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The use of Galvanized Steel is increasing with time in construction sites. Engineers and owners are making good use of perforated galvanized cable trays and other accessories to enhance protection of the expensive wires and cables used extensively in the construction process. The reason for its extensive usage is because, galvanized steel does offer plenty of benefits to those who use it. There is a need to know the different advantages of hot dip galvanizing. Only then should one go ahead with its usage in the construction sites.

Know the major benefits of using Hot dip galvanizing

Galvanizing when used to provide structural steel protection does offer significant measurable benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Low initial cost: The truth is that when compared to other commonly used steel protective coatings, the initial cost of galvanizing is much lower. (Labour intensive coating application cost like painting has increased when compared to factory operation related expenses like galvanizing).
  • Low long term and maintenance cost: It has been noticed that even in those cases, where galvanizing initial cost is noticed to be higher when compared to alternative coating, it is absolutely much cheaper during the long term process. This is because, it lasts much longer and requires less maintenance. Maintenance generally means more problems and added costs, especially if structures are found in those remote areas and there is involved product disruption or plant shutdown.
  • Long life: Life expectancy on typical structure member of galvanized coating can exceed 50 years in majority of rural environments. In severe coastal and urban exposure, it can last about 20-25 years+.
  • Tough coating: Galvanized coating is known to have unique metallurgical structure. It offers outstanding resistance towards mechanical damage in service, erection and transport.
  • Reliability: It is according to the set standards that galvanizing is performed. Coating life as well as its performance is quite predictable and reliable.
  • Auto protection for those damaged areas: Steel can be corroded preferentially by galvanized coatings, thus offering sacrificial or cathodic protection to those smaller steel areas that are exposed due to damage. Unlike that of organic coatings, the smaller damaged regions do not require any touch up.
  • Ease of inspection: The Galvanized coating type can be assessed easily by the eye. Even there can be used of ordinary non-destructive thickness testing methods. Galvanizing process can be stated to be a process where coatings may appear continuous and sound and it will be the same.
  • Quick erection time: Galvanized steel members can be used immediately upon being received. There is no time lost on site due to surface preparation, inspection and painting. With the completion of assembly structure, it can be used immediately or at later construction stage.
  • Full protection: The fact is that every part of the galvanized article stays well protected, which includes those inaccessible areas, sharp corners and recesses. Coating is not applied to the fabrication or structure, after completion could provide similar protection.

The above benefits clearly show why hot dip galvanized items are to be used.

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