Economic Advantage of Hot Dip Galvanizing

For the general public across the construction galvanizing industry and specifiers, sustainable development is very much crucial. It can be stated to be the environmental, economic and social commitment made towards development and growth. This is to meet the specific requirements of the present, but not at the cost of compromising the capability of the future generations in meeting their very own needs. An Economic factor often gets lost when emphasising sustainability factor. For achieving this true sustainability factor, there is to be created environmentally friendly structures. These also are to be responsible economically towards the future generations, helping them to thrive.

Better Economic Stability

With social pressure driving the sustainability movement, the specifiers are noticed to become much more analytical and invested when it comes to evaluating those materials that are used in the projects. Hence, the sustainability centres when considering the future, not only should regard the initial cost, but should develop appropriate long-term, life cost analysis. It is proper project cost evaluation throughout its life that can help to ensure better economic stability especially for the future generations to come.

How can Hot Dip Galvanized prove to be beneficial?

With Hot Dip Galvanized steel, Galvanizing of crash barriers, Galvanizing of earthing strips and Galvanizing of raceways becomes much easier and effective. It offers economic savings both initially as well as throughout the project’s life, thus freeing up a good amount of money to undertake new construction projects instead of focusing on costly maintenance work. Within the specifying community, the common perception is that Hot Dip Galvanized steel is much more cost prohibitive initially. But with regular improvements made in the process, combined with stable prices of zinc, galvanized steel has become competitive and less expensive when compared to other types of corrosion protection systems. Moreover, due to quick erection and turnaround, using Hot Dip Galvanized steel does offer during construction stage, wide range cost savings.

Even though, the initial cost is held crucial, trying to analyse the costs across the project life does offer the future generations with a much more comprehensive picture. LCC or life cycle cost does take into account the initial cost along with direct maintenance costs related to the structure’s life. It also includes money’s time value over the life of the project using NPV (net present value) along with NFV (net future value) calculations.

Since Hot Dip Galvanized steel is known offer maintenance-free corrosion protection for decades, the initial cost often is considered to be the life cycle, final cost. It can be really tough to evaluate LCC. Therefore for facilitating the analysis, LCCC (life cycle cost calculator) has been developed by the AGA. Calculations taken from the ASTM-A1068 standard practice is considered and the resulting data is used.

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The Benefits of Online Calculator

Users are allowed by this online calculator to input the project’s parameters and to compare the life cycle and initial costs of Hot Dip Galvanizing to over thirty different corrosion protection systems, which are based upon the life cycle and initial costs of using duplex systems. These systems could be initially more expensive since payment is to be made up front for both the systems (paint and galvanizing). However, the initial investment is sure to provide much better returns over the project’s life, since it does require very less maintenance.

Overall, hot dip galvanizing steel does offer in numerous benefits to enjoy in the long run.