Perforated Cable Tray

Galvanized cable tray

There has been no looking back for the world, tasting the fruits of technology which was beyond a man’s imagination. With such significant inventions, the modern day life has changed for good. People are able to extend as well as receive comforts from various ends enhancing their capabilities as well as productivity in their respective areas.

There are many hidden requirements that accompany the major product or service. Like for an instance, talking about the main term ‘electricity’, it consists of many big and small aspects that need to be met mandatorily. Here comes the role of innovative techniques and introductions that has made the lives of people easier by getting the basic need of electricity easily. But, how does the entire process work? Or how does the entire electricity system gets channelized by meeting all the requirements? Let us know about one of the important ingredients that play a vital role in this advanced system of today– the cable tray!

What is a cable tray? It is basically used in electrical wiring that supports insulated electric cables which are used for power distribution and communication in the buildings. More used for commercial and industrial construction, these cable trays are actually the alternatives to electrical conduit systems or say ‘open wiring’ in a layman term! Thus, considering it to be a safe and secured, the cable trays have been in demand and have become one of the mandatory requirements when it comes to electrical components.

Amongst the many manufacturers existing in Vadodara, the one that stands out different is Tanya Galvanizers. The reason behind being it a premium manufacturer is its detailing, commitment as well as the quality delivered.  A plus point to it is the experience that they have attained over the years in manufacturing these products – providing an ultimate quality and satisfactory services to all its valued clientele.

It is known to supply cable trays with a standard length of 2500mm. Though, it makes sure about individual requirements and work accordingly. The product range at Tanya Galvanizers include three types of cable trays –

  • Perforated Cable Trays
  • Ladder Cable Trays
  • Sheet Thickness

The perforated cable trays are fabricated with quality raw materials like GI aluminum. Available in different types, these perforated cable trays are usually fabricated in mild steel which can further modified as per client’s requirements of either having it in grey color enamel paint or powder coat and fabrication in pre-galvanized steel or hot dip galvanized.

Features of Perforated Cable Tray:

  • Not at all complex! Easy to use
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • It lasts longer – durable in nature

These features increase the demand of perforated cable. Moreover, Tanya Galvanizers also tend to provide various accessories like clamps, connecting pieces and slotted angles that can be an aid in support and installation of cables over these perforated cable trays.

By conducting a procedural inspection through physical and laboratory tests, it makes sure that the product delivered is up to the standards and has no flaws of any kind. This strongly makes Tanya Galvanizers – the best dealer of cable trays and other related galvanized products in Vadodara and the whole of India.

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