Tanya Galvanizers: Best Galvanized Earthing Strip Manufacturer

Tanya Galvanizer-Best Galvanized Earthing strip Manufacturer

To take protective measures in any big or small thing is a smart decision by humans and for this, they work at their best to deliver best safety measures. One such much required innovation by the masterminds is galvanization. Galvanization is a process where in protective zinc coating is applied to either steel or iron so that it protects it from rust. As we all know, iron and steel are used widely is big machineries that are made to work in various industries.  Hence, it is very important to make them rust free so that they are able to provide maximum output with no restricted production.

For galvanization, there are other inter linked processes that are carried out for safety purpose out of which one is earthing. Earthing is a procedure that is done to connect the metallic parts of electric machinery and devices to the earth plate or earth electrode through a thick conductive wire for safety purpose. In short to avoid danger during discharge of electrical energy, earthing process is carried out. Hence, combining both, galvanized and earthing – a systematic procedure is done through galvanized earthing strips to ensure a proper effective efficient and safe working of the machineries in the industries.

One can find various earthing strip manufacturers in India but out of all, a popular one that provides high quality galvanizing earthing products is Tanya Galvanizers. With various earthing materials, Tanya Galvanizers ensures the industries for smooth working of the machineries.

Tanya Galvanizers are known to have an expert facility for manufacturing a highly functional range of the galvanized earthing strip. And it ensures that it walks hand in hand with the latest developments and use those advanced procedures for galvanizing. The galvanizing earthing products made by Tanya Galvanizers are used in various applications in different sectors of engineering, automobile, electrical as well as other industries. These earthing strips are known to have dimensional accuracy and hence possess outstanding electrical and thermal conductivity. This is the very reason for the high demand of this galvanized earthing strip in the global market.

If you are in search of an earthing strip manufacturer, make sure to resort to one and only Tanya Galvanizers for this as it ensures you with the supreme quality product of all time. It looks forward to provide you products as per your need and demands. So without any doubt, contact Tanya Galvanizers – one of the premium earthing strip manufacturers of India and safeguard your machineries, place and yourself with the required safety and security measures. For more information visit: http://www.galvanizers.co.in/earthing-strips.html

Tanya Galvanizers: Best Galvanized Crash Barriers Suppliers

Tanya Galvanizers: Best Galvanized Crash Barriers Suppliers

Galvanization is considered to be a significant process which involves the process of applying a layer of zinc i.e. zinc coat over steel or iron in order to prevent them from rusting and extending their life for long.  To undergo this process, one can find several companies offering the service but out of all, the best and well-known company that you can resort to is Tanya Galvanizers. It is known to serve its clientele with a detailed process followed with rendering a perfect service – a solution for long!

For these processes, there are crash barriers supplied by Tanya Galvanizers – one of the premium crash barrier manufacturers! Now what is a crash barrier? Crash barriers are traffic barriers also know as Armco barriers that are basically designed to protect the vehicles from colliding with dangerous barriers like boulders, walls, large storm drains or buildings. These crash barriers can also be placed at the roadside to avoid errant vehicles going through steep slopes or also from entering deep waters.

The aim of supplying these galvanized crash barriers is to reduce the collision and this is the reason why they are mostly placed within medians of divided highways as a large number of accidents occurs here. With these crash barriers, it becomes possible to prevent the unorganized or wayward vehicles from entering through the wrong side. There are certain places that should always be shielded with these crash barriers for assuring safety of the people. To name a few places, vulnerable areas like school yards, pedestrian zones and fuel tanks must be guarded with these crash barriers.

Tanya Galvanizers understand the significance of the crash barriers and make sure to provide the best one that can enable a full proof secured solution in case of emergencies. With continued service to many clients, it has attained a title of one of the best galvanized crash barriers suppliers across the India. These crash barriers by Tanya Galvanizers are normally placed at drainage crossings, near large signs or illumination poles, near steep slopes and even at the bridge ends – the places that may pose a danger and unforeseen accidents.

Tanya Galvanizers provide four types of crash barriers that can be used as per the respective requirements of the clients:

  • Roadside barriers
  • Median barriers
  • Bridge barriers
  • Work zone barriers

Having the characteristics of being flexible, semi-rigid or rigid, Tanya Galvanizers provides the same depending on the requirement and where it needs to be installed. It is advisable to consider the place of installation before deciding its type so that it can act and justify as the best safeguarding material for all the travelling motorists.

So if you are in search of one such company who provides end-to-end secured solution, resort to the best of all – Tanya Galvanizers and safeguard the respective places with required safety measures. For more information visit: http://www.galvanizers.co.in/crash-barrier.html

Find The Best Galvanizing Job Work at Tanya Galvanizers!

Find the best galvanizing job work at Tanya Galvanizers!

With an increased number of accidents being recorded every passing day, it has become a duty of human to introduce some full proof solution that can cater a security and safety all around the world. No doubt about the inculcation of various technologies and various inventions that has contributed heavily here! Especially when it is about electrical work or any life threatening work, one should ensure that the system is shielded with utmost safety and security, and that presence of instant measures is available in their nearest area!

There are many appliances and machineries which are made of steel or iron. These materials have a high tendency to rust in the coming future and can lead to fatal picture. Hence, to avoid this and to provide a strong coat on to it, a process called galvanization is introduced. Galvanizing works majorly involve coating of molten zinc – a steel or iron material is passed through a bath of molten zinc which is maintained at a temperature of 860 degree Fahrenheit. This process is known as hot dip galvanizing. Later, once it is coated with zinc, the steel or iron is exposed to the atmosphere where zinc reacts with oxygen to form zinc oxide and further reacts with carbon dioxide to form zinc carbonate. Hence, after this, a dull gray layer is formed on the steel or iron i.e. the carbonated layer will now prevent it from being exposed to corrosion or rust.

One may find various hot dip galvanizing consultants in India, but out of all, the most reputed and a secured company that is known to carry out the best galvanizing job work is none other than Tanya Galvanizers. This galvanizing company works for various public as well as private sectors like telecommunications, railways, power and many more. It is true that a company can excel in its field only if it is decked up with highly advanced and well organized infrastructure. Considering this, Tanya Galvanizers is known to have a sophisticated infrastructure that helps them to produce and provide qualitative products and services to its clientele. The different job work over here involves lifting barriers, channel sleepers, height gates as well as foot bridges for the railways! In addition, it even serves its clients with items like ‘V’ cross arms, cross bracing arms, E- brackets, clamps, danger boards/clamps, top channels for pin insulators and much more!

The USP of Tanya galvanizers is the presence of well equipped infrastructure with modern machineries, latest technologies and the cherry on the cake is highly experienced engineers who makes it possible to produce quality products that too at customized rates.

Thus, if you are in search of a galvanizing company, it has to be none other than Tanya Galvanizers as it ensures you the best galvanized product or service with best quality as well as the best customized rates! For more information visit: http://www.galvanizers.co.in/galvanizing-job-work.html

Tanya Galvanizers: Premium Galvanize Earthing Materials Manufacturer!

Tanya Galvanizers Premium galvanize earthing materials manufacturer

Ancient time vis-à-vis modern times have shown a drastic change in every aspect of life. It is definitely true that humans have evolved for good and have been successful in bringing out useful innovations that has been proved as a boon for entire human race. The biggest gift as we all know is none other than technology that has bestowed the humans with innumerable comforts by making their life easier.

One such innovation was electricity which gave light to the world. But, another factor attached with it was the danger zone that came along with it! As electricity generates current which can even be a life taker, there arose another demand and need of safety and security of humans. The masterminds later came up with a concrete solution to it and there came the concept of galvanizing earthing products that provided a safety layer to the wires and stripes that avoided electrical accidents.

Knowing more about these galvanized earthing products, one can avail the respective material as per his requirement and usage. Below mentioned are products provided by earthing material manufacturers:

  • Galvanized/Copper and Aluminum Earth Strips/Bars
  • Galvanized/Copper/Aluminum Earth Bus Bars
  • Earth Electrodes
  • Solid Copper Lattice Mat
  • Flexible Copper Braid Bonds
  • Galvanized/Copper and Aluminum Solid Earth Plate
  • Light Duty/Heavy Duty Cast Iron Inspection Housing

To know more about these materials, basically they are used for lightening protection and earthing. Hence, it becomes mandatory for the manufacturer to be keen in making it, ensuring protection of personnel and equipment from danger related to fault current.

Points that needs to be considered while making these products in order to achieve an efficient earthing system:

  • To achieve low resistance to earth using good quality conductor to carry out expect current flow
  • The conductors should have high corrosion resistance
  • Earth resistance should be regularly checked as corrosion and fault current can cause high resistance joints that may lead to overheating
  • The earthing system can last for many years if it is correctly installed and maintained well

Hence, there are many such points that need to be considered if you are thinking to step into these processes. It is necessary to opt for an earthing material manufacturer that guarantees such safety and secured materials. And out of all, a premium manufacturer who is known to provide best and secured solutions is Tanya Galvanizers.  Also being an earthing strip manufacturer, it provides guaranteed safety products like galvanized earthing strip and much more. So if you are in search for an earthing plates manufacturer or any kind of earthing products, resort to Tanya Galvanizers and get the best quality earthing products to avail high end protection and security from current and other related dangers! For more information visit: http://www.galvanizers.co.in/earthing-materials.html

Tanya Galvanizers Acknowledged as One of the Top Galvanize product Suppliers in India

Tanya Galvanizers acknowledged as one of the top galvanize product suppliers in India

World is advancing and so are the innovations. This modern era demands much more than just comfort and to cater these needs, none other than human minds can come at rescue. Technology delivering at its best, has bestowed the world with unique innovations that can’t be replaced by anything else. Life has been just easier with introduction of wonderful mechanisms and is providing a helping hand in almost every field of today.

Talking about one such introduction, there are many big and small industries that provide indirect service to the end users. One such industry is of providing galvanized products that ensures the indirect service of providing safety and security to the people at large. Let us go in depth to know more about such innovation that has secured lives on day to day basis.

Galvanization – a process that is undertaken to prevent corrosion by making a protective zinc coat renders secured solutions for long time. This process not only protects corrosion on the soft metals but in addition even adds strength to the original metal that is uncoated. In short, galvanization refers to any of so many electrochemical processes that are used to add thin layer of another metal in order to prevent rusting.

Out of the various types of galvanized techniques, the one that is much in demand is hot dip galvanizing process. Hot dip galvanization is a process that involves dipping fabricated steel into a kettle or vat that contains molten zinc inside it. Providing distinct advantages over the other corrosion techniques, this process is inherently simple and hence people opt for it largely.

If you are into same industry and are in search of a galvanize product supplier in India, the only recommended resort is Tanya Galvanizers. Considered amongst the top galvanized product supplier, Tanya Galvanizers ensures a perfect trusted solution for long to all its clients. So, hit on to this one stop destination that is in Vadodara which is known to extend its unmatched services all over India.

Tanya galvanizers has accumulated vast experience over the years and gained expertise which can be noticed in the hot dip galvanizing plants installed and commissioned by them for their valued clientele. Being one of the best hot dip galvanize product supplier, it has gathered great popularity across India and has got a large client base. So, if anyone is searching a trusted company to carry out galvanization work, it has to be none other than Tanya Galvanizers of Vadodara, Gujarat that is professionally managed dynamic engineering company engaged in processes like fabrication, hot dip galvanizing, testing and supply of cable trays, raceways and earthing materials. For more information visit: http://www.galvanizers.co.in

The Process of Hot Dip Galvanizing – Tanya Galvanizers

The Process of Hot Dip Galvanizing – Tanya Galvanizers

With technology showing its positive colors almost everywhere, there are fields where its magical benefits are not so popular, but for those who are involved in it, are truly thanking the technology for bestowing such great innovations to them without which things have been difficult. One such innovation and invention is the hot dip galvanization process – a process to safeguard people from adverse effects of electricity and providing them a security shield as well as unhindered flow of electricity.

Going into deep, hot dip galvanizers are a form of protective barrier where the zinc coatings act as a sacrificial anode. Presence of zinc coat makes a great protective barrier to the metal and it works by many chemicals interacting. The process here goes like when zinc comes in contact with oxygen, it becomes zinc oxide which then reacts with water molecules in the air and later transforms into zinc hydroxide. And later, while reacting with carbon dioxide, it produces a thin, air tight, strong and very insoluble dull grey layer of zinc carbonate – thus protecting the metal form further corrosion and giving a full proof safety, protection and security from unforeseen accidents.

You may carry the perception that galvanization is required only if the metal or steel is not properly taken care of. But in reality the problem with paints and other coats occurs at the time when the coated objects are scratched or damaged with some or the other reasons. Once a scratch is formed, it exposes the steel to moisture and hence results in corrosion. And as soon as the rust appears in one spot of surface, immediately it spreads to other parts as well causing the paint to peel away in no time. So, carrying out hot dip galvanizing process creates a metallurgical bond between zinc and steel which leaves no chance of rusting by providing you uniform coats that will leave you tension free about corrosion issues.

This galvanizing system is carried out by many but out of all the best and trusted galvanizing company is Tanya Galvanizers. Being a popular hot dip galvanizing consultant, it renders a secured solution for rust prevention. With flux heating system and other such big and small processes, Tanya Galvanizers renders a secured and safe solution that will ensure you with a corrosion free object for long.

If you are into one such industry and looking for perfect and trusted galvanized solution for long, here is Tanya Galvanizers – a hot dip galvanizing consultant that will be a perfect resort to all your requirements.  Get the secured solutions and corrosion free objects now just with Tanya Galvanizers.

Implication of Galvanize substation structures

Implication of Galvanize Sub Station Structures

When technology and human mind shake their hands with each other, be ready to invite a baby innovation to work in the interest of society. Yes, this statement is very true as technology has all the power which can be properly applied by the talented human brains to gift the world with wonderful innovations.

With one such gift, here is the galvanized product that has become a great help to the people indirectly as it safeguards them with unforeseen electric accidents. With the galvanize process, the wires are made safe avoiding any sort of mishap to occur. There is a full-fledged process known as hot dip galvanization carried out in order to cater these security and safety reasons. Let us know more about the entire galvanized structure available with one of the popular suppliers, Tanya Galvanizers that enables these security solutions.

The sub-station structures i.e. an assembly of equipments that support the main galvanization processes are:

  • Post Insulator
  • Lightening Arrestor
  • Beam
  • Current Transformers
  • Power Transformers

The motive of having Sub-Station Structures is to support power grid components and other electrical equipments.  The fabrication of these Sub-Station Structures is done from latticed angles, Pipes, Plates and other such components.  The galvanize consultant in India – Tanya Galvanizers ensures you with the best of the substation structures that can deliver safe and secured solutions for a long period.

Planned to be used interchangeably, the sub-station structures and switch yard structures work differently. For more information, switchyard Structure is generally applied for the assembly of switches, buses and auxiliary equipment, power circuit breakers, which are used to collect power from the generators of power plant and distribute to the transmission line at a load point. The transmission lines known as the power lines have a minimum of 66KV or above. Protection of substation equipments is the main aim of these transmissions Line Sub-Station Structures where shield wires may also used for communications.

Tanya Galvanizers uses the below mentioned raw materials for their substation structures:

  • Aluminum Sheets
  • Structural Forms – Angles, Channels, Beam, Plates, Flats, Rounds
  • Zinc
  • Primers
  • Paints

Once the raw materials have been converted to a finished product, the supply is carried on with the finish of Hot Dip Galvanized, Primer coated, Enameled paint coated OR Epoxy paint coated. In addition, Tanya Galvanization adheres to inspection wherein a simple physical and laboratory tests is conducted on the random selected samples with the following steps as per the requirements:

  • Visual Check Test
  • Thickness of zinc coating Test as per IS-6745/IS-4759/IS-3203
  • Adhesion Test as per IS-2629
  • Uniformity of Zinc coatings Test as per IS-2633

Thus, providing best quality products, Tanya galvanizers renders these solutions to the power plants, cooling tower manufacturers, Railways, Refinery Projects, Fertilizer Industries, Cement Factories, Petrochemical Projects and many other large scale of industrial units. For more information visit: http://www.galvanizers.co.in/sub-station-structures.html

Get in touch with us via Email: info@galvanizers.co.in or
Phone: (0265) 2632517 (O) / +91 8000842648

Galvanizing consultant

Galvanizing consultant

With technology spreading its wings wide and large, every part of the world is able to experience its effect for good. Yes, the fruits that it has bestowed on humanity are utterly unmatched and incomparable to any inventions by far. And the people are enjoying the comforts and tech savvy products and services with both their hands.

Now, talking about certain areas where technology has really proved to be a boon and has altered the traditional way, one of the major contributions amongst it is providing safety and security in the entire work process of electricity. Earlier, cases of getting current due to some or the other reasons was very high, but with time and with incredible inventions, the world got a secured way of availing electricity and that is due to birth of galvanized services.

With hot dip galvanization process, big industrial areas as well as residential areas can be secured about the safety measures against electric current. So, what is hot dip galvanization actually? Well, it is a technical process that involves applying zinc coating on iron and steel surface to protect against the corrosion. The reason for using zinc while coating is that it has the quality of protecting the base metal by acting as an unreceptive shield between the metal and atmosphere! Additionally, it provides protection even when moderately sized area of the base metal surface is exposed.

This entire process requires a special as a proper accuracy needs to be followed here. Here, surface preparation is considered to be the most important factor in the application of zinc coating on the iron component surface area. If a slightest mistake occurs like inadequate surface preparation, then the entire zinc coating cannot be processed properly and the output will not be accurate. Hence, a proper hot dip galvanizing plant with a master of this subject is a perfect combination towards an accurate solution.

Though there are many such galvanizing consultants in India, it is necessary to contact one that has well past records of serving best galvanized products, proper space or an entire hot dip galvanization plant to cater accurate results and solutions. And the one that serves best fulfilling all the above requirements is none other than Tanya Galvanizers.

The galvanizing consultantTanya Galvanizers, located in Vadodara is one stop destination to avail all the galvanized needs as it has a rapport of serving with best accurate materials and solutions as a whole. Hence, if you are looking for some galvanization company to carry out some work related to hot dip galvanization, without any doubt resort to Tanya Galvanizers and be free with the rest of the things as you’ll be ensured with a perfect and secured solution for sure!

Galvanized Cable Raceways

hot dip galvanized raceways

Technology with its continuous developments has assured the mankind with a recurring gift. The masterminds never stop researching and discovering new outstanding innovations and hence, time-to-time introductions have made it easier for a person to lead a comfortable life with all sorts of facilities and luxuries. There are many big and small things, though are not seen, are very important and cannot be missed. One such factor in the world of machines and machinery is galvanizing!

Now, what is galvanization? It is a process of that prevents rusting on steel and iron by providing a protective zinc coating over it. Amongst all, the most common and well known is hot dip galvanization wherein, the required parts are being bathed in molten zinc. The reason for doing this galvanization process is that it protects the material in two ways:

  • Prevents corrosive substances from reaching the more delicate part of the metal by creating a coating of corrosion-resistant zinc
  • The exposed steel can be protected even if the coating is scratched as the zinc serves as a sacrificial anode

Cables are the connecting link to the main electrical circuit, basically used to render a free flow of current. There are cable raceways that are used for laying underground cables. These cable raceways require a proper wiring system as they have a cover and no center perforation that increases the overall system performance. Being used in industrial, commercial and residential environments, these cable raceways have to be fabricated using superior quality material and advanced techniques. Having features like exceptional performance, durable finishing, low maintenance and high tensile strength, these cable raceways are used widely for an organized and increased performance.

But, in order to prevent rusting issues on it, it is highly advisable to get it galvanized. Moreover, galvanization is highly suited for enclosure applications in commercial, industrial and residential environments. As it leads to increased system performance, these galvanized cable raceways are majorly used in protection of cable laid inside any above mentioned environments.

There are many who are into galvanization of the products. If you are in Vadodara and are looking for the best galvanized company to take the charge of galvanizing your cable raceways, the one and only destination for you is Tanya galvanizers. Being proficient and having quality experience on hand, Tanya Galvanizers is known best to render galvanization to the demanded machinery and related products. It makes sure that your even smallest requirement is taken care of with respect to galvanization. With such risky affairs on hand, when one small mistake can create blunders and risk of life, it is very essential to be double sure regarding everything. Tanya Galvanizers understands this and provides with the best galvanized process that assures you with safety and rust free material for a very long time.

Hence, Tanya galvanizer is the best option to go for galvanizing your products like cable raceways. Once done, it surely will give a security and an unhindered performance for long!

For more information: http://www.galvanizers.co.in/race-ways.html

Get Your Products Galvanized at Tanya Galvanizers

Galvanized Product and Services

With technology taking a giant leap every year, people have been blessed with so many comforts through machineries and tech savvy products that now, the absence of any of them can make a large difference to them!  Talking about the high end machineries, it is very important that it’s functioning takes place in a smooth way and this is possible by taking minutest care about every big and small parts of the machinery.

If you are searching for one such galvanized product supplier in Vadodara, it will be none other than Tanya Galvanizers. Tanya Galvanizers is a Vadodara based professionally managed company that is into core dynamic engineering and even into other areas like hot dip galvanizing, testing and supply of cable trays, galvanized earthing products, galvanized earthing strips, fabrication and much more.

Tanya Galvanizers has a very good experience of the entire product range that it serves to the public. It is widely known to provide very good quality products and rendering fully satisfactory services to their valued clientele. With this constant performance from their end, Tanya Galvanizers has managed to build a rapport and a good name in this industry.  Innovation and quality reputation are the two things that they stick on to in order to derive the best performance and results.

Not even the products and services, but the infrastructure at Tanya Galvanizers is even worth praise. The infrastructure is well organized and highly advanced that plays a significant role in its growth and success as a good infrastructure always aids in creating success stories of such industries. Performance highly depends upon the facilities available and at Tanya Galvanizers; one can find a sophisticated infrastructure with a well equipped workshop, modern machines with latest technology, highly experienced engineers and a best team to produce quality products at customized rates.

The services that are majorly offered here are:

  • Galvanizing consultation
  • Galvanizing job work

The products that are offered by Tanya Galvanizers are:

  • Cable trays
  • Galvanized Crash barrier
  • Race ways
  • Earthing strips
  • Galvanized Earthing materials
  • Sub-station structures
  • Hot dip galvanization

If you are in search of a company providing above mentioned products and services in Vadodara, the best and the one and only option that can come to your mind is Tanya Galvanizers. With its continued service of excellence and providing high quality products, it has become the one stop hub for all the people who intend to get such kind of products and services.

For more information: http://www.galvanizers.co.in/products.html