Understanding the Galvanizing Requirements

The term ‘Galvanizing’ tends to refer broadly to elector-deposition process, where another thin layer of metal gets added to the item that is created from steel. The objective to galvanize is in protecting the base steel which can be done by preventing rusting. But, one effective galvanizing method does not actually employ any kind of electrochemical deposition and is called popularly as HDG or hot dip galvanizing.

What is Hot Dip Galvanizing?

Hot dip galvanizing or HDG as it is known has become popular widely due to its effectiveness, where corrosion protection is concerned. As a matter of fact, ‘galvanizing’ term is used for referring towards hot dip galvanizing. This method witnesses a 4 layered corrosion resistant surface or finish that is produced on steel base by using zinc with the help of electrochemical process. However, the metal, iron or steel to be given protection from corrosion is said to be passed via zinc molten bath at a very high temperature which is about 460 degree centigrade. Here, zinc is known to bond with steel at molecular level. From the 4 layers that are created, zinc is the top layer, while the 3 layers found underneath are created from iron-zinc alloy. It can be said that Hot Dip Galvanizers in India are used extensively for industrial applications that needs the effective resistance towards corrosion and strength of steel.

Why it is getting popular?

Hot dip galvanizing is said to be proven to be much superior, when it is compared to the other prevailing methods, such as use of paint, mechanical galvanizing, metalizing or electroplate galvanizing. Moreover, it has emerged to be one of the best, result oriented, reliable and most used techniques across the globe for meeting every type of galvanizing needs. Unlike electroplate galvanizing (that is regarded to be the main form of galvanizing); hot dip galvanizing does produce a much durable and thicker coating, which is quite suitable for all outdoor applications. Even thin coating that is produced through electroplating is consumed much quickly, thereby exposing steel base towards corrosion.

More about Hot Dip Galvanizing (HDG)

HDG is said to result in superior protection especially from rusting or corrosion. The hard steel-zinc alloy layers does offer effective barrier. In case the barrier gets damaged, then the zinc tends to act as sacrificial anode. The electrons present in zinc coating would sacrifice themselves for preventing corrosion. Besides it, the topmost layer that comprises only zinc, while reacting with moisture, carbon dioxide and oxygen in air, forms thin, but very hard film known as zinc patina (that is actually impermeable zinc carbonate layer). It also acts as effective barrier over galvanized zinc coating that protects it from probable corrosion. Moreover, zinc is much more reactive than steel or iron. Hence zinc galvanized coating does corrode first, therefore, protecting base metal.

Since hot dip galvanizing leads towards bonding of zinc with steel at molecular level, galvanized coating can easily cover the whole surface, which includes holes, scratched and joints. These days, HDG is being used widely in various applications which are as follows:

  • Automotive body parts
  • Consumer appliances
  • Walling
  • Roofing
  • Handrails, etc.

Due to its highly superior corrosion resistance properties, it is used increasingly for protecting the exterior automotive panels and parts. Moreover, hot dip galvanized strip of steel is commonly used in heating, cooling ducts systems present in buildings and metal pails.

Selecting the right company

This is very much essential to get the best results and the desired quality. As a matter of fact, quality should not be compromised over price and it becomes essential for the individual to have a proper look at the company’s profile, its dealings and the type of material produced by it. Doing a thorough research is likely to help in taking informative decisions that would prove to be beneficial in the long run.

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