What Are The Benefits Cable Trays Offers?

These offer plenty of benefits for which the user can select them. Taking a look at the few common reasons why one should go for the cable trays.


Unlike the traditional conduit systems, cable trays require quite less maintenance. Their physical condition can easily be inspected visually. It is also less prone to damage due to fire as only a small portion of it gets damaged. When looking at its complete maintenance, it requires less time and labour.


They possess unmatched reliability which becomes an important factor when looking at industries of data communication. Along with this it doesn’t even possess the problem of moisture build up as it is not a closed system. This also reduces much of the damage and hence becomes a reliable option for industries.


The change in technology with each passing day demands systems that can adapt quickly and efficiently and same is the case with the cable trays. These can offer easy adaptability to new needs and technologies.

Types of cable trays for varied needs

There are different types of cable trays that are available in the market which satisfies diverse needs.

Series 5 cable tray

The series five cable tray supports cables ranging from light weight to heavy weight. The ventilation offered in 5 series is better. It can be available in aluminium, galvanized steel or stainless steel option.

Series 6 cable tray

The series six is commonly used in schools, hospitals, airports as well as offices. Its installation is quite easy. It can also be customized in length according to the need. If you require barriers, that can also be installed that would help in reducing labor costs.

Shielded cable trays

The best advantage these offer is by reducing interference at the source. It also helps in creating distance from radiation sources like high voltage power equipment. This is a premium quality cable tray.

Cable tray: Cost

Comparing to conduit systems, the installation of cable trays are almost 50% -60% less. These are less expensive when compared to conduit systems, although they comprise of a tray, fittings, support etc. You will not only see savings in its purchase or installation, but this can also be viewed later.

  • The maintenance costs of cable trays are quite less.
  • The requirement of configuring it from time to time is quite less which means that expenditure.

Overall the money spent for its purchase to its maintenance is quite a cheaper affair calculated to the regular conduit system.

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