Substation Structures

Hot Dip Galvanization with Substation Structures

The pace of development is rapidly increasing in modern times. With this increasing pace, we also need to ensure that the structures that we develop today are durable and sustainable. Fast energy transmission has been instrumental in this growth journey. 

Substation Structures have played a vital role among all mediums created for transferring electricity. This blog will provide you with a brief overview of substations and how galvanized substations are the future. 

What is a substation? 

Substations are used for power generation in a power station. Their transformers assist in the smooth distribution of electricity and reverse the voltage from high to low. Electricity flows through different power plants and substations at different voltages. The voltage changes based on the demand of the consumers and pre-determined targets. Therefore, substations form the backbone in transferring electricity, so it is important to maintain them through hot dip galvanization. 

Hot dip galvanization

Substation structures remain exposed to climate, heat, dust, and pollution. Therefore, it is essential that they are maintained appropriately. To make them durable and sustained for a longer period of time, it is necessary that they are galvanized. 

Hot dip galvanizing makes these substation structures weatherproof and strong, which helps them resist against various external factors that cause harm to them. One of the most important factors in iron maintenance is the prevention of corrosion. Hot dip galvanization also ensures that these structures are corrosion-resistant. 

Hot Dip Galvanization at Tanya Galvanizers 

Hot dip galvanization is not an easy process. It requires tremendous professional expertise and experience to galvanize substation structures to make them appropriate for energy transmission.

We at Tanya Galvanizers possess more than six decades of experience in the galvanizing industry. Our expertise lies in creating hot dip galvanizing structures suitable to the requirements of a substation. We make the finest quality products to ensure the highest satisfaction of our clients. 

We use various metals and alloys like angels, channels, plates, flats, rounds, zinc, primers, and paints to manufacture a galvanizer. At Tanya Galvanizers, we also abide by the highest testing standards through our scientifically developed and intensive inspection and testing processes. 


Don’t let the effects of weather and pollution affect your substation structures. Protect all your substation structures by getting in touch with us at Tanya Galvanizers

Get in touch with our experts today, and they will provide you with end-to-end galvanizing solutions for all your substations structures. 


Differences Between Hot-Dipped Galvanization & Pre-Galvanizing

Differences Between Hot-Dipped Galvanization & Pre-Galvanizing

Galvanizing is one of the widely used methods for protecting metals from corrosion. It involves applying a thin zinc coating to a thicker base metal like iron metal. The process helps to shield the metal from the surrounding environment. When a metal undergoes galvanization, it does not experience any corrosion. However, without the zinc coating, the metal remains exposed to the elements and potentially oxidizes and corrodes faster. There are several ways of galvanizing metals, including hot-dipped galvanization and pre-galvanizing.

Hot-Dipped Galvanization vs. Pre-Galvanizing: What Are They?

As the name suggests, in hot-dipped galvanization, experts dip the steel in hot, molten zinc. When the zinc coats the steel, a metallurgical reaction occurs between the iron component of the steel and the hot zinc. The reaction known as the diffusion process occurs when the coating collects perpendicular to every surface, creating a uniform thickness.

When the expert removes the steel from the zinc bath, it reacts with the oxygen in the air to form zinc oxide. It then reacts with carbon dioxide and forms the final protective coating of zinc carbonate. With multi-layered zinc coating and iron-zinc alloy, the steel becomes corrosion-resistant.

Pre-galvanizing, also called mill galvanizing, is another galvanizing process close to ho-dipped galvanizing. However, this process occurs at the very first stage of production. The process takes place at steel mills that have a specific shape. Pre-galvanizing involves a few steps of hot-dip galvanizing, like cleaning the surface, hot zinc bathing, and recoiling.

Key Differences Between Hot-Dipped Galvanizing and Pre-Galvanizing

Differences Between Hot-Dipped Galvanization & Pre-Galvanizing

Application Comparison

Hot-dipped galvanization is an economical choice that you can execute on simple and complex shapes. Experts use it on objects fabricated beforehand and yet not galvanized. The hot-dipped galvanization plays the last step.

On the other hand, a metal requires undergoing pre-galvanizing at the first production stage. It mainly occurs at the mill and later undergoes cutting into size and fabrication.

Coating Comparison

Since the galvanizing process involves the application of a protective coating for the steel and metals, it is essential to consider the coating finish of the two methods of manufacturing galvanized steel.

Coating Thickness

Although both methods result in uniform thickness, the hot-dipped galvanization produces a thicker layer of protection than the other method.

Coating Continually

Hot-dipped galvanizing requires dipping the entire steel and other metals into the molten vat of zinc. The galvanized steel comes with a continuous coating over the surface. On the other hand, pre-galvanizing requires performing before cutting the sheets into perfect sizes and pieces; therefore, the cut edges do not undergo any coating.

Coating Formability

Since the process of pre-galvanizing undergoes at the mills, any coating applied after cutting the metals does not damage the layer. On the other hand, coating formability applied on hot-dipped galvanized steel is not advisable, as it might damage the protective coating of the products.

Coating Appearance

The hot-dipped galvanization forms a bright finish for the galvanized steel, which might or might not be uniform. On the other hand, the pre-galvanizing process produces a uniform bright finish for the coating.

There are numerous differences between hot-dipped and pre-galvanizing processes. Understanding the differences helps in choosing suitable methods and products for different projects.

Electro Galvanised Steel

Electro Galvanized Steel Vs Galvanized Steel

Suggested Topic: Know the Differences Between Electro Galvanised Steel and Galvanised Steel

Galvanization is the process where you apply a protective coating of zinc on the iron or steel to prevent it from rusting. While doing this method, one should take proper care of the same. This process can be hazardous to the person if not done correctly. It will also cause damage or malfunction of the equipment, instrument, and many more.

Before choosing the process, one must indulge in thorough research and understand the difference between electro-galvanized steel and galvanized steel. Knowing the difference can help a person to be safe while selecting the right and most appropriate method and product according to the specific requirement and needs of the business. Otherwise, it can just be a waste of money and time.

Difference between electro-galvanized steel and galvanized steel

Here are some basic differences between galvanized steel and electro-galvanizing.

  • In the case of galvanized steel, one needs to follow up a rigid cleaning process. This process is also known as the 7-bath process. But when it comes to electro-galvanizing, one need not have to follow such stringent cleaning methods.
  • To achieve the galvanized steel coating, the steel is said to get dipped in the molten zinc bath at a temperature variation of 460° c. But for the electro galvanization, the steel gets prepared in a cathode in the electrolytic cell that forms a coating while using the electroplating process.
  • Electro-galvanizing indeed has a very low life ranging from several months to a few years. But in the case of galvanized steel, the average lifespan is between 20 years to 50 years. However, electro galvanization produces an excellent finish. But the galvanized steel offers an unpleasant and dull finish.
  • Above all, the coating thickness of the galvanized steel is about 80 to 100um. Also, the thickness depends entirely upon the dipping duration. The composition and the roughness of the steel affect the same. When it comes to electro galvanization, the coaching thickness is about 10 to 12 um. The current density and the temperature of the electrolyte determine the thickness of the coating in this case.
  • The galvanized steel offers a non-uniform coating. But in the case of electro-galvanized steel, one can expect a uniform coating.


When it comes to the cost, galvanized steel, having a normal coat thickness, becomes 40% more expensive than electro-galvanized steel. The electro-galvanized steel has a normal coat thickness, which makes it a lot affordable. The cost happens to increase proportionately with the higher coating thickness.

It becomes extremely necessary for a person to choose a reputed company to select either electro-galvanized steel or galvanized steel to get top-class service.

Why Choose Tanya Galvanizers

Tanya Galvanizers provides the best quality service and products according to your needs and requirements. Whether it is electro-galvanized steel or galvanizing steel, we are the leading name in the market.

Since we have decades of industry experience, we provide the best solution for your requirement. If you are looking for either electro-galvanized steel or galvanized steel, we would be happy to help you.


Galvanizing of Earthing Material is Integral | Tanya Galvanizers

Galvanizing of Earthing Material is Integral | Tanya Galvanizers

Electricity is considered to be among the most essential of all things that is desired in today’s modern life. Without electricity, living and surviving is just impossible. In the last couple of decades, electrical engineering has developed a lot, thus offering people with superior quality gadgets and materials to make their lives convenient and easy. Although electricity is said to have made lives much easier, several things are to be taken into consideration for having safe use. One essential part of the electrical layout in offices, residences, commercial places as well as on streets is regarded to be earthing material .

It is only when superior quality materials get used that earthing can be termed to be completely safe. The chances of electrocution and short circuit are always there. Every home is said to come with delicate electrical gadgets such as washing machine, fridge, microwave oven, food processor and the like that requires stability in its current supplies.

Its Main Objective

Galvanizing of Earthing Material helps to retain flow stability and offer protection against burns and shocks including from other hazards. The objective behind laying of the earthing is to offer alternative channel to faulty electricity for flowing through. This way, it ensures that the actual current flow is not hampered in any manner and the gadgets and users are kept safe.

Main uses

It is necessary to wisely choose the earthing materials. The types of materials which are necessary to lay the earthing channels have been mentioned below:

  • Earthing pipes: They are commonly called as pipe electrodes and are use generally for power transmission application. It is only the best pipes that are to be used that are created from copper and GI. The pipe needs to be installed easily and come with robust construction, so as to last for a lifetime.
  • Earthing wire: It is an important material that is necessary for earthing. They are created from superior quality GI or copper and could be used in different electronic, automobile and electrical instruments. Also, they are created from the best quality galvanized metal, offering great shock resistance and better durability. The wires are made sturdy and could last a lifetime as hot dip galvanized material is used.
  • Earthing strips: It is necessary to balance thermal and electrical conductivity. These are necessary and found in wide variety of thickness. Range may vary between 3 and 6mm and width of 15 to 100mm. Such strips are created from aluminum, GI and copper.
  • Earthing plates: The residential and commercial places do make use of earthing plates to provide shock resistance. Such plates are developed from galvanized materials to ensure high durability, amazing shock resistance and safety.

                   Read more : Earthing pipes | Earthing wire | Earthing strips | Earthing plates

How to select good quality earthing material?

When trying to search for the best quality galvanizing material for the purpose of earthing, it can prove to be a wonderful decision to make the right decision and to shorten the search time period. There are reputed companies in the domain that does offer its clients with top quality earthing materials that can be used for residential and commercial use.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Hot Dip Galvanizing!

Frequently asked questions - Hot Dip Galvanizing

Tanya Galvanizersa prominent galvanizing company of India is known to provide best galvanizing solutions to its clients. Hot dip galvanization as we all know is a process that involves coating iron and steel with a layer of molten zinc so that they become rust free. Catering the small requirements involved during these processes and looking after the nitty-gritty involved in it, Tanya Galvanizers are one of the popular known hot dip galvanizing consultants of India. Let us peep into how it addresses every big and small aspect in order to provide premium solutions to the clients. Below stated are some questions that are adhered by Tanya Galvanizers in providing best services to clients.

  • Why does the galvanized coating thickness depend on the steel thickness?

    In order to create a perfect galvanized coating, it is necessary that iron and zinc are in proportion in a way that they diffuse into one another and are able to create galvanized coating. So, in cases when more iron is taken to react with zinc, one may end up with a thin coat. It is said that a thicker coating can be developed if the steel pieces are thicker as well. Moreover, steel along with phosphorus and silicon plays a vital role in enabling a galvanizing reaction as the galvanized coating thickness is highly dependent on the overall steel chemistry and its thickness.

  • Is hot-dip galvanized steel considered anti-sparking?

    Hot dip galvanized steel are non combustible and anti sparking. The reason behind this is very simple – major coatings are done with zinc. But of course, everything has an exception and same applies here as well that if zinc coating alloys have 30 to 55 % aluminum or if it is penetrated all the way down to the base steel when galvanized steel is struck very hard – there are high chances that the steel could spark!


  • Is it safe for food to be in contact with galvanized steel?

    Yes, the contact of food with galvanized steel is considered to be perfectly safe in case of majority of food items. Care should be taken in case of acidic foods as per the norms set by U.S. Food & Drug Administration as it may happen that the acid of the food may react with zinc forming salts which when consumed can cause mild sickness.

  • What type of materials will not galvanize?

    One can find various materials on which galvanized coating won’t be developed. As we all know, for a galvanizing reaction to occur, the much needed metal is iron. Apart from that, if you try to galvanize copper or aluminum, the coating won’t be formed. Additionally, other metals like 400-series stainless steel can’t be galvanized and though chrome-molly steel may develop a coating but will comprise of many bare areas.

Hence, gaining the recognition as one of the best galvanizing plant manufacturers, Tanya Galvanizers who has in-depth solutions and understanding about the hot dip galvanizers, should always be resorted to in case of any kind of galvanizing requirements.

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Tanya Galvanizers Acknowledged as One of the Top Galvanize product Suppliers in India

Tanya Galvanizers acknowledged as one of the top galvanize product suppliers in India

World is advancing and so are the innovations. This modern era demands much more than just comfort and to cater these needs, none other than human minds can come at rescue. Technology delivering at its best, has bestowed the world with unique innovations that can’t be replaced by anything else. Life has been just easier with introduction of wonderful mechanisms and is providing a helping hand in almost every field of today.

Talking about one such introduction, there are many big and small industries that provide indirect service to the end users. One such industry is of providing galvanized products that ensures the indirect service of providing safety and security to the people at large. Let us go in depth to know more about such innovation that has secured lives on day to day basis.

Galvanization – a process that is undertaken to prevent corrosion by making a protective zinc coat renders secured solutions for long time. This process not only protects corrosion on the soft metals but in addition even adds strength to the original metal that is uncoated. In short, galvanization refers to any of so many electrochemical processes that are used to add thin layer of another metal in order to prevent rusting.

Out of the various types of galvanized techniques, the one that is much in demand is hot dip galvanizing process. Hot dip galvanization is a process that involves dipping fabricated steel into a kettle or vat that contains molten zinc inside it. Providing distinct advantages over the other corrosion techniques, this process is inherently simple and hence people opt for it largely.

If you are into same industry and are in search of a galvanize product supplier in India, the only recommended resort is Tanya Galvanizers. Considered amongst the top galvanized product supplier, Tanya Galvanizers ensures a perfect trusted solution for long to all its clients. So, hit on to this one stop destination that is in Vadodara which is known to extend its unmatched services all over India.

Tanya galvanizers has accumulated vast experience over the years and gained expertise which can be noticed in the hot dip galvanizing plants installed and commissioned by them for their valued clientele. Being one of the best hot dip galvanize product supplier, it has gathered great popularity across India and has got a large client base. So, if anyone is searching a trusted company to carry out galvanization work, it has to be none other than Tanya Galvanizers of Vadodara, Gujarat that is professionally managed dynamic engineering company engaged in processes like fabrication, hot dip galvanizing, testing and supply of cable trays, raceways and earthing materials. For more information visit:

Galvanizing consultant

Galvanizing consultant

With technology spreading its wings wide and large, every part of the world is able to experience its effect for good. Yes, the fruits that it has bestowed on humanity are utterly unmatched and incomparable to any inventions by far. And the people are enjoying the comforts and tech savvy products and services with both their hands.

Now, talking about certain areas where technology has really proved to be a boon and has altered the traditional way, one of the major contributions amongst it is providing safety and security in the entire work process of electricity. Earlier, cases of getting current due to some or the other reasons was very high, but with time and with incredible inventions, the world got a secured way of availing electricity and that is due to birth of galvanized services.

With hot dip galvanization process, big industrial areas as well as residential areas can be secured about the safety measures against electric current. So, what is hot dip galvanization actually? Well, it is a technical process that involves applying zinc coating on iron and steel surface to protect against the corrosion. The reason for using zinc while coating is that it has the quality of protecting the base metal by acting as an unreceptive shield between the metal and atmosphere! Additionally, it provides protection even when moderately sized area of the base metal surface is exposed.

This entire process requires a special as a proper accuracy needs to be followed here. Here, surface preparation is considered to be the most important factor in the application of zinc coating on the iron component surface area. If a slightest mistake occurs like inadequate surface preparation, then the entire zinc coating cannot be processed properly and the output will not be accurate. Hence, a proper hot dip galvanizing plant with a master of this subject is a perfect combination towards an accurate solution.

Though there are many such galvanizing consultants in India, it is necessary to contact one that has well past records of serving best galvanized products, proper space or an entire hot dip galvanization plant to cater accurate results and solutions. And the one that serves best fulfilling all the above requirements is none other than Tanya Galvanizers.

The galvanizing consultantTanya Galvanizers, located in Vadodara is one stop destination to avail all the galvanized needs as it has a rapport of serving with best accurate materials and solutions as a whole. Hence, if you are looking for some galvanization company to carry out some work related to hot dip galvanization, without any doubt resort to Tanya Galvanizers and be free with the rest of the things as you’ll be ensured with a perfect and secured solution for sure!

Get Your Products Galvanized at Tanya Galvanizers

Galvanized Product and Services

With technology taking a giant leap every year, people have been blessed with so many comforts through machineries and tech savvy products that now, the absence of any of them can make a large difference to them!  Talking about the high end machineries, it is very important that it’s functioning takes place in a smooth way and this is possible by taking minutest care about every big and small parts of the machinery.

If you are searching for one such galvanized product supplier in Vadodara, it will be none other than Tanya Galvanizers. Tanya Galvanizers is a Vadodara based professionally managed company that is into core dynamic engineering and even into other areas like hot dip galvanizing, testing and supply of cable trays, galvanized earthing products, galvanized earthing strips, fabrication and much more.

Tanya Galvanizers has a very good experience of the entire product range that it serves to the public. It is widely known to provide very good quality products and rendering fully satisfactory services to their valued clientele. With this constant performance from their end, Tanya Galvanizers has managed to build a rapport and a good name in this industry.  Innovation and quality reputation are the two things that they stick on to in order to derive the best performance and results.

Not even the products and services, but the infrastructure at Tanya Galvanizers is even worth praise. The infrastructure is well organized and highly advanced that plays a significant role in its growth and success as a good infrastructure always aids in creating success stories of such industries. Performance highly depends upon the facilities available and at Tanya Galvanizers; one can find a sophisticated infrastructure with a well equipped workshop, modern machines with latest technology, highly experienced engineers and a best team to produce quality products at customized rates.

The services that are majorly offered here are:

  • Galvanizing consultation
  • Galvanizing job work

The products that are offered by Tanya Galvanizers are:

  • Cable trays
  • Galvanized Crash barrier
  • Race ways
  • Earthing strips
  • Galvanized Earthing materials
  • Sub-station structures
  • Hot dip galvanization

If you are in search of a company providing above mentioned products and services in Vadodara, the best and the one and only option that can come to your mind is Tanya Galvanizers. With its continued service of excellence and providing high quality products, it has become the one stop hub for all the people who intend to get such kind of products and services.

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Galvanization: Protection Against Rusting

Hot dip galvanizing is generally used in several industrial applications where protection from rust or corrosion is needed. Industrial galvanizers play chief role in defensive iron, steel and aluminium surfaces from corrosion. The reason of galvanizing is to defend the base steel by preventing rusting. However, one of the most successful galvanizing methods does not occupy any electrochemical deposition. It is known as hot dip galvanizing or simply HDG. The steel or iron base is passed through a molten bath of zinc at 460 degree centigrade of temperature which allows the zinc to bond with the steel or iron base at a molecular level.Zinc paint is the most frequently used repair methods for protection from corrosion. However, here the performance depends on the quality of application. This in turn depends on a number of factors like condition of the steel surface, surface preparation, weather conditions, and the skill of the painter.

A firm offering Galvanizing services must be chosen according to the necessities and that too adhering to the highest quality standards must be chosen. A proper quality control program must be put in place to make certain compliance to the set quality parameters. The value-added services offered by the leading Galvanizer Suppliers or Galvanizer Consultants allow them to score over average industrial galvanizers. So, make sure if the company provides important value-added services like installations. When coating the body of a car it may need an extra coating because of additional rust. In such circumstance they would dip the parts in the galvanizer. It gives an extra thick robust layer. Then a thin layer is applied by using electroplating. This process is called electro galvanization.

It is advisable to hire a company that guarantees quick turnaround and the shortest possible lead times like Prashant Galvanizer Suppliers. Also, customers should make sure that they are allotted a particular time slot according to your galvanizing needs. Renowned and well known Galvanizer Consultants have special employee welfare programs that ensure good health, safety and other benefits for their employees. So, make sure you take this factor into consideration while choosing the right galvanizing service provider for your industrial applications.

With more and more people becoming increasingly aware about environment, reputable Galvanizer Consultants have committed themselves to do their bit to save this planet. For this they use ecologically aware, no-lead zinc bath besides adhering to the international standards for environment management. Choosing a dependable galvanizer supplier is absolutely a well turned-out move.

Tanya Galvanizers – Hot Dip Galvanizing

What is Hot Dip Galvanizing?

Hot Dip Galvanizing is a factory controlled metallurgical combination of zinc and steel that provides corrosion resistance in a wide variety of environments. Hot Dip Galvanizing protects steel from corrosion in two ways. It provides cathodic protection and barrier protection.  It is one of the oldest methods of zinc coating which includes the immersion of a fastener in molten zinc by which Tanya Galvanizers provides corrosion protect finish. This zinc coating provides sacrificial protection to the steel. The process of hot-dip galvanizing results in a metallurgical bond between zinc and steel with a series of distinct iron-zinc alloys. The resulting coated steel can be used in much the same way as uncoated. Galvanized steel can be welded. As zinc is more reactive than iron, the zinc galvanized coating corrodes first, protecting the steel substrate.

At Tanya Galvanizers we take care of the Hot Dip Galvanizing method. Here at the Tanya Galvanizers the Hot Dip Galvanizing process starts by carefully cleaning the surface of the steel to prepare it for galvanizing. After cleaning, the parts are dipped in a flux tank containing (typically) an aqueous solution of zinc ammonium chloride or they are fluxed by passing through a layer of molten zinc ammonium chloride floating on the top of the molten zinc. In the galvanizing tank, the parts are completely immersed in a molten bath consisting of a minimum of 98% zinc. After slowly withdrawing the parts from the molten zinc, the fasteners are spun in a centrifuge while the zinc is still liquid to remove excess zinc. The parts are then either air or water cooled to solidify the zinc and to permit handling.

For over 150 years Hot Dip Galvanizing has had a proven track record of protection in a myriad of applications. Hot-dip galvanized steel strip (also sometimes loosely referred to as galvanized iron) is extensively used for applications requiring the strength of steel combined with the resistance to corrosion of zinc. Applications include: roofing and walling, safety barriers, handrails, consumer appliances and automotive body parts. One common use is in metal pails.  Galvanized steel is also used in most heating and cooling duct systems in buildings. The most important method of inspection for galvanized articles is visual. At Tanya Galvanizers variety of simple physical and laboratory tests may be performed for:

  • Thickness
  • Adherence of the coating
  • Uniformity of the coating
  • Appearance