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Understanding The Hot Dip Galvanizing Process

Galvanization is a process in which the base metal is coated with some other material so as to increase the durability, strength as well as functionality of the base metal to a great extent. This is turn is of a great help in enhancing the overall usability of the product. For this reason, the process of galvanization is readily used.

What is Hot Dip Galvanization?

Hot dip galvanization process is the application of a protective coating of zinc on steel so as to increase the durability of steel thereby playing a vital role in the protection of steel from all kinds of corrosion. This is basically the most commonly used methods of galvanization of steel. This process involves submersion of steel which is the base metal in this regard into a bath of molten zinc. Now, since the process involves complete submersion of steel into molten zinc, the coverage is necessarily complete both inside as well as outside. Thus, even if the steel to be galvanized is hollow, the protection is complete thereby making the steel more durable in nature.

How the Process of Galvanization is Carried Out?

The most important part in the process of hot dip galvanization is the preparation of the surface of the steel to be galvanized. It is of immense importance to make sure that the steel to be hot dip galvanized should be completely clean so that the molten zinc is able to form a sound as well as complete metallurgical bond with steel. Now, the overall process of cleaning and preparation of the surface of steel involves the steps that are as listed below.

  • Caustic Cleaning

The process of surface preparation of steel begins with the step of caustic cleaning. As can be understood from the name of the step, it involves the removal of a number of organic impurities such as dirt, grease and oil from the surface of the steel by a hot alkali solution. All the other unwanted substances like asphalt vinyl, epoxies or welding slag is cleaned by mechanical means.

  • Pickling

In this step, scale and rust is removed from the surface of the steel with the help of hydrochloric acid in an appropriate temperature. This step is vital for the purpose of elimination of rust as well as scale from the surface of the steel to be hot dip galvanized.

  • Rinsing

Once the process of chemical cleaning is wrapped up, the steel to be galvanized is then properly washed in water so that the transfer of acid residues to the following stages of galvanization is readily minimised.

  • Fluxing

Fluxing is the ultimate step in the preparation of the surface of steel for the hot dip galvanizing process where all of the oxides are removed and further formation of oxides is prevented thereby playing a crucial role in the promotion of the bonding of the coating of zinc with the steel in the best possible manner.

Now, once the overall process of surface preparation of steel is complete, it is then submerged in a bath molten zinc of approximate temperature of 830 degrees Fahrenheit which contains about 98 percent pure zinc. Then the coated steel is taken out and properly cooled and the hot dip galvanized steel is appropriately ready for use. With this. The process of hot dip galvanization is completed.

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