Galvanized, Primer coated, Enameled paint coated OR Epoxy paint coated.


A simple physical and laboratory tests to be conducted on the random selected samples with the following steps as per the requirements.

  • Visual Check Test.
  • Thickness of zinc coating Test as per IS-6745/IS-4759/IS-3203.
  • Adhesion Test as per IS-2629.
  • Uniformity of Zinc coatings Test as per IS-2633.


Our products being used by Power Plants, Cooling Towers Manufacturers, Railways, Refinery Projects, Fertilizer Industries, Cement Factories, Petrochemical Projects and Large Scale of Industrial Units.