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Hot dip galvanizing is actually a form of galvanization where a coating of zinc is applied to iron and steel for making it more durable in nature. The process is carried out by immersing the base metal into a bath of molten zinc at very high temperatures. Now, if you are looking forward to set up a hot dip galvanizing plant, it would not be a very easy task. At this point of time, a proper and effective consulting service is what comes to the rescue. Tanya Galvanizers is one of the premier hot dip galvanizing consulting service providers so as to guide the users in the right path regarding setting up of the hot dip galvanizing plant.

The Process of Hot Dip Galvanizing – Tanya Galvanizers

How Tanya Galvanizers Help?

Being one of the most trusted and reliable hot dip galvanizing consultants, we make sure that none of the users have to face any kinds of problems at the time of setting up of the hot dip galvanizing plant. We begin with helping the users to take into consideration all the important factors so that overall process of setting up of the plant goes on smoothly without any interruptions. With Tanya Galvanizers by you side you need not worry about anything at all. As a hot dip galvanizing consultant, we stress on two of the most vital things which are as follows.

  1. Working conditions
  2. Safety measures

Working conditions in a hot dip galvanizing plant is a matter of immense importance. We make sure that that working area is kept absolutely neat, clean and tidy. We also make it a point to increase the usage of hoods, extraction ducts as well as proper exhaust fans so as to ensure a good overall atmosphere.

Safety measures are another of the important considerations which we make as a hot dip galvanizing consultant. The safety of the workers as well as the plant is extremely important. This is the reason as to why we take all the necessary steps to ensure an overall safety. The workers need to have a proper eye or face shield, safety shoes, leather gloves, leather aprons, nose masks and a helmet. When we set up the hot dip galvanizing plant, we make it a point to follow the rules so that no problems are faced later and the galvanizing of the base metal in done in the exact way as desired.

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Benefits of Hot Dip Galvanization

Hot dip galvanization is actually a form of galvanization which involves the coating of iron and steel products with the help of zinc. This process basically alloys with the base metal’s surface at the time when the metal is dipped in a bath of molten zinc with the temperature being at about 449 degrees Centigrade. Now, if you are looking forward to hot dip galvanizing services in Gujarat, you can get it easily since there are a number of services providers. But at this point of time, you need to make sure to choose a trusted, reputed and an experienced service provider. The process of hot dip galvanizing comes with a number of solid advantages which is why it is so much preferred.

  • Prevention of corrosion of the base metal is the ultimate benefit of hot dip galvanization which makes the utilisation of the base metal much more efficient. In an addition to this, hot dip galvanizing makes the base metal quite durable in nature thereby giving it a long life.
  • Hot dip galvanizing offers an extremely competitive first cost. This is because the overall cost of galvanising is much cheaper as compared to the application of other forms of coating. The process of galvanization is a completely mechanised one which takes place in a closely controlled process in a hot dip galvanizing factory.
  • Hot dip galvanizing comes with the lowest lifetime cost because the initial cost is quite low and apart from it, galvanizing lasts long. This is the reason as to why hot dip galvanizing is one of the most versatile as well as the most economical way of protecting the base metal.  Read more:
  • This process is a completely reliable one since it is a simple, straightforward and at the same time a closely controlled one. The thickness of the coating so formed are regular and predictable as well.
  • Hot dip galvanization is a very quick and prompt process which takes only a few hours to be completed. On the other hand, any complicated system of painting might take up to week for completion. Therefore, hot dip galvanization saves a lot of time.

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  • The coating so formed by the procedure gets metallurgically bonded with the base metal which is extremely beneficial and most importantly no other procedure has this feature.
  • This procedure involves the complete dipping of the base metal into molten zinc, thereby providing a complete coverage of coating which is highly advantageous.

Hot Dip Galvanization Service in Vadodara Gujarat-Tanya Galvanizers

So, now it is quite clear as to how important is hot dip galvanizing for the base metal and how it enhances the quality of life of the metal as well as its functionality to a great extent for making it more usable.

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Importance of Crash Barrier Galvanizing-Tanya Galvanizers

Importance of Crash Barrier Galvanizing

Crash barriers are an extremely important for the safety of the road which is the main reason as to why these barriers need to be free of rust. This is exactly what is the primary target of crash barrier galvanizing. Therefore, the process of galvanization is extremely important for the purpose of durability of the crash barriers. So, if you are looking forward to premium quality crash barriers galvanizing services, then Tanya Galvanizers would be the ideal choice in this regard.

Uses of Crash Barriers

The uses of crash barriers are huge. One of the most common use of the crash barriers is on the roads. These are specifically constructed for the prevention of accidents and the use of these barriers are more common on the expressways as well as the highways. The crash barriers serve as a good layer of protection in the mountain roads which help in the prevention of the vehicles from falling down from the cliff. In an addition to this, the crash barriers are readily used in the tracks for car racing, chemical plants, mines, airports, as a surrounding for the water bodies and a number of other similar places.

Take a look at the more uses of Crash Barriers:

Maintaining the Durability of Crash Barriers

Now, it is clear how important the crash barriers are and therefore it becomes even more important to maintain the durability of these as much as possible. At this point of time, the hot dip galvanizing Vadodara comes to the rescue. This is because the process of galvanizing is what makes these crash barriers more durable in nature. Galvanizing is nothing a process in which a protective coat of zinc so that the original product of iron is kept free from rust. This results in lowering the cost of maintenance and at the same the durability of the product increases to a great extent. Utmost care needs to be taken so that the process of galvanizing the crash barriers is carried out in the appropriate way for the proper maintenance of the crash barriers.

Why Tanya Galvanizers?

Whenever the need of galvanizing arises, it would be ideal to contact Tanya Galvanizers to get the best of the services. One of the major reasons so as to choose Tanya Galvanizers is that only premium quality zinc is used. This makes the process of galvanization juts perfect so that it serves its ideal purpose. Moreover, with several years of experience in this field and trained staffs is able to provide the best results.

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Hot Dip Galvanizing Improves Steel – Here’s Proof

Hot dip galvanizing is the form of galvanization where steel and iron are coated with zinc. The zinc alloys with base of metal. This technique of galvanisation is highly practiced as it provides improvement of life and durable nature of steel.

It is highly beneficial if the products are to be used in corrosive environments. Hot-dip galvanizing dramatically improves the longevity and durability of steel. This is especially important in highly corrosive environments. Hot Galvanizing plants are dedicated to practicing this process.

At times, it happens that the natural weather conditions are as such which supports corrosion. At this point of time, it is quite important to protect against corrosion.  The hot dip galvanising services are quite essential for Crash barriers, Cable trays and earthing materials.

Metal Crash Barriers also called Highway Guardrails have become a necessity today. Road safety and security are of utmost importance and the metal crash barriers help in aiding it by absorbing the impact energy during accidents. It acts as an additional infrastructural support. It consists of W-beam, Post/spacer, end section and fasteners. Thus, hot dip galvanization for the W-beam, Post/spacer and fasteners are extremely important for safety as well as security. Both the W-beam and Post’s channel section use hot rolled sheets, 3mm 2.67mm thick and 5mm thick respectively. Both are hot dip galvanised according to the standards set by the regulating authority. In case of the fasteners the bolts, nuts and washers hot dip galvanization is required and most importantly this needs to be done in accordance to IS 1364 and IS 1367 of grade 4.6 MS.

The hot dip galvanizing services are also available for cable trays. These cable trays are used to give support to the electrical cables that are insulated and utilised in distributing power, communication and control in the electrical wiring of a building. Hot dip galvanizing is necessary in this regard as corrosion of these can lead to catastrophic results which clearly proves how important it is for the prevention of any kinds of disastrous results or outcomes.  Also, it aids in making it longer lasting and durable.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Services-Tanya Galvanizers

Similarly, for earthing strips, the services of hot dip galvanization. Earthing is conducted to connect the metallic parts of electric machines and equipment to the earth plate or earth electrode with use of thick wire that is conductive. Earthing is done to avert dangers due to discharge of electric energy.  Providing hot-dip galvanization for these strips helps ensure appropriate effective efficient and safety in the working of the machines of the industry.

It is extremely important to follow the proper practices of preparation of metal before galvanization is done. The metal is cleaned to remove all contaminants using caustic chemicals and then rinsed followed by further treatment through pickling.

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How To Prepare Hot Dip Galvanized Steel For Powder Coating-Tanya Galvanizers

How To Prepare Hot Dip Galvanized Steel For Powder Coating

The galvanization of steel is a process in which a protective layer of zinc is applied to the steel to make it more durable. One of the popular methods of this galvanizing is hot dip galvanizing, where the steel is dipped into a hot molten zinc. This process has been used for years to protect steel from corrosion and there are many companies who offer hot dip galvanizing services.

However, these hot dip galvanizing services have emerged into the more advanced duplex system. This is basically the way of powder coating the steel after hot dip galvanization. The moment paint and galvanized steel are infused together, the corrosion control becomes stronger thereby protecting the base steel by providing a barrier along with a cathodic protection. Moreover, galvanization prevents the development of iron-oxide, preventing the paint to blister and peel off faster. The paint also slows down the rate of zinc damage.

Characteristics of Coating

It’s important to know the characteristics of steel after galvanizing. It starts to react the moment it’s out of the molten zinc. So, it depends on the environment. Based on this situation galvanized steel is divided into three parts. Newly galvanized, partially weathered and fully weathered. Each of this requires duplex coating, but slightly different from the other, because of the surface material and different characteristics of galvanized steel.

Preparing Hot Dip Galvanized Steel for Powder Coating

The preparation of the hot dip galvanized steel for powder coating or painting involves two steps which are as follows.

Cleaning: The cleaning is done to remove the dirt from the surface. However, it’s important to do this task carefully, because highly acidic or even basic cleaning sometimes scrapes off the zinc from the surface. There are a few types of cleaning methods, like

  • Ammonia cleaning -This is used to clean the parts with ash residue that are left behind because of galvanizing.
  • Alkaline cleaning – Oil, grease and dirt can be removed with this alkaline solution cleaning.
  • Solvent cleaning – Cleans all the volatile compounds.


Profiling: To provide a good adhesion to for the paint, it requires the galvanized steel surface to be slightly roughened or ridged.

These two things are to be done perfectly, only then the powder-coat or the paint will stick to the steel. There are 4 types of the profiling method-

  • Abrasive sweep or brush blast – To roughen the galvanized surface this method is used.
  • Acrylic passivation – This method is used to passivate the galvanized surface.
  • Conversion coating – Enhances the durability and adherence of the paint.
  • Paint formulations – This is an alkyd formulation used as the paint.

The galvanizing of steel is an advanced way to make the steel durable and strong. With the advanced method of powder coating or painting, this process has become more advantageous for a long-lasting use.

How Does Galvanization Of Steel Make It More Durable-Tanya Galvanizers

How Does Galvanization Of Steel Make It More Durable?

Concept of Galvanization

Galvanization of steel is nothing but a process of application of a protective zinc coating to the steel for making it more durable in nature. The most common method used in the process of galvanization of steel is hot dip galvanizing which involves of submerging the parts of steel in a molten zinc bath.

Steps Involved in the Process of Galvanization

Ii is clear that the process of galvanization involves the application of coating. At the time of applying coating, the most important step is the preparation of the surface.

Caustic Cleaning

To begin with the galvanizing services, the first step is caustic cleaning and as indicated by the name, it refers to the removal of several organic impurities like dirt, grease and oil from the surface of the steel by a hot alkali solution. Other unwanted substances like vinyl, asphalt, epoxies or welding slag is cleaned by mechanical means.


It is a process of removing scale and rust from the surface of the steel with the help of hydrochloric acid in an appropriate temperature.


After the process of chemical cleaning is over, the steel is properly washed in water for the minimisation of transfer of acid residues to the following stages of galvanization.


Fluxing is the final step in the preparation of galvanizing process where all oxides are removed and further formation of oxides are prevented which promotes the bonding of the coating of zinc with the steel.

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After the surface preparation of steel is complete, it is submerged in a molten zinc bath of approximate temperature of 830 degrees Fahrenheit containing about 98 percent pure zinc. Then the coated steel is taken out and cooled which concludes the process of galvanization.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Services-Tanya Galvanizers

How the Process Makes Steel More Durable

Hot dip galvanizing plays a crucial role in making the steel more durable in the following ways.

Resistant to Abrasion

The process of galvanization forms three abrasion resistant intermetallic layers and a top layer of pure zinc on the surface of the steel. This enables the steel to become more durable in nature which provides unparallel protection to the steel.

Protection is Uniform

Galvanizing provides uniform protection to the steel forming natural thick coating especially at the edges and corners that are more prone to damage. Therefore, the uniform protection leaves no weak points for being damaged or corroded.

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Coverage is Complete

Due to the fact that the steel is completely submerged in molten, the coverage is complete both inside and outside. Hence, even if the steel is hollow the protection is complete making it more durable in nature.

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Inspecting a Hot Dip Galvanizing Structures-Tanya Galvanizers

Inspecting a Hot Dip Galvanizing Structures

The continuous change in the atmospheric condition has given a steep rise to the corrosive action of nature. In such a calamity humans have created galvanized structure to fight the corrosion against their creation. In spite of the effort to keep their creation safe by process of galvanization success is not always fruitful. The main reason for such failure can be summarized under the poor quality of the galvanized structure. To ensure safety and long lasting galvanized structures it is important a thorough inspection is done on the creation. To achieve such durability in a hot dip galvanized structure an inspecting team must keep in mind the following layouts:

1. Appearance

  • Cooling rate: To ensure a durable hot dip galvanized structure, the cooling rate of the product must be above 550F with compression and metallurgical reaction between Iron and Zinc in the solid state. This will ensure uniformity in the colour.

  • Steel Processing: The usage of steel in process of fabrication ensures appearance to be both dull and bright, further inter-metallic formation is created due stresses exerted on the steel during the process. This ensures the protection against corrosive agent stays intact making the structure durable.

2. Surface and Condition:

  • Bare Spots: This generally takes places due to welding slag and rusting on the surface. To avoid bare spot one must ensure the surface area was properly cleaned before the process of galvanization after pre-treatment. In case of high amount bare spots the entire length of the subject must be stripped and re-galvanized.

  • Chain and Wire Marks: During process of transportation chain and wire marks does takes place on the structure. If this results in exposing of the base steel structure, it is important to re-galvanize the area of the structure for better lasting.

  • Clogged holes and Threads: The clogged holes are effect of viscous zinc packed in holes below 3mm. This can be avoided by making the holes larger in size, and if 3mm requirement holes clogged by zinc are utility then they must be centrifuge above 500 Fahrenheit. Similarly in case of clogged thread that is the effect of poor drainage, the same principle is to be applied.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Services-Tanya Galvanizers

3. De-lamination and Peeling: This is usually a coating of Iron and Zinc above the galvanized steel structure that creates a gap between the two layers; it takes places because structures takes a long time to cool down even after brought out from the galvanizing kettle. If peeling the coat meets the required specification of galvanization can be used for further structural demonstration or can be re-galvanized as per requirement. De-lamination usually due to effect of blasting is not the responsibility of the galvanizer.

4. Excess Aluminium in Bath: In case of the process of galvanization Zinc is the major liquid with 98% the rest 2% used is majorly Aluminium – “discretion of galvanizer” as such it creates black mark on the structure. If the spots are visible and small it can be removed. However for huge load the structure must be re-galvanized.

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These major points during the process of inspection if taken care of, will create a strong galvanized structure for utility purposes.

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Hot Dip Galvanizing Structures After Fabrication-Tanya Galvanizers

Hot Dip Galvanizing Structures After Fabrication

The continuous change in the world’s environment has created a steady rise in the process of corrosion against almost every man made structure across the globe. In such a scenario galvanized structures. i.e. “steel and other materials” are the best resolution to fight against corrosion and other corrosive agents.

In most scenarios’ hot dip of galvanized steel structures are done after the process of fabrication. However, in order to allocate a successful hot dip on fabricated steel structure the organizations providing hot dip galvanized services should take into consideration the following major factors:

  • In order to properly complete hot dip galvanization organization must avoid narrows gap between the plates that has been laid for the process.
  • One should also take a close look that no surfaces are overlapped during the process of hot dip galvanization.
  • Taking proper measures to ensure that no overlapping took place in case of angles when placed back to back and even in case of the channels.
  • While hot dipping fabricated steel it is important to ensure that the gap between the contacting surface and structure should not be more than 2.4mm. This will allow cleaning solution to enter the structure but the entry of zinc can be completely avoided as zinc is harmful for the steel structure during the process of hot dip galvanization.
  • To attain a successful hot dip galvanization process for steel structure it is important that all the welding, are completely sealed and even a opening for a pin is not left over to ensure that no explosion takes places during the process, as trapped air in the structure can give rise to explosion during the process of galvanization.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Services-Tanya Galvanizers

These important points should always be taken care of while hot dipping a fabricated structure for the process of galvanization. Further, it is suggestible to create sub-assemblies and assemblies for progressive dip because this would allow the structure to be submerge in a single go creating a uniform expansion and contraction.

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Guidelines While Welding Galvanized Steel-Tanya Galvanizers

Guidelines While Welding Galvanized Steel

Hot dip galvanizing process is being used to safeguard iron & steel from getting rusted for centuries. It is actually a zinc coating over steel. Similar to paint, it safeguards steel from rusting. This is achieved by forming a barrier between the environment and the steel. However, galvanizing does take a giant step when compared to pain. It offers electrochemical protection to steel. As zinc is found to be electrochemically reactive when compared to steel, the galvanizing coating can prevent steel from getting rusted. Therefore, galvanized steel is considered to be a much superior product when compared to steel being provided with other coating types on it. Even if the coating gets damaged in service or while handling, it safeguards the steel. We provide hot dip galvanizing services at an affordable price. For more details call: 91 8000842648

Galvanized product welding

Welding is done on galvanized steel similar to welding bare steel of similar composition. With some modification, similar welding process, travel speed, amps, volts, etc. could be used, if the switch is created from uncoated steel to that of galvanized steel. This is until zinc coating is found to be unusually thick. It is important to consider the importance of hot dip galvanizing.

Difference between welding uncoated steel and welding galvanized steel is due to low vaporization temperature resulting from zinc coating. It is at 900 F that zinc melts and vaporizes at 1650 F. With steel melting at 2750 F & welding arc temperature being 15000 – 20000 F, zinc close to the weld vaporizes. Zinc is just gone as weld pool freezes.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Services by Prashant Galvanizers:
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Why galvanizing is not done after welding?

The question why not galvanize after fabrication and avoid the problem. Steel products are galvanized always after fabrication since no practical way is present to restore galvanizing effectiveness after welding. It is routinely that galvanizing after fabrication needs to be performed very carefully. Fabrication is to be cleaned with acid, which again is to be neutralized. Then the fabrication is to be immersed in liquid zinc pot at 900 F. Great care is to be taken to ensure that when fabrication is lowered into zinc, it is dry. This is because, trapped water may flash to steam, thus exploding zinc everywhere. Zinc easily flows out and into every nook and corner for achieving complete coverage. It is quite tough if tubes are used for creating fabrication, as tubes are to be open on both its sides to allow proper flow of zinc. Trying to achieve uniform coverage even with the simplest fabrication could prove to be difficult.

Finally, the fabricated product is to be fit properly into the molten zinc pot, which again can be a tough challenge especially by having large structures. It is much easier to galvanize sheets, plates, structural shapes, wires and tubes, prior to creating them into products. This is because they have simple shapes, without any crannies or nooks, no place to trap water or any hidden cavities.

We offer hot dip galvanizing services to Power Plants, Cooling Towers Manufacturers, Railways, Refinery Projects, Fertilizer Industries, Cement Factories, Petrochemical Projects and Large Scale of Industrial Units.

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Reasons Why You Need To Use Galvanized Steel-Tanya Galvanizers

Reasons Why You Need To Use Galvanized Steel

There are innumerous benefits to be derived from using Galvanized steel. This particular element is regarded to be sustainable, honest and proven.

Reasons to choose Hot dip galvanizing services

There are numerous reasons to use galvanized steel, some of which are given below:

  • Honest: Since unique allow development takes place while immersing clean steel into molten zinc, coating becomes effectively part of steel. This element is sure to appear nice and beautiful for a long time.

  • Proven: Galvanized steel is said to share a very long history of more than 200 years. Several examples do exist in different environments about its impeccable performance. In 1944 was constructed a bridge in Dorset at Lydlinch for assisting supply flow during D-Day landings. Callender-Hamilton design was intended originally to serve as temporary bridge. However, this bridge is still in use! On carrying out an inspection in 1999 of the bridge by the Galvanizers Association, it was found to be in top new condition without having any rust signs on its members. The experts are of the opinion that the coating will remain maintenance free for over 100 years.

  • Tough: Galvanizing process is of unique nature. Zinc iron alloy layer series is formed thus offering abrasion resistant and tough coating. It means quick erection of the structures and less damage caused to the site.

  • Sustainable: Galvanizing does offer long term durability due to its low relative environmental burden with regards to energy along with various globally relevant impacts. Studies conducted have revealed high environmental and economic costs that are associated with steel structure requiring repeated maintenance painting. Again lack of attention towards maximum corrosion protection is likely to leave behind damaging economic legacy related to repeated maintenance costs. It is the local authorities who are found to bear the future maintenance costs of social housing projects. Again, galvanized steel being used for public infrastructure projects does lead towards lower maintenance budgets, as well as releasing public funds meant for various purposes.

  • Can provide complete coverage: According to the industry experts, steel gets dipped into molten zinc bath. This means protection can be offered to internal and external surfaces of steel component by hot dip galvanizing.

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  • Self healing: With regards to steel, zinc tends to corrode, sacrificing itself towards safeguarding the steel. Therefore, such sacrificial protection is offered by hot dip galvanizing. Zinc based corrosion products are said to be deposited upon steel, thereby resealing it from atmosphere and to stop corrosion.

  • Quick: The process of steel being dipped in molten zinc tends to take few minutes. However, it is preparation of steel work does take a good amount of time. In practice, several other works gets processed within the same time. Hence, the typical time for turnaround is approximately 3 days. However, by arrangement, 24 hour turnaround can be offered by galvanizers.

Hot dip galvanizing in Vadodara is offered by some of the reputed providers in the region. Contacting the best ones will help the person to get top quality galvanizing products at affordable rates.

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