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The process of application of protective zinc coating to iron or steel in order to prevent them from rusting is called galvanization. Hot dip galvanizing is the most common method of galvanizing. This process includes the submergence of iron or steel in a molten zinc bath. Galvanization by forming a coating of zinc on the metals prevents any corrosive substance from reaching it.

A brief history of galvanization

Europeans were the first who encountered galvanization of iron on Indian armor, it can be found in the Royal Armories museum collection. Galvanization originally was associated with conduction of electric shocks, which was also called Faradism in the 19th century. The term, later, came to be associated with coating of zinc. A form of galvanization is known as hot dip galvanization. This process acts as a barrier between the atmosphere and steel and even if the galvanized coating gets damaged and steel gets exposed to the atmosphere, the zinc with the help of galvanic corrosion protects the steel.

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A brief about the process

A metallurgical bond is formed between zinc and steel by the process of hot dip galvanizing. A caustic solution is used to clean the steel from oil, grease, paint or dust. After rinsing off the caustic cleaning solution an acidic solution is used, which helps to remove mill scale. Then, a flux is applied, which most of the time contains zinc and ammonium chloride, which prevents oxidation of the cleaned surface to exposed air, the flux is then allowed to dry on the steel. After that, a molten zinc bath is used to submerge the zinc and left until the steel’s temperature equilibrates with the bath. Finally, a quench tank is used to cool down the steel. Adding  a little lead to the zinc bath improves fluidity of the bath.

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Benefits of Hot Dip Galvanizing & its impact on longevity of metal

Other commonly specified steel coatings are much more expensive than this process. Even if the cost of the initial coating in cases are higher than other coating, but in the long term this process is the cheapest. Because it has a good longevity and needs very less maintenance cost. It might cause some maintenance problem in case the structure is located in a remote area, however it lasts more than 50 years. It gives complete protection. A reliable hot dip galvanizer knows how to prevent a steel from rusting with the process of hot dip galvanizing.

Steel although a fascinating material can be corroded by the elements and air pollution, this hot dip galvanized procedure not only protects the steel in an economic way but also in an environmentally friendly manner. Without this protection steel is bound to rust when exposed to atmospheric condition over time. There are protective methods like plastic coating  and painting, but these methods have numerous drawbacks. Hot dip galvanized procedure is not only reliable but also last very long. If you feel that your project requires special care, you must definitely go to an efficient hot dip galvanized service provider. Hot dip galvanizing in Vadodara is really reliable and long lasting service available in Vadodara.

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The Process of Hot Dip Galvanizing – Tanya Galvanizers

Hot Dip Galvanizing Process | Tanya Galvanizers

The process of dipping the fabricated steel into the kettle or a vat which contains liquefied zinc is referred to as hot dip galvanizing. This simple process provides an advantage over that of other methods of corrosion protection. The iron of the steel reacts with the zinc when it is poured into the kettle and forms an alloy coating, which is tightly bonded and that helps the steel to prevent any corrosion. This process is found everywhere in the world, this is the patent process that can be found in almost every major application and industry where steel and iron are used. This process has revolutionized iron and steel industries and is used worldwide.

A brief about hot dip galvanizing process

The process involves immersing steel or iron in a bath of molten zinc in order to produce a corrosion resistant, coating of iron and zinc alloy and zinc metal. When the steel remains immersed in the zinc, a metallurgical reaction takes place between iron that is present in the steel and the molten zinc. As this reaction is a diffusion process the coating is formed perpendicular to all surfaces so a uniform thickness is formed throughout the part. From 1794 this process is in use which helps to provide maintenance free, long lasting and corrosion protection that too at a reasonable cost for decades. This simple process provides an advantage over that of other methods of corrosion protection.

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Steps in hot dip galvanizing

This process involves three main steps which include surface preparation, galvanizing, and post treatment. Surface preparation aims to remove all the oxides and other contaminating residues. This process is very important because zinc fails to react with unclean steel. This process is done by immersing the steel in an acid degrees bath in order to remove grease, dirt, oil, etc. Next, a dilute solution is used to mill scale and oxides. Then a flux is used in order to clean the steel of all oxidation, which can develop due to the pickling of the steel. The flux creates a protective layer to prevent any kind of oxidation. After the steel is completely cleaned, it gets ready for zinc bath immersion.

They offer the best surface preparation, which is the most important factors in the application of the zinc coating on the iron component surface area, without which zinc coating can’t be processed properly.The galvanized kettle contains pure zinc and is heated to a temperature that ranges from 820 to 860 F. After the completion of diffusion reaction of iron and zinc, the steel from the galvanizing kettle is removed and is given some post treatment which enhances the galvanized coating.

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