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With the fast paced industrial development in India the country has seen sea change in every aspects of growth. New structures and technology has been implemented in order to make this development world class. Power plants have played an important role in shaping the future of India. Among all the structures that has been created and implemented sub-station structures have played a major role. Sub stations are very crucial for each and power plants in the country. So if you are wondering what substation structures are then here is a bit of information for you.

What are Sub-station structures?
Sub Station structures are subsidiary stations that are primarily used for the generation of electricity in a power station. It also helps in the distribution and transmission of electricity where transformers are used in order to reverse the voltage from high to low. Generally electricity that is generated flows through several sub stations in between the power plant and the end users. The voltage may change in various steps according to the supply and usage of electricity by the consumers. These structures are an integral part of all power plants and thus it becomes an imperative for them to be durable and robust.

Why is it a must to have galvanized substation structures?
Substation structures are an integral part of every power plant. These structures have great responsibility in generation and transforming electricity from the plant to the end users. These structures remain exposed to natural climatic conditions and thus it becomes an imperative to make these structures durable and long lasting. Hot dip galvanizing is used on these structures to make them weather proof and strong. Galvanizing not only makes these substation structures strong but also corrosion resistant which is very important for any steel or iron structures.

Why will you choose us?
Hot dip galvanizing is no child’s play. It requires a lot of experience and expertise to galvanize substation structures in order to make them perfect for generating electricity and transform it to end users. We at Tanya Galvanizers are pioneers in hot dip galvanizing of substation structures that are made from steel. We never compromise on the quality of our products and that helps us keep all our clients satisfied. We generally use M.S./Aluminium Sheets, Structural Forms namely angles, channels, beam, plates, flats, rounds, etc. along with zinc, primers and paints. We acquire all these materials from reputed companies along with test certificates.

Our prominence in hot dip galvanizing
Tanya Galvanizers is dedicated towards serving this nation with high quality hot dip galvanizing. We carry out intensive inspection process of all our products and services in order to provide our clients with the best possible end products.

Our inspection process involves:
1. Visual Check Test
2. Thickness of zinc coating Test as per IS-6745/IS-4759/IS-3203
3. Adhesion Test as per IS-2629
4. Uniformity of Zinc coatings Test as per IS-2633.
We provide all types of substation structures as well as supporting structures that are galvanized using the best materials and latest technology.

Implication of Galvanize substation structures

Implication of Galvanize Sub Station Structures

When technology and human mind shake their hands with each other, be ready to invite a baby innovation to work in the interest of society. Yes, this statement is very true as technology has all the power which can be properly applied by the talented human brains to gift the world with wonderful innovations.

With one such gift, here is the galvanized product that has become a great help to the people indirectly as it safeguards them with unforeseen electric accidents. With the galvanize process, the wires are made safe avoiding any sort of mishap to occur. There is a full-fledged process known as hot dip galvanization carried out in order to cater these security and safety reasons. Let us know more about the entire galvanized structure available with one of the popular suppliers, Tanya Galvanizers that enables these security solutions.

The sub-station structures i.e. an assembly of equipments that support the main galvanization processes are:

  • Post Insulator
  • Lightening Arrestor
  • Beam
  • Current Transformers
  • Power Transformers

The motive of having Sub-Station Structures is to support power grid components and other electrical equipments.  The fabrication of these Sub-Station Structures is done from latticed angles, Pipes, Plates and other such components.  The galvanize consultant in India – Tanya Galvanizers ensures you with the best of the substation structures that can deliver safe and secured solutions for a long period.

Planned to be used interchangeably, the sub-station structures and switch yard structures work differently. For more information, switchyard Structure is generally applied for the assembly of switches, buses and auxiliary equipment, power circuit breakers, which are used to collect power from the generators of power plant and distribute to the transmission line at a load point. The transmission lines known as the power lines have a minimum of 66KV or above. Protection of substation equipments is the main aim of these transmissions Line Sub-Station Structures where shield wires may also used for communications.

Tanya Galvanizers uses the below mentioned raw materials for their substation structures:

  • Aluminum Sheets
  • Structural Forms – Angles, Channels, Beam, Plates, Flats, Rounds
  • Zinc
  • Primers
  • Paints

Once the raw materials have been converted to a finished product, the supply is carried on with the finish of Hot Dip Galvanized, Primer coated, Enameled paint coated OR Epoxy paint coated. In addition, Tanya Galvanization adheres to inspection wherein a simple physical and laboratory tests is conducted on the random selected samples with the following steps as per the requirements:

  • Visual Check Test
  • Thickness of zinc coating Test as per IS-6745/IS-4759/IS-3203
  • Adhesion Test as per IS-2629
  • Uniformity of Zinc coatings Test as per IS-2633

Thus, providing best quality products, Tanya galvanizers renders these solutions to the power plants, cooling tower manufacturers, Railways, Refinery Projects, Fertilizer Industries, Cement Factories, Petrochemical Projects and many other large scale of industrial units. For more information visit:

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