Galvanizing of Earthing Material is Integral | Tanya Galvanizers

Galvanizing of Earthing Material is Integral | Tanya Galvanizers

Electricity is considered to be among the most essential of all things that is desired in today’s modern life. Without electricity, living and surviving is just impossible. In the last couple of decades, electrical engineering has developed a lot, thus offering people with superior quality gadgets and materials to make their lives convenient and easy. Although electricity is said to have made lives much easier, several things are to be taken into consideration for having safe use. One essential part of the electrical layout in offices, residences, commercial places as well as on streets is regarded to be earthing material .

It is only when superior quality materials get used that earthing can be termed to be completely safe. The chances of electrocution and short circuit are always there. Every home is said to come with delicate electrical gadgets such as washing machine, fridge, microwave oven, food processor and the like that requires stability in its current supplies.

Its Main Objective

Galvanizing of Earthing Material helps to retain flow stability and offer protection against burns and shocks including from other hazards. The objective behind laying of the earthing is to offer alternative channel to faulty electricity for flowing through. This way, it ensures that the actual current flow is not hampered in any manner and the gadgets and users are kept safe.

Main uses

It is necessary to wisely choose the earthing materials. The types of materials which are necessary to lay the earthing channels have been mentioned below:

  • Earthing pipes: They are commonly called as pipe electrodes and are use generally for power transmission application. It is only the best pipes that are to be used that are created from copper and GI. The pipe needs to be installed easily and come with robust construction, so as to last for a lifetime.
  • Earthing wire: It is an important material that is necessary for earthing. They are created from superior quality GI or copper and could be used in different electronic, automobile and electrical instruments. Also, they are created from the best quality galvanized metal, offering great shock resistance and better durability. The wires are made sturdy and could last a lifetime as hot dip galvanized material is used.
  • Earthing strips: It is necessary to balance thermal and electrical conductivity. These are necessary and found in wide variety of thickness. Range may vary between 3 and 6mm and width of 15 to 100mm. Such strips are created from aluminum, GI and copper.
  • Earthing plates: The residential and commercial places do make use of earthing plates to provide shock resistance. Such plates are developed from galvanized materials to ensure high durability, amazing shock resistance and safety.

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How to select good quality earthing material?

When trying to search for the best quality galvanizing material for the purpose of earthing, it can prove to be a wonderful decision to make the right decision and to shorten the search time period. There are reputed companies in the domain that does offer its clients with top quality earthing materials that can be used for residential and commercial use.

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How long does Hot Dip Galvanized Metal last?

HDG or Hot dip galvanizing is used for safeguarding steel from corrosion in few of the imaginable harshest environments. Still, it is said to offer maintenance-free convenience and longevity, when compared to other types of products. Hot dip galvanizing corrosion resistance tends to vary depending upon its surroundings, but its corrosion rate is about 1/30 of that of bare steel when similar environment is taken into consideration. Actual consumption rate measurement of coating at the initial years of service does offer excellent data to project conservative estimate for rest of the life to that of its first maintenance. The reason is because, it is on the surface that zinc corrosion products are known to build on. In majority of the environments, it is considered to be fairly insoluble and adherent, with the rate of corrosion slowing down with time.

Other factors to consider

Zinc coating is said to come with corrosion resistance that is primarily determined by the coating thickness. However, it varies with environmental conditions and its severity. Hot tip galvanizing is affected in a different manner by each environment, based upon unique series of corrosion variables. The coating’s lifetime predictability is considered to be crucial to plan and budget for necessary maintenance.

Irrespective of being exposed to the atmosphere, or subjected to snow, blazing UV rays, or other types of elements, embedded in soil, submerged in water or concrete or any other type of environment, such type of steel has the capability to withstand various types of corrosive elements. It also can fulfill the desired design life. There are present several sites that does offer good idea about the performance of such type of steel products.

Other things to consider

The truth is that before using hot dip galvanized steel for the project, there is a genuine need to know as to how long it can last. Like with any type of corrosion protection system, there are two common questions pertaining to this product with regards to the costs associated and coating life. A tool has been developed to allow the specifiers to refer quickly a visual guide which approximates the performance of corrosion protection of this steel in different atmospheric conditions.

The estimated time for the initial maintenance of zinc coating against coating thickness in atmospheric applications is depicted through the initial maintenance chart. The coating life estimation in water or soil is not applicable with this chart. It also is known to feature 5 distinctive plotlines that represents climate types along with differing rate of corrosion. With such plotlines as well as knowledge of the coating thickness, trying to estimate the time of the first maintenance of the coating becomes quite simple, similar to that of reading few points on the graph.

With some research and understanding it becomes easier to use the time to initial maintenance chart. When carefully followed, it is likely to give the desired result and show how much long the hot dip galvanized metal can last.

Difference between Galvanized VS Hot Dip Galvanized Metal | Tanya Galvanizers

There are many who are not aware of the difference between galvanized and hot dip galvanized metal. Both the terms almost sound the same. For galvanizing, there are present numerous standards. Browsing on the web can help to find some fabulous references and for this, the search needs to be C90 or G60.

People might use the term electrogalvanized for hot dip galvanized metal, even if the article is about electroplated with zinc only. It is from there that some might assume that shortening it to galvanize is legitimate. There are many manufacturers offering zinc electroplated finishes that are less corrosion resistant and thinner than galvanized. But still these are called galvanized!

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What is the difference? – Hot Dip Galvanized Metal and Galvanized Metal 

There does exist a sharp difference between hot dipped galvanized metal and galvanized objects like nails. The new standard that is being used for the pressure treated lumber, according to ACQ states, chemicals which are used in ACQ are likely to corrode the ordinary galvanized fasteners. Hence, special consideration is an absolute must when using ACQ lumber. ACQ is to be used with stainless steel or hot dipped fasteners. Electro-galvanized is a phrase which many may have come across.

Words such as galvanized could be imprecise expect for any specific context. Professionals are likely to state ‘galvanized’ to exactly mean ‘hot dip galvanized’ instead of zinc electroplated (electro galvanized). The latter is a term which is never used by the professionals.


According to many professionals, this term is not required to be used, since, it means the same thing like that of ‘zinc electroplated’. It is regarded to be a term that has been used, accepted and understood universally for ages. It is even stated that probably ‘electro-galvanized’, the term is probably coined by any salesman. This is perhaps to help the company that has been offering less durable and far less expensive zinc electroplating to sail smoothly and pass on the products as superior quality ones.

Some examples

It could be that during construction of a hospital building, the outlet boxes present in the wall need to be sheradized or hot dipped galvanized. The boxes are stated to be zinc plated galvanized manufactured. Is there a need to get the boxes to be hot dipped or simply have the architect convinced they are quite fabulous just the way it seems to be. Since the building is to be a hospital, where there is expected to be used crucial life support equipment, the architect is sure to be concerned about the zinc whiskers. It is regarded to be a stress phenomenon, where the zinc electroplated surfaces can be a definitive subject and the galvanized surfaces have been believed to be quite less.

The hot dipped galvanized metal specifications may appear on the electrical materials due to outdated specifications. Manufacturers are forced by clean air regulations to adopt the new processes, while construction specifications are not noticed to keep up with such requirements.

Moreover, hot dip galvanizing is known to change thread dimensions. However, it is quite common for cutting threads and allows dimensional change.

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Application Galvanized Perforated Cable Trays

Application Galvanized Perforated Cable Trays | Tanya Galvanizers

Any building construction is likely to involve 3 significant engineering feats. It includes electrical, mechanical and civil works. When implementing wiring within the building premises, there are several aspects which are to be considered. One of the major essential as well as integral portion of any building related electrical wiring is cable management. Routing perfection of electrical wires is quite crucial for proper functioning. Hence, certain products are to be used to enable safe environment for both people and wires. One important material which ensures greater building safety is Galvanized Perforated Type Cable Trays.

Hot Dip Galvanized Cable Trays – What are they all about?  

These are used commonly these days to hold cables, wires and courses safely within the high rise or sky scrapper. It is regarded to be a construction material which does offer significant benefits. Galvanized Ladder Type Cable Trays are used to support insulated electrical cables, wires which are meant for the purpose of distribution and communication. In any commercial or industrial setup, it is among the most utilized product. This is to provide a fabulous alternative for open conduit & wiring system. Generally, Manufacturer & Supplier of Galvanized Cable Tray have them designed in a way that it can adapt easily and quickly the sudden changes that take in those place, where wiring adjustments are anticipated. Cable trays can be found in several types. But one has to select only galvanized cable trays to ensure enhanced safety.

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Cable trays and its benefits

In order to enjoy the different benefits offered by cable trays, it is important to buy only good quality ones.

  • Affordability: These are affordable in the real sense when compared to other means of protection. Budget related to industrial constructions does play a significant role. Industrial equipments in majority of the cases do run on the corrosive byproducts which may cause the wires and cables to get damaged. Thus heavy losses and expenses have to be borne to replace the existing wiring system. Wires are protected by galvanized cable trays from such chemicals as well as other consequential byproducts.
  • Reliable: Accessories of Cable Trays / Cable Tray and Accessories can be found easily and are quite reliable. They also are durable. Adequate protection from damage is offered by galvanization and thus, cables and wires can last much longer.
  • Greater adaptability: As cable trays have been designed to offer more safety and are a storage system, it could be fit easily into any type of industrial construction. Its universal design makes sure that it adapts on any system.
  • High safety quotient: Galvanized cable trays are quite effective and a wonderful way to protect cables and wires. Wires are not exposed to hazards and they are safe from all types of damage.
  • Low maintenance cost: Service maintenance cost is quite low and easy. As they are created from galvanized steel, hence, corrosion does not take place.

What Other Benefits Galvanized Cable Trays Offers? – Read more

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The Benefits of Galvanized Steel | Tanya Galvanizers

The use of Galvanized Steel is increasing with time in construction sites. Engineers and owners are making good use of perforated galvanized cable trays and other accessories to enhance protection of the expensive wires and cables used extensively in the construction process. The reason for its extensive usage is because, galvanized steel does offer plenty of benefits to those who use it. There is a need to know the different advantages of hot dip galvanizing. Only then should one go ahead with its usage in the construction sites.

Know the major benefits of using Hot dip galvanizing

Galvanizing when used to provide structural steel protection does offer significant measurable benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Low initial cost: The truth is that when compared to other commonly used steel protective coatings, the initial cost of galvanizing is much lower. (Labour intensive coating application cost like painting has increased when compared to factory operation related expenses like galvanizing).
  • Low long term and maintenance cost: It has been noticed that even in those cases, where galvanizing initial cost is noticed to be higher when compared to alternative coating, it is absolutely much cheaper during the long term process. This is because, it lasts much longer and requires less maintenance. Maintenance generally means more problems and added costs, especially if structures are found in those remote areas and there is involved product disruption or plant shutdown.
  • Long life: Life expectancy on typical structure member of galvanized coating can exceed 50 years in majority of rural environments. In severe coastal and urban exposure, it can last about 20-25 years+.
  • Tough coating: Galvanized coating is known to have unique metallurgical structure. It offers outstanding resistance towards mechanical damage in service, erection and transport.
  • Reliability: It is according to the set standards that galvanizing is performed. Coating life as well as its performance is quite predictable and reliable.
  • Auto protection for those damaged areas: Steel can be corroded preferentially by galvanized coatings, thus offering sacrificial or cathodic protection to those smaller steel areas that are exposed due to damage. Unlike that of organic coatings, the smaller damaged regions do not require any touch up.
  • Ease of inspection: The Galvanized coating type can be assessed easily by the eye. Even there can be used of ordinary non-destructive thickness testing methods. Galvanizing process can be stated to be a process where coatings may appear continuous and sound and it will be the same.
  • Quick erection time: Galvanized steel members can be used immediately upon being received. There is no time lost on site due to surface preparation, inspection and painting. With the completion of assembly structure, it can be used immediately or at later construction stage.
  • Full protection: The fact is that every part of the galvanized article stays well protected, which includes those inaccessible areas, sharp corners and recesses. Coating is not applied to the fabrication or structure, after completion could provide similar protection.

The above benefits clearly show why hot dip galvanized items are to be used.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Process – read more

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Impact Of Hot Dip Galvanizing On Metals In The Long Run | Galvanizers

The process of application of protective zinc coating to iron or steel in order to prevent them from rusting is called galvanization. Hot dip galvanizing is the most common method of galvanizing. This process includes the submergence of iron or steel in a molten zinc bath. Galvanization by forming a coating of zinc on the metals prevents any corrosive substance from reaching it.

A brief history of galvanization

Europeans were the first who encountered galvanization of iron on Indian armor, it can be found in the Royal Armories museum collection. Galvanization originally was associated with conduction of electric shocks, which was also called Faradism in the 19th century. The term, later, came to be associated with coating of zinc. A form of galvanization is known as hot dip galvanization. This process acts as a barrier between the atmosphere and steel and even if the galvanized coating gets damaged and steel gets exposed to the atmosphere, the zinc with the help of galvanic corrosion protects the steel.

What is Hot Dip Galvanization? – Read more

A brief about the process

A metallurgical bond is formed between zinc and steel by the process of hot dip galvanizing. A caustic solution is used to clean the steel from oil, grease, paint or dust. After rinsing off the caustic cleaning solution an acidic solution is used, which helps to remove mill scale. Then, a flux is applied, which most of the time contains zinc and ammonium chloride, which prevents oxidation of the cleaned surface to exposed air, the flux is then allowed to dry on the steel. After that, a molten zinc bath is used to submerge the zinc and left until the steel’s temperature equilibrates with the bath. Finally, a quench tank is used to cool down the steel. Adding  a little lead to the zinc bath improves fluidity of the bath.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Process – read more

Benefits of Hot Dip Galvanizing & its impact on longevity of metal

Other commonly specified steel coatings are much more expensive than this process. Even if the cost of the initial coating in cases are higher than other coating, but in the long term this process is the cheapest. Because it has a good longevity and needs very less maintenance cost. It might cause some maintenance problem in case the structure is located in a remote area, however it lasts more than 50 years. It gives complete protection. A reliable hot dip galvanizer knows how to prevent a steel from rusting with the process of hot dip galvanizing.

Steel although a fascinating material can be corroded by the elements and air pollution, this hot dip galvanized procedure not only protects the steel in an economic way but also in an environmentally friendly manner. Without this protection steel is bound to rust when exposed to atmospheric condition over time. There are protective methods like plastic coating  and painting, but these methods have numerous drawbacks. Hot dip galvanized procedure is not only reliable but also last very long. If you feel that your project requires special care, you must definitely go to an efficient hot dip galvanized service provider. Hot dip galvanizing in Vadodara is really reliable and long lasting service available in Vadodara.

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The Process of Hot Dip Galvanizing – Tanya Galvanizers

Hot Dip Galvanizing Process | Tanya Galvanizers

The process of dipping the fabricated steel into the kettle or a vat which contains liquefied zinc is referred to as hot dip galvanizing. This simple process provides an advantage over that of other methods of corrosion protection. The iron of the steel reacts with the zinc when it is poured into the kettle and forms an alloy coating, which is tightly bonded and that helps the steel to prevent any corrosion. This process is found everywhere in the world, this is the patent process that can be found in almost every major application and industry where steel and iron are used. This process has revolutionized iron and steel industries and is used worldwide.

A brief about hot dip galvanizing process

The process involves immersing steel or iron in a bath of molten zinc in order to produce a corrosion resistant, coating of iron and zinc alloy and zinc metal. When the steel remains immersed in the zinc, a metallurgical reaction takes place between iron that is present in the steel and the molten zinc. As this reaction is a diffusion process the coating is formed perpendicular to all surfaces so a uniform thickness is formed throughout the part. From 1794 this process is in use which helps to provide maintenance free, long lasting and corrosion protection that too at a reasonable cost for decades. This simple process provides an advantage over that of other methods of corrosion protection.

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Steps in hot dip galvanizing

This process involves three main steps which include surface preparation, galvanizing, and post treatment. Surface preparation aims to remove all the oxides and other contaminating residues. This process is very important because zinc fails to react with unclean steel. This process is done by immersing the steel in an acid degrees bath in order to remove grease, dirt, oil, etc. Next, a dilute solution is used to mill scale and oxides. Then a flux is used in order to clean the steel of all oxidation, which can develop due to the pickling of the steel. The flux creates a protective layer to prevent any kind of oxidation. After the steel is completely cleaned, it gets ready for zinc bath immersion.

They offer the best surface preparation, which is the most important factors in the application of the zinc coating on the iron component surface area, without which zinc coating can’t be processed properly.The galvanized kettle contains pure zinc and is heated to a temperature that ranges from 820 to 860 F. After the completion of diffusion reaction of iron and zinc, the steel from the galvanizing kettle is removed and is given some post treatment which enhances the galvanized coating.

Services provided by Tanya Galvanizers

Tanya galvanizers are one of the most trusted, professionally managed, dynamic engineering company that offers hot dip galvanizing, testing and supply of cable trays, earthling material, raceways etc. This hot dip galvanizing consultancy provides offers barrier protection and catholic protection. Their products are in great demand and are used by cooling tower manufacturers, power plants, fertilizer industry, railways, petrochemical project, refinery project and elsewhere. They are the experienced hot dip galvanizing consultant based in Vadodara, Gujarat.  Contact us at or call: +91 8000842648

Why Are Galvanized Crash Barriers Advisable?

With the development of modern roads and people buying cars and other vehicles for the convenience of their life one of the major issues that they face nowadays is road safety. Yes, road safety is of prime importance these days as accidents are getting fatal. Safe driving is being promoted everywhere in the world and the governments around the world are taking various measures to minimise accidents and help people to survive the fatality of the accidents. One of the most common yet very important road safety measures that have become an indispensible part is the galvanized crash barrier.

About crash barrier

Also know as traffic barriers these crash barriers can actually save lives if an accident happens. These barriers have been designed to restrict fatal collision of speeding cars with boulders, walls, building and any other hazardous thing beside the road. The galvanized crash barriers are placed on the roads strategically in order to curb the speed of a vehicle and make it fall beside the road. Understanding its importance on the roads crash barriers are installed on all major roads especially on highways where people at times speed up their vehicles. These barriers not only stop fatal accidents but also help in creating traffic lanes for the vehicles to move in order.

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Why galvanized?

This is an important question that may come across your mind. Well as we all know galvanizing crash barriers will only make them strong and durable. Galvanized steel is used for making crash barriers especially those which are installed on highways. High quality and high durable metal crash barriers are quite commonly seen on the highways and in sharp turn where there are chances of accidents. Hot Dip galvanizing process is used for these barriers to make them durable and last long even after resisting fatal accidents.

Where can you get the best crash barriers?

You might wonder that crash barriers are only used on roads and highways to avoid accidents and fall off. But these life savers have other uses too and you can use them at your own convenience. Road contractors especially need these barriers to mark the area of their work zones on the roads. So if you are a road contractor or into structural engineering and looking for the best galvanized crash barriers then you should contact Tanya Galvanizers who offers the best quality products in the market. Located in India this company offers their products and services to a wide range of clientele all over India. The company consistently produces galvanized crash barriers that are used in different places. They can also customize products for your convenience.

With years of experience and technical expertise in Hot Dip Galvanizing, Tanya Galvanizers have paved their way to success by satisfying a wide range of clientele from different types of industries. Their good reputation and the top class products make it easier for the prospective buyers to have the trust to get the best service. So when you are in need of galvanizing crash barriers you know where to go.

Tanya Galvanizers: Best Galvanized Crash Barriers Suppliers – read more

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Galvanized Sub-station structures are a must | Tanya Galvanizers

With the fast paced industrial development in India the country has seen sea change in every aspects of growth. New structures and technology has been implemented in order to make this development world class. Power plants have played an important role in shaping the future of India. Among all the structures that has been created and implemented sub-station structures have played a major role. Sub stations are very crucial for each and power plants in the country. So if you are wondering what substation structures are then here is a bit of information for you.

What are Sub-station structures?
Sub Station structures are subsidiary stations that are primarily used for the generation of electricity in a power station. It also helps in the distribution and transmission of electricity where transformers are used in order to reverse the voltage from high to low. Generally electricity that is generated flows through several sub stations in between the power plant and the end users. The voltage may change in various steps according to the supply and usage of electricity by the consumers. These structures are an integral part of all power plants and thus it becomes an imperative for them to be durable and robust.

Why is it a must to have galvanized substation structures?
Substation structures are an integral part of every power plant. These structures have great responsibility in generation and transforming electricity from the plant to the end users. These structures remain exposed to natural climatic conditions and thus it becomes an imperative to make these structures durable and long lasting. Hot dip galvanizing is used on these structures to make them weather proof and strong. Galvanizing not only makes these substation structures strong but also corrosion resistant which is very important for any steel or iron structures.

Why will you choose us?
Hot dip galvanizing is no child’s play. It requires a lot of experience and expertise to galvanize substation structures in order to make them perfect for generating electricity and transform it to end users. We at Tanya Galvanizers are pioneers in hot dip galvanizing of substation structures that are made from steel. We never compromise on the quality of our products and that helps us keep all our clients satisfied. We generally use M.S./Aluminium Sheets, Structural Forms namely angles, channels, beam, plates, flats, rounds, etc. along with zinc, primers and paints. We acquire all these materials from reputed companies along with test certificates.

Our prominence in hot dip galvanizing
Tanya Galvanizers is dedicated towards serving this nation with high quality hot dip galvanizing. We carry out intensive inspection process of all our products and services in order to provide our clients with the best possible end products.

Our inspection process involves:
1. Visual Check Test
2. Thickness of zinc coating Test as per IS-6745/IS-4759/IS-3203
3. Adhesion Test as per IS-2629
4. Uniformity of Zinc coatings Test as per IS-2633.
We provide all types of substation structures as well as supporting structures that are galvanized using the best materials and latest technology.

Galvanized Cable Trays A Must - Galvanizers

Galvanized Cable Trays A Must – Tanya Galvanizers in Gujarat

Construction of a building involves three major engineering feats that include civil, mechanical and electrical works. While implementing electrical wiring in a building there is lot of things that needs to be taken care of. Cable management happens to be one of the most essential and integral part of electrical wiring of a building. Perfection in the routing of the electrical wires is essential in order for them to function properly. That is why it becomes important to use certain products that will enable safer environment for wires and people at the same time. Cable trays are one of the materials required for ensuring safety in a building.

What are Cable Trays?

Cable trays are quite commonly used these days to hold courses, wires and cables safely inside a sky scrapper or a high rise. It is a construction material that has some major benefits. Cable trays are used for supporting insulated electrical cables and wires that are meant for communication and distribution. It also happens to be one of the most used products to be installed in industrial and commercial setups in order to provide an alternative for the open conduit and wiring system. Generally manufacturers of cable tray design them in such a way that they can easily adapt sudden changes in places where it is anticipated to have wiring adjustments. Cable trays are available in different types and it is always best to choose galvanized cable trays as it offer better safety.

Benefits of Cable Trays

When you are planning to implement galvanized cable tray you must know what the benefits you can get from these products are. Well there are actually more benefits of this product than you actually are aware of. So let us take a quick look at them:

  • Affordability – Cable trays are quite affordable than any other means of protecting the cables and wires. Especially in industrial constructions budget plays an important role. In many cases industrial machines are run on corrosive byproducts that can cause damage to the cable and wires and incur heavy cost in replacing the wiring system. Galvanized cable trays protect the wires from these chemicals and other harmful by products.

  • It is quite a reliable product – The usage of galvanized Cable trays offer great reliability. They are very durable and can last long. Galvanization offers protection from damage and thus the wires and cables last for years.

  • It has great adaptability – Since the cable trays are designed for providing safety and a storage system they can fit into any industrial construction. The universal design enables this adaptability on any system.

  • Safety quotient is high – Cable trays with galvanization are the most effective and safety way of protecting wires and cables. It does not expose the wires to hazardous and keeps them safe from any damage.

  • Low maintenance – The services for galvanizing cable trays are really low. Maintenance is easy and since these trays are made from galvanized steel there remains no question of corrosion.

Usage of cable trays in Industrial complexes

Galvanized cable trays are most essentially used in industrial constructions. It is imperative to use galvanized cable trays in order to avoid any mishap. So choose the best in the market and get sorted for a lifetime.

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