Benefits Derived from Using Earthing Strip & Cable Trays

The electrical system is considered to be essential part that is often noticed to be left out until the last minute, when there is a planning to add installations within an industrial plant or its construction. Since these are left out at the planning stage and only taken into account the last minute, the parts that are utilized for creating the lines are said to be much more expensive than it needs to be. But if the stage is properly set and planned, it would definitely cost the organization much less and also help it be going smoother and also better organized. This can be achieved with the use of earthing strip & cable trays, rather than the expensive pipes for protecting the wiring.

Cost effective

A major advantage derived by using the cable tray, is that it tends to cost much lesser than that of other procedures that are present to protect the wire cables present at the production floor. Several production machines also are run with different types of corrosive chemicals or caustic as a byproduct. In case, they were permitted to leak across the cables at the time of operation, then very soon they would have to be replaced, therefore, increasing the production expenditure. There are numerous companies that do provide tray systems that can solve this issue, either by shielding them completely or to sweep them out of the path.

Greater reliability

Due to their efficient design and durability, the wire tray systems simply are quite reliable than that of PVC or galvanized conduit piping. However, the conduits are vulnerable and could be easily damaged during operation of the machines, similar to the wiring bundles that they are meant for protecting. The tray systems have been designed for being flexible in installation, to be placed anywhere next to the machines, which they serve, hence, being safe.

Better adaptability

The trays along with the installation kits have been designed essentially for creating an open cable storage system. Also, it is an adaptable system, which could be fit into an electronic, mechanical or industrial design. They are so much adaptable that expanding the current system becomes a cakewalk and every wiring bundle can be organized properly and also accessible. Within hours, it becomes possible for the person to move a complete operation or add to it, right from machinery to earthing strip.


Moreover, the tray system is less vulnerable to becoming a hazardous channel of byproducts. The PVC conduits could over a period of time, build up moisture, channelizing it via earthing strip to production line connection. The conduit pipes channel heat from external fire right into the cable insulation that it protects. Yards of cable, in comparison get destroyed within the closed pipes against several feet that lead into an accessible tray.


The trays are undoubtedly very efficient and also easy easier to use. Hence, it requires very less maintenance and is trouble free. These are being used in greater volumes these days, across the globe due the fact that they are visible for any kind of maintenance checks, therefore making searching for issues, picking up and replacing an easy task.

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