Why Crash Barrier Needs Galvanizing

We all have come across a metal fence on a highway or at the side of road or on motor way in our daily life. But ever wonder; what is the purpose of that metal fence which we see or what it is called. Well that metal fence is known as Crash Barrier. From the name we can easily make out that its purpose is to handle crashes. But in reality the truth is far away, the actual purpose of the metal fence is decapitate the impact of the crash, which in turn helps in saving the lives of the people involved in the crash. Further these crash barriers also helps in dividing pedestrian walking aisle from that of the street, protecting the pedestrian from an oncoming crash by decapitating the impact of the crash from moving on to the walking aisle.

It is because of this life saving act that crash barriers performs, while being exposed to all types of weather conditions they need galvanization. 

Let’s walk you through what is galvanization and why crash barriers need galvanization!

What is Galvanization?

The galvanization of crash barrier highlights coating the metal barrier by submerging it into a bath of molten zinc. The bath of molten zinc showcases temperatures around 840°F (449°C). Once removed from the bath, the zinc coating on the metal’s exterior reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere to form (Zno) Zinc oxide. This Zinc oxide further reacts with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to form a more compact protective layer known as (ZnCO3) Zinc carbonate. This Zinc carbonate reflects a dull grayish film, which is relatively stable and adheres tightly to the surface of the metal. This in turn helps you protect the metal of crash barriers from natural calamities and external elements. 

Now that we have understood what galvanization of crash barriers is, let’s walk you through why you need it for crash barriers.

Why Galvanize Crash Barriers

Galvanization of crash barriers has multiple advantages other than protecting the metal from damages. These benefits include:

  • Sustainability
  • Durability
  • Proven Quality
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Reliability
  • Complete Coverage
  • Predictability
  • Triple protection
  • Toughness
  • Longevity
  • Protection from natural elements and more

These benefits clearly signifies, in order to protect you crash barrier, galvanization is a must process that you should opt for. Since, we have now conclude why we should galvanize crash barriers let’s walk you through the different benefits it provides. 

Merits of Galvanizing Crash Barriers

At Galvanizer our added protection against corrosion and rusting through hot dip galvanizing ensures that the crash barriers are tested against time and natural elements. Our challenging development and testing process ensure quality of the crash barrier highlighting the following major benefits:

  • Our galvanizing process ensure longer life to your crash barrier
  • We delivery multi-layered coating to ensure protection against the toughest of crashes
  • A cheaper choice of coating – that allows our client’s to save large amount of cash
  • An eco-friendly forestall to ensure protection against corrosion
  • Our galvanizing approach ensures creation of minimum wastage
  • It provides the crash barrier with flexibility of re-usability
  • Maintenance cost is extremely low
  • Cleaning the surface of the crash barrier is extremely easy

These benefits assure a thorough value of money when galvanizing crash barrier with us. So if you are looking for a perfect protection for your crash barriers you can get in touch with us. We would be happy to help you.

Why Choose Us

At Galvanizer our team work relentlessly to come up with innovation’s that can deliver you ultimate experience of galvanized products. Our multi-lateral testing and development process ensures delivering our client premiere quality of galvanizing process. With decades of industry experience we offer nothing but the best. We provide assistance in helping you select the best solution for your crash barriers. To know more on service and business related inquiry get in touch with us.