The Concept of Galvanization and Its Uses in Large Scale Industries

Galvanization can be explained as the process which provides a protective coating of zinc is applied on iron or steel to prevent the chances of rusting. The process of galvanization i.e. the hot-dip process is the most common form of this method, where parts are sunken in zinc in molten state. This process is widely used in an array of industrial applications and needs, out of which electrical and instrumentation shall be few worth to mention.

A properly designed earthing system is essential that ensures the protection of personnel and equipment alike, from related danger associated with it. In order o achieve an efficient and effective earthing system; it is very essential that a low level of electrical resistance to the earth is achieved through the usage of quality conductors that has sufficient cross sectional areas to carry the expected flow of electricity. It also requires of the conductors to have a high degree corrosion resistance capacity. Fault current and corrosion can result in the formation high resistance joints eventually leading to overheating. Thus, if an earthing system is correctly installed and maintained well at regular intervals, it can be expected to last for many years.

Application of Galvanization as a Protective Measure

In cases of electrification, where the ultimate accuracy and safety of the entire system is justified and measured in terms of the precision of earthing, the process of galvanization had been a boon to the electrical engineers and technicians. This done by digging a pit along the boundary of a building and inside it a metal rod, connected with the main control panel of the electrical system, is merged and in turn the pit is filled with salt. This requires the uses of Earthing Strips and Cable Trays for which latest methodologies and procedures for galvanization are applied. On its virtue of having dimensional accuracy, these strips possess excellent thermal and electrical conductivity and thus enjoy high demand in the market, globally. Asides, they are also used in industries like automobile and electrical industries, power plants, manufacturer of cooling towers systems, railways, Cement Factories, Refinery Projects and other gigantic industrial units.

The objectives of Cable Trays are especially to suit the matters regarding the laying out of the instrumentation as well as the electrical power cable for the power connection in multiple stages stage in the plant. Thus, it can be said that the application of this methodology provides a good number of benefits including facts like adding life to the supporting structure & the strength of entire system and it significantly cuts down the expenses under the heading of labor cost as the need for the numbers of maintenance activities drops subsequently.

Depending on the point of application strips for earthing and cable trays comes in a wide variety of specification, but the application of the process of galvanization is done with the objective to step up its effects and to add life to the overall system.

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