Tips to Note While Earthing of Cable Tray

Cable tray is basically a system which is used for the purpose of supporting the insulated electrical cables that are used for the distribution of power, control as well as communication. The cable tray may also be used as the Equipment Grounding Conductor or EGC and being highly versatile in nature, there is simply no restriction about where the cable tray can be installed. This is exactly the reason as to why these cable trays are so much preferred. The most important thing to keep in mind at the time of time of installation is the cable tray earthing. Now, at this point of time, here are a few tips to note at the time of earthing a cable tray which are as listed below.

Correct Bonding

At the time of earthing of cable trays, it is to be made sure that the bonding practices so followed should be proper. If an EGC cable is installed on or in a cable tray, then it should be necessarily bonded to each or alternate cable trays with the help of grounding clamps. Apart from providing an electrical connection between the sections of the cable tray and the EGC, the grounding clamp plays a vital role in mechanically anchoring the EGC to the cable tray. This is to make sure that at the time of faulty current conditions, the magnetic forces are not able throw the EGC out of the cable tray.

Avoid Grounding in Bare Condition

It is to be always kept in mind that a bare copper EGC or equipment grounding conductor should never be placed in an aluminium tray. This is because of the chance of electrolytic corrosion of the aluminium tray in case the environment is moist.

Using Insulated Conductors

It would be a very good idea to make use of an insulated conductor for the effective prevention of any kinds of corrosion. The insulation can be removed at the point where the bonding connections are made to the cable tray, equipment enclosures or raceways etc. with galvanized or tin connectors. In an addition to this, galvanized cable trays can be used for an overall effectivity as well as safety.

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