Pre Galvanized Vs Post Galvanized

Pre-Galvanized vs. Post-Galvanized: Choosing the Right Approach

The process of choosing galvanization depends on the project that is undertaken. Overall, there are two types of galvanizing- batch hot-dip galvanizing and pre-galvanization. To understand the workflow, let us share the difference between pre-galvanized and post-galvanized. 

What is Pre-Galvanized?

Another name for pre-galvanized means “in-line”, ”continuous” or ”mill” galvanizing. It is an automated galvanizing process used for steel products such as steel sheets before they are cut into sizes and pieces to be processed. The best example to understand this is Duragal.

What is Post-Galvanized or Hot-Dip Galvanizing?

The hot-dip galvanizing process means involvement and immersing of steelwork, completed in molten zinc with a temperature of (830 F) and the material has 98% zinc.

To initiate the bath of the steel, it needs to lower down to an angle, allowing air to escape from a tubular shape or other pockets. Considering this, it will allow the melted zinc to flow into the tube properly and the entire section. With the immersive bath process, the steel’s iron material reacts with the zinc, forming a series of layers of zinc iron. On the other side, its outer layer is pure zinc. Undertaking this galvanizing method helps provide the perfect and ultimate corrosion protection for steel.

Factors to consider when deciding which method to use for substation structures.

The galvanization process plays a crucial role in the projects where the team is working on constructing substation structures. Here are the core points we would focus on knowing and understanding the factors associated with substation structures.
– Security of Supply.
– Maintainability.
– Operational Flexibility.
– Extendibility.
– Short Circuit Limitations.
– Protection Arrangements.
– Land Area and Wayleaves.
– Cost.

Final Words:

The blog shared discusses the core details of selecting the right source and process for galvanization. Tanya Galvanizers is the leading one-stop service provider, helping its clients provide galvanization work with quality and precision. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get your job done with us.